Here’s the Propaganda Movie Trump Showed Kim to Entice Dictator

Here’s the Propaganda Movie Trump Showed Kim to Entice Dictator

by Chris Black

What the corporate fake-news mainstream media predicted it would never happen, just happened.

This is the Trump effect in action, and obviously I am talking about the historic summit in Singapore.

While China is already pushing for guarantor role in North Korea peace talks, it’s interesting to know that one of President Trump’s main sales pitches during his tete a tete with that crazy fat kid Kim Jong-un was a corny video made by one of his Hollywood buddies, a 4 minute movie which showed rocket man what was possible for his country, provided he chooses to denuclearize North Korea and open it up to the world. This is not a joke, but the real thing. To quote the POTUS, that was a version of what could happen and take place. It’s very funny that while Trump presented Kim Jong-un with the video by using an iPad, North Korea’s dictator was later handed a VHS tape, so he can enjoy the movie times and times again in the privacy of his own home, because that’s the sad state of technology in that neck of the woods in the current year: they still use VHS tapes, yes indeed.

One of the big advantages of having a former real estate mogul as POTUS is that Trump was able to convince Kim on the notion that North Korea has great beaches, just like England does incidentally, which obviously would make for a great location for condos and real-estate development. Trump told Kim:

“You could have the best hotels in the world. Think of it from the real estate perspective.”

Then there is of course option “B”, which is beaches of glass and no condos. It’s pretty obvious to me that the CIA has some kick-ass profilers, and they read the man-child dictator of North Korea like an open book. The narrator of the “sales-pitch” movie says:

“A new world can begin today, one of friendship, respect and goodwill. Be part of that world, where the doors of opportunity are ready to be opened”

and he ends dramatically:

“Featuring President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un, in a meeting to remake history. To shine in the sun. One moment. One choice. What if? The future remains to be written.”

Here’s the video:

When asked by reporters what Kim Jong-un thought of the video, the POTUS had a brilliant answer: I think he liked it. Finally, a little word of advice:  Kim, just trust the US deep state. We have poison gas, poison chemical spray, deadly bacteria with dispersal mechanisms, and every flavor of nuke that a world dictator could dream of using, and we can easily deliver all of it everywhere in North Korea.

Ignore the fact that the only reason the US deep state has not attacked Russia, China, Pakistan, India, et al is because they can retaliate with nuclear weapons. The US deep state only attacks conveniently disarmed people in small defenseless nations.

So, what’s to worry?

Get rid of your nukes and missiles and we’ll be right there spreading democracy just like in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria. Syria … we’ll get Assad, just you wait. You aren’t contemplating gassing your people. are you? We can make that happen for you as soon as you get rid of the nukes and long range missiles which don’t stand a chance of hitting the US anyway.

Let’s not exaggerate what was accomplished here. This was a first and necessary step. Good for our President. But it is nothing like the detailed agreements that a real nuclear reduction agreement look like. It will take a lot of work, and there will be starts and stops over several years I would think, before we get where we want. It’s entirely possible it won’t happen Under Trump, which would be ironic and too bad for him. In the meantime, we gave Kim everything he wanted in exchange for an agreement to keep talking. No hard sanctions for him. No war games security assurances. As long as he keeps talking he will grow stronger on the world stage without having to give anything up. That worries me honestly.

Bottom line, NoKo has five choices:

1. Status Quo = marginal survival
2. Merge with China – not attractive for many reasons
3. Merge with South Korea – would work, but it would be the end of Kim lineage most probably
4. Go it alone as a sovereign nation – most attractive for the commies
5. Hybrid of 3 and 4: Kim lineage will be a force in NK for generations, but the two Koreas will become one again, which ultimately they should.


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