[Reps.] Jordan, Meadows Declare War on Sessions, Rosenstein… [Video]


by Rick Wells

Reps Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows publicly declared war against the obstructionist criminals running DOJ after mafia-style threats by Rosenstein against House Intel..

Laura Ingraham invited Reps Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) onto her program to discuss, among other things, the revelations that Rod Rosenstein had threatened Intelligence Committee staffers with deep state Gestapo tactics if they continued to insist that the corrupt Sessions DOJ provide documents necessary to their efforts to unearth evidence of their rampant criminality and abuse of power.  [[WATCHVIDEO BELOW]]

She began by playing a clip of the bumbling, horrible liar, AG Jeff Sessions being interviewed by Tucker Carlson, in which Sessions defended the actions of his dirty cop deputy, and refused to acknowledge that it could have happened the way the staffers say it did. Sessions is so preoccupied with not accidentally entrapping himself or telling the truth in tip toeing around their own gangland misconduct that he can barely complete a sentence.

Stumblebum Sessions told Carlson, “I’m confident that Deputy Rosenstein, 28 years in the Department of Justice, did not improperly threaten anyone on that occasion.” Did he properly threaten them, Jeff? He continued, “But we do believe that we have tried to be cooperative with them (withholding and redacting requested and subpoenaed documents) and made progress in months as the months have gone by and in fact have had some good relationships with top members of Congress.”

First of all, confidence is not a characteristic of Jeff Sessions that comes across in any of his mannerisms or appearance. Frightened, like a scared rabbit is more the case. If they had tried to be cooperative, they’d have been cooperative. They’ve tried to be obstructive and that is the reason for the confrontation.

As for there being months that have gone by in the process, Sessions helps make the case against him with the fact that he’s admitting to how long they’ve been obstructing as a foundation of those supposed good relationships. Maybe he’s got a great relationship with fellow compromised RINO Paul Ryan, but not with the true Representatives of the people.

Two of those few true Representatives, Meadows and Jordan, were in the studio as Ingraham played the interview. Upon hearing the statements out of Sessions, Jordan is obviously stunned, describing himself as flabbergasted.

He recaps some of the reasons why the this situation is so outrageous, capped off with the report by Catherine Herridge that Rosenstein threatened the Intel Committee staffers and then Sessions bumbled out this nonsense on television. Jordan says, “When you have the head of the Justice Department, Rod Rosenstein, saying he’s going to go after staff members, emails and communications…” Ingraham interrupts, telling Jordan that Rosenstein wants his blackberry.

Jordan replies, “We’re doing our Constitutional duty…that’s scary. Ingraham then plays the devil’s advocate, with the devil being Rosenstein, saying, “What I think he’s saying, is that if you guys hold him in contempt, he’s going to have to defend himself and part of the defense will be he wants discovery.”

Meadows says there’s two problems with that, one is that we’re a separate branch of government, they don’t have the right to do that unless we’re coming under some kind of criminal investigation. And for the Attorney General to say he’s confident that Rod Rosenstein did everything right, well I’m confident he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Meadows and Jordan are going to offer a resolution before the full House tomorrow compelling Rosenstein, his lackey Sessions, and the rest of the corrupt officials at DOJ and the FBI to comply with their requests. At that point they’ve got them on the record and they’d be thumbing their corrupt noses at the full House, not just a couple of members.

But Meadows and Jordan may have a trick up their sleeves. Meadows says, “We will have a vote on the House floor one way or another we’re going to have a vote and we’re going to make sure that we get those documents. Meadows was responsible for ousting John Boehner with an unexpected maneuver.

Asked by Ingraham where Gowdy, McCarthy and Ryan are on this, the look on Jim Jordan’s face says it all – they’re in bed with Rosenstein. Meadows replies that they, predictably, “want to give it more time,” for the truth, just as in Benghazi, to become less of an issue. Meadows says the question is “how long is long enough and I’m saying today is long enough.”


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