Ron Paul Speaks Out Against Dangerous Vaccines

5449859622_3de93c0748_b-640x426[1]TLB Preface: Ron Paul’s (Presidential candidate on multiple occasions) name is widely known and respected in the American liberty movement as a person who loves America, fights for our freedoms and liberty and delivers a consistent message (over 30+ years). He is both trusted and loved by tens of millions.

But let us not forget he is also a licensed obstetrician and gynecologist having delivered over 3,000 babies. So how does he feel about forced vaccinations, their dangers and our constitutional right to choose for ourselves?

This article was published in 2008, over 5 years ago but is still very pertinent, screams volumes on your right to choose, and describes the lengths big pharma is willing to go to simply to rob you of this right for obcene profits and maybe more sinister reasons …

Dr. Paul explains his stand on this subject, and true to form he once again proves to be a champion of We The people! Please read this article as the information is still very pertinent and Dr. Paul never ceases to amaze …


By: Steve Watson (

Nationwide Revolt continues to grow as Presidential candidate denounces FDA and forced immunization.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul has spoken out against forced                 vaccination and the federal government’s eagerness to dictate                 what Americans may and may not put into their bodies.              

The Congressman, a fully qualified obstetrics and gynecology doctor, made his position plain in an interview with the Huffington Post’s election reporter James Freedman:

“I don’t think anything should be forced on us by the government, [and] immunization is one thing that we’re pressured and forced into,” he said.

“A responsible parent is going to say, ‘Yeah, I want my child to have that,’ [but] when the government makes a mistake, they make it for everybody. You know, that’s what worries me. They don’t always come up with the perfect answer sometimes… and people have had some very, very serious reactions from these immunizations.”

Besides certain laws that apply only to government medical specialists – there is no law that enforces the mandatory use of any vaccine in the United States. Enforced medical treatment is an assault and a violation of the 14th amendment, the reason Ron Paul, a strict Constitutionalist, is so directly against it.

However, some in Washington seem determined to ignore the Constitution and to make some vaccinations (usually the most profitable ones) mandatory.

There has recently been a spate of cases where officials, with the assistance of directed media propaganda, have attempted to cajole parents into believing that laws require vaccination.

Last February one such media hoax fooled parents  in Texas and other areas of the country into believing that the  HPV vaccine, which experts have slammed as untested and has continued to be linked to dangerous side-effects, is now required by law and that young girls must take it. Merck Pharmaceuticals hit the headlines after it was revealed that the company was set to capitalize on this fraud by making obscene profits from a crony deal with Governor Rick Perry, while children were put at risk.

Last November we reported on a case in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where parents of more than 1600 children were told they could be put in jail for failing to get their kids vaccinated. At the time a local Fox News affiliate reported, “A new law was passed last year requiring children from 5th through to 10th grade to have the vaccine,” which was a total lie. A state prosecutor involved in the case then admitted that there is no law that mandates any vaccine.

In addition there is a plethora of examples where vaccines containing mercury, live HIV virus, live cancer and other horrors have wrought misery after victims were bullied into taking them by government mandates that they were deluded into thinking was the law.

Concerned parents across the U.S. are leading a nationwide revolt against unnecessary, untested and dangerous vaccines as CDC records show a growing amount of religious exemptions on vaccine forms. Adults too are turning away from personal vaccination.

Ron Paul also spoke of the dangerous precedent being set in allowing the FDA strict controls over the health of Americans and how such a scenario is a dream come true for the big pharmaceutical corporations the FDA shares a bed with:

“If we accept this notion that the federal government is going to dictate what we can put into our bodies, then it leads to the next step: that the government is going to regulate everything that is supposedly good for us. That’s where they are. They have an FDA that won’t allow somebody who’s dying to use an experimental drug which might speed up the process of finding out which drugs are good and which drugs are bad and the federal government comes in and dictates that they want complete control over vitamins and nutritional products and I just think the whole principal of government telling us what  we can take in or not take in is just a dangerous position to take… it’s related to the drug industry because they’d like to control all of this.”

Paul is right to point out that the relationship that now exists between the FDA and big pharma is tantamount to  a business partnership.

The FDA now effectively protects and nurtures the monopoly of big pharma in the name of regulating its activities.

It is well known that the giant pharmaceuticals routinely fix and mark up prices of prescription drugs as much as 500,000% over the cost of the raw ingredients, and they engage in monopolistic, mob-like behaviors to block competing, lower                 cost drugs from other countries.

All of this is effectively sanctioned by the FDA.

Presidential candidates such as Hillary Clinton and John Edwards advocate a continuation of this monopolistic status quo via their visions for a FDA state-managed socialized health care system where every citizen in the U.S. would have to enroll for regular check ups, including mandatory mental screenings, a practice Ron Paul also speaks out against:

“The other thing they’re doing right now is the government’s doing this mental health testing of everybody in school and they’re putting a lot of pressure, in a way forcing kids to be put on psychotropic drugs, which I think are very, very dangerous. So anything medical that is forced on us I think is bad.”

The Congressman is the only candidate who has envisioned a health care system without strict federal regulation and without the resulting big pharma monopoly. As consumer health advocate Mike Adams at newstarget has pointed out:

Ron Paul is the only candidate who believes in health freedom. All the other candidates would support the status quo in health care today: Big Pharma dominance, FDA censorship, monopoly prices in medicine and the assault and imprisonment of individuals who dare to tell the truth about the healing properties of the superfoods and nutritional supplements they sell. The other candidates may talk about “reforms,” but all they’re really talking about is a shell game of shifting                   who pays for all disease in this country.

Only Ron Paul believes in genuine health freedom. He’s the creator of the Health Freedom Protection Act, a bill that would reestablish Free Speech provisions for makers of superfoods, herbs, nutritional supplements and other natural remedies. Under the HFPA, those individuals would be able to state scientifically-validated facts about the health benefits of their products right on the bottle! Today, the FDA doesn’t allow that. All truthful statements about nutritional supplements are presently censored! (It’s a way to protect Big Pharma and keep the American people ignorant about how plant-based medicines can prevent and even cure degenerative disease.)

The establishment candidates are promoting a huge monopolistic and federalized profit machine when it comes to health care in America, while once again Ron Paul is truly speaking to the needs and desires of the people in accordance with Constitutional law.

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  1. Wow…Trevor seems to be rattling up a storm in knowing what ALL of the facts are and what’s best for all of us. It’s the people who belittle others I can’t stand reading posts from, which is why I stopped reading his.

  2. Stephanie – As I replied to Chad further up the page. So these doctors put one hat on when they are trained by the mythical “Big Pharma” to maim and kill people with vaccinations, then when people arrive for surgery they quickly change hats, change quickly to all of the non toxic injections and other procedures to have the sole purpose of doing good for everyone. Of course none of this work they do when they are being “good” has anything to do with pharmaceuticals and there are no risks in any of these medical procedures like there are with prescribing useless, toxic, chemical drugs (which don’t exist in surgical procedures) or vaccinating people.

    Yes Stephanie, I spent my career as a Pharmacist in New Zealand and have to wear a hat all the time to hide my horns and dark glasses to hide my green eyes. I am travelling the world on all of the money paid to me every month in plain brown envelopes which wasn’t really necessary because I got such a buzz out of maiming and killing all of the local population. We met every month with all the local doctors though who were keen to do better deals with this guy called Big Pharma who told us how much more money we would get if we dispensed the drugs that they put extra toxins in just to make them more harmful.

    No, actually I loved my professional career. I have been retired now for 5 years and miss all of my patients. It was such a privilege to be part of so many peoples personal lives and to be able to help them with all of their health concerns. A friend I have who is a psychologist loaned me a book once that was called simply “Happiness”. There was a lot of technical lingo in there but the bottom line is that happiness is about giving and sharing. This is why a wholesome family life brings so much happiness. Good family relationships and friendships are about giving and sharing. Well my relationship with my patients was the same and whenever I got depressed I would go stand behind the counter in the pharmacy and help them with all of their problems by ‘giving and sharing’.

    Even now, five years on, when I visit the local supermarket and meet my patients, they tell me that they miss me. I always reply, “not as much as I miss you” and get a hug or two before I get to the checkout.

    I am very proud of the thousands that I have helped in my career with longer, happier lives and a far better quality of life in their older years.

    An older man gave a speech at our local Lions Club meeting. When he was nine he contracted glaucoma in both of his eyes. At eleven, he was completely blind and in so much pain, they helped him by taking out both of his eyes. Today, glaucoma is treated with one drop of an eye drop in each eye once a day and that stops any further progression of the disease. I cannot remember what the side effects of this “useless, toxic, chemical drug” are but I’m sure the old man would not have taken long to assess the risk benefit profile and used it, had the terrible drug companies found it before then.

  3. Nathan – When a drug company spends it’s average of $1.5billion on finding and researching a new drug, of course it pays for the research. Who else is supposed to fund their drug research. Yes, of course they will often contract independent research facilities to do work for them. This research is then required to be peer reviewed by other independent research centres. These independent research facility companies reputations are on the line here. Integrity and reputation is paramount for acceptance of their findings and on going contracts

    The FDA and all of the other ‘medicines safety authorities’ in every other independent country and jurisdiction in the world constantly assess not only the results of this research, but the integrity of its source as do the respected international medical journals who print these results.

    Sorry if this all just seems sensible, reasonable and realistic and doesn’t fit all of the mythical “Big Pharma” and “all the doctors in the world receiving plain brown envelopes with drug company pay outs every month”.

  4. Chad – I’m sure that two vaccine dosses would be as safe as one but that would obviously be silly, wouldn’t it?

    So these doctors put one hat on when they are trained by the mythical “Big Pharma” to maim and kill people with vaccinations, then when people arrive for surgery they quickly change hats, change quickly to all of the injections and other procedures to have the sole purpose of doing good for everyone. Of course none of this work they do when they are being “good” has anything to do with pharmaceuticals and there are no risks in any of these medical procedures like there are with prescribing useless, toxic, chemical drugs (which don’t exist in surgical procedures) or vaccinating people.

  5. Magz357 – So there are lots of ‘Big Pharma’s’ now. Not A BIG PHARMA!

    No, it’s better for the conspiracists to try and keep the myth of the single “Big Pharma” alive. You see, if Merck, Pfizer, and Bayer “to name a few” are all independent, competing companies from different parts and jurisdictions of the world (as they are) then there is no “Big Pharma” (as there isn’t).

    It’s just all part of the essential mythical conspiracy dogma!

  6. “Ignorant” joanbrigham – to suggest that there has never been even one independent study on vaccines makes you not worth debating with. Sorry.

  7. 2shaye – Getting measles when you are pregnant resulting in a 90% brain damaged child or contracting polio in the diaphragm (fatal) or in the legs (severely maiming) or having a baby catch meningitis is not tiddly winks and often worse than any bullet. These are serious conditions which we in the first world have nearly forgotten about doe to the advances of modern medicine.

    I wish I could take people like yourself back in time before these advances in medicine before the days of antibiotics when you cut your foot and it became gangrenous and they filled you with whisky and cut your leg off with a saw without a local anaesthetic. When, if you got simple appendicitis you just died in agony or when there were no antiepileptic drugs and it was common to see people having seizures in the street and kids with asthma either just died of asphyxiation or were hollow chested skinny individuals who couldn’t compete in any sports or enjoy life.

  8. I’m sitting here finally cracking up at how delusional Trevor’s comments are. I think someone choosing not to get a vaccination and someone needing open heart surgery are completely two different things. One certainly might be needed while the other certainly is NOT! It’s been proven that vaccines are dangerous and can’t be trusted. And just look at the Anerican governments pay checks, are those not cutbacks? Many of them are being prosecuted as criminals for fraud. Lol I’m curious Trevor what you do for a living? I imagine you have way too much time on your hands and your parents left you a trust fund. If I’m wrong, I apologize. It just seems as though you are a know it all-who knows just a little bit about a lot of things. I challenge you to take some of your free time to openmindedly (if possible) and pick two vaccinations of your choice and research them completIy you,every single detail you can find, CDC, mercola, FDA, etc. people for and against, who they are, and what is their position. Only then you will know the truth.

  9. Mags 357,
    What medicines can you not get in America. You have more medicines available to you than possibly any other country in the world. No you cannot purchase antibiotics etc from the corner dairy like you can in Thailand, but that isn’t good when a medical diagnosis in important first either and at least you know that the capsule you are taking actually has the antibiotic in it, as is not always the case in Thailand.

    If you look at the vast majority of drugs that have now come off patent (patent expired) then you will find that most of the drugs that are available come from independent manufacturers in places like India where manufacturing has been set up under strict, first world acceptable facilities and controls. This means that drugs like Prozac now only cost the New Zealand health system $1.85 for 30 instead of $53.00 for 30 when it was still under patent.

    Before you go on about ‘exorbitant profits’ made by the manufacturer of Prozac, you have to remember that they invested around $1.5billion to find it, pay for the research, red tape and authorisations before it can be prescribed and dispensed. Then they have only a few years to recover all of their investment and make a profit before anyone else independent generic manufacturers) can copy it for 2 cents. There is also the factor. Many other independent research drug companies have spent billions on trying to find a Prozac and failed. So isn’t it fair that if you do discover a brilliant breakthrough in drug technology such as the SSRI group, that the rewards should reflect that?
    It’s a bit like digging for oil. You might have to spend billions digging empty holes before you find a gusher.

    Where is the evidence that the American Government takes huge kickbacks from drug companies? This is more hearsay myth like the existence of the ‘Big Pharma’ myth. Repeated over and over and gleefully assumed as essential glue to hold the conspiracies together.

    The Drug companies you mention are all independent and are all independently researching to find another ‘gusher’ breakthrough, particularly a new antibiotic group which will be worth billions if it is found. I hope they do. The world desperately needs a new antibiotic group and hopefully there is enough support from shareholders to achieve this. Similarly we need to find antiviral drugs or new antiviral strategies as millions could die when the big one hits and developing new vaccines to new viruses takes time. Time when millions could die.

    So your assertion that these independent drug companies who are all rivals from independent countries all over the world constitute the mythical Big Pharma is again, just hearsay dogma.

    As for pay outs to Doctors. In most parts of the world now, the companies competing in the huge generic tender markets have margins that are so small that there simply is no money to bribe doctors.

    If a drug company has been caught bribing government officials then you will have found this out through the free world press and they will have been prosecuted and dealt too as they should.

  10. Liberty Beacon Staff,
    No he is not a doctor, he was struck off and has not been reinstated. Your vindication has not come from any National Medical Association of any country who have only ever found evidence that he was bribed into committing fraud. I am aware that fringe conspiracy theorists, who are desperate to keep the myth of the relationship between vaccines and autism alive are quoting fringe “research” to vindicate their position but by far the majority of respected research and medical journals have not altered their abhorrence of Wakefield’s fraud.

    The findings that intestinal tract or bowel conditions may be associated with autism as studied by Wakefield has absolutely no relationship with side effects from vaccines.

  11. Steve,
    Firstly, if someone has an opposing view to yours, in the free world we are supposed to listen to that view with respect and consider it, not LOL.

    If the mythical NWO and government control the press, how do you account for ‘Watergate’ and all the other ‘gates’. I disagree entirely that the press will not expose conspiracies. They are there to make money and exposing scandal and conspiracies sells a hell of a lot of newspapers, TV and all the other forms of media with ‘breaking news’. The more people who watch and read the media, the more they get to sell their advertising spots for. As you keep saying, “do your research”, and do less of the repeating of mythical dogma.

    There is a law in our country and I presume that also is there in yours that says that it is illegal to claim that you can cure cancer. This is to protect very vulnerable people who have life threatening or terminal cancer from being ripped off. Great strides have been made in medical research to fight cancer with huge advances. 30 years ago, if your 4 year old contracted leukaemia, he/she had a 15% chance of living. Today, the child has a 15% chance of dying. The side effects of the therapy can be horrific, but most parents accept the risk/benefit ratio and proceed. No one claims this as a “cure”. If you want a “cure” then you go to Mexico where claims of “cures” are not illegal, and of course there are anecdotal cases of people returning after having been “cured”.

    I’m pleased your cat is still alive. The science of predicting the date of death for any cancer victim has never been claimed to be very accurate by health practitioners. Precise diagnosis of some cancers is conceded to be difficult and prognosis even more so with so called miracles occurring from time to time. This is the nature of the disease.

  12. If you want to know who they are, look up the Flexner Report and who funded it. That was JD Rockefeller and that was the day they stomped out nutrition and began promoting pharmaceutical drugs as the only means to good health by buying out all the medical schools and hospitals creating a huge monopoly. This is all public record for crying out loud.

  13. LOL… I’m sorry I have to laugh at this one. “Propaganda only survives in totalitarian jurisdictions in the world. Your country and mine have a very free press.” Can you please tell me what probably 1/3 commercials are for in your ‘free’ press? Even if we had a free press as you allege do you really think they would wanna rock the boat of one of their main advertisers? Just how many corporations control our major media companies? And of those companies how many share ownership among the same people? You need to get your head on straight because I almost feel sorry for you.

    Also if the FDA and big pharma was so concerned about protecting our health can you explain to me why so many people are still dying from cancer? While it has been proven in over 625 of you “peer-reviewed” studies that unheated raw marijuana cures cancer with no negative side effects that date back to 1975. Having lost somebody to cancer and since having cured my cat that the vet said had two weeks to live I have seen first hand a major contradiction in what they are telling us.

  14. Trevor – are you even aware that Dr. Wakefield was recently publically vindicated … NOPE I thought not … YUP you are a great big pharma shill but you need to keep up on current events before you make obsolete comments such as that one my friend !!!

  15. It is illegal for us to get most drugs imported into America, trust me, I have to jump through hoops to get mine. We don’t get the choice in America. Maybe you, Trevor, need to be a little more cultured, as you claim we do. Our government in America takes huge pay outs and kick backs from large pharmacutical companies (BIG PHARMA) and the American version of your “Medsafe” is our FDA.
    Our FDA will pass a drug based on the companies independent (and very biased as they are the ones administering) tests. Then after it is introduced to the public, the only way it will be deemed unfit for human consumption is if a certain percentage of users are suffering negatively from it, and the percentage has to be very high in most cases. Look up the Gardisil vaccine and what it has done to American women. It is still being adminstered out.
    The term Big Pharma does is not synonymous with conspiracies either. It refers to the fact that in the 80’s when I was a child, there were thousands of drug companies making their own individual drug, and now AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Maxim, Merck, Monsanto, Pfizer, Roche, Tanabe, Wyeth make 99% of all of it. These companies also have been caught giving large pay outs to government officials and doctors to ensure their barely tested drugs hit the market and stay there. for example.

  16. Bob,
    You demonstrate to everyone just how immature and stupid you are with your own writing. But if this what turns you on then I guess you must. It doesn’t worry me though. I’m having fun just being rational!

  17. Likewise, please don’t judge NZ by Kiwi. I hope we all have differing views on some things in life. Claiming that your view is necessarily always “enlightened” could be said to be a little arrogant, don’t you think? New Zealand Medsafe (our medicines authority) looks at the research from all over the world as well as from Australia before making up its independent mind on the issues.

    There goes the special ingredient, the mythical “Big Pharma” again. Oh so necessary as the glue to hold the “Big Conspiracy” together. Are the Chinese drug companies in on this too? How about India?

    The truth of the “great conspiracy” of all the damage and side effects has always been out there. Yes there have been problems with medicines, surgery, vaccines and all medical procedures since the beginning of time. They have been exposed by the free press of the world so Kiwi, you have never had to wait. There is and never has been anything to hide.
    The free press all over the world loves to report scandal mayhem and disaster and bust open conspiracies.

    Consumer choice is always there. Next time you get a tumour or a gall stone, you don’t have to go and have it out by incompetent doctors who are waiting to fill you with “chemical toxins”. You can carry on with the “natural” outcomes.

  18. MA. It was peer reviews that found that Andrew Wakefield had lied and changed his figures to get the false results which he was paid to do. Peer reviews by independent research review will always be important. It legitimises the independence of the original research. The more the better, surely.

  19. Poor Bob. Don’t get so angry. Remember that this vaccine conspiracy thing is funny. Anyway, Another Liberty Beacon Blog says there is evidence that Conspiracy Theorists don’t get upset or objectionable. It is only the realists like me who get angry. Grrrrrrrr!

  20. Actually Stephanie, I don’t hate Yanks at all in general. But I find the conspiratists in America who cannot understand that there are lots if independent nations out there who independently make their own decisions on medicines and vaccines a bit of a laugh as it absolutely destroys the whole government / FDA / Big Pharma conspiracy thing. Its every independent country in the world including countries like China, who would certainly not be in bed with the FDA or conspire with an Indian or German or, yes, American drug company to kill and maim their babies by requiring that these so called “toxins” be added to their vaccines.

    Can someone even begin to explain who this mythical ‘Big Pharma’ person or organisation is even. I know that you need it for your conspiracies but who are they. what are their names. How do they operate. One would have thought it far more logical that the independent drug companies from all the different countries in the world would be far more successful and make far more money if they strove for excellence with the more successful companies at achieving this being more popular and making more money. What benefit do they gain and how do they make money out of adding these “toxins” which you allege kill and maim people.

    Where is your “research” other than anecdotal hearsay which shows there is any such thing as ‘Big Pharma’. If you have evidence of this destructive and evil organisation please give it to the Washington Post, New York Times or any of the other respected Media throughout the world. They would pay you a handsome sum and make millions themselves if it had any credibility or if there was any real evidence to support these massive killings and maiming’s.

    I do not worry too much about you not vaccinating yourself except that I think it is better that meningitis, polio and the other diseases be destroyed for the sake of the human race. You have a different view and of course you have a right to that view.

  21. Please don’t judge NZ by Trevor. He has one view and does not represent others who are very enlightened and do understand the fraud and corruption that has over taken the drug industry at the expense of health rather than the benefit. NZ has such small budgets they pretty much take Australia’s lead on food and drug approvals and Australia relies on all the falsified documents that are produced by big pharma. The truth of all the damage and side effects will eventually come out, the question is just how long will it take until the drug companies can’t dismiss it anymore? Big Pharma knows this and I believe that is why they are trying to take away consumer choice, before it is too late for them to continue profiting from the sheep.

  22. Well there’s your first mistake: believing that “peer reviewed” research means anything at all.

  23. You also don”t even know that there has never been even one independent study on vaccines. With 23 vaccines now having human aborted fetal cells within their composition, what could POSSIBLY go wrong? Please become a little informed before you consider showing your ignorance again.

  24. Regarding the flu vaccine, had to chime in here…. because of yearly flu vaccine mandates my husband deals with at work (healthcare worker at a hospital in Texas), we’ve done quite a bit of research into that one in particular. Unfortunately, there have been many re-calls of flu vaccines worldwide at different points in time, even just during last flu season, because of various issues. Oftentimes a particular company’s flu vaccine for that year will be especially reactive (there was a situation with narcolepsy as a reaction in a flu vaccine used last year in some Scandinavian countries). So there is enough variation between different years and companies’ products to result in very real problems associated with specific flu vaccines at times. The main point of this article, and Ron Paul’s stance, is of utmost importance, and that is that we cannot allow the government to determine what we *have* to place in our bodies. That is an enormous violation of each individuals right to autonomy and individual responsibility for themselves. I gathered most of my research into an article posted last fall online. Here is the link if anyone is interested:

  25. It wasn’t too long ago that I might have been in agreement, but after looking at each disease we’re now being vaccinated for, I have to ask: How is getting one of these fairly mild diseases even remotely the same as playing Russian roulette with a bullet in the chamber? Who, today, assumes these diseases are deadly? And who assumes that a vaccination immunizes even 60% of the population. It all depends on your immune system’s reaction to the vaccine and whether you can build immunity in a certain period of time. The fear rhetoric is way off the charts here. With access to clean water, healthy foods, and (when necessary) medicines, it’s important to logical, calm, and especially information literate. And with the information we currently have, choice is the *only* logical option.

  26. Nowhere in this article does it talk about “praying” over dying children and denying them life saving surgery or antibiotics so take your outrageous claims and stereotyping somewhere else. I also noticed you never mentioned that the FDA and US government never actually test these vaccines independently but instead rely on the manufacturers selling them to do their own tests? Talk about conflict of interest. If it comes down to profits or people’s health which do you think Merck or GlaxoSMithKline will choose?

  27. Wait till Communist China decides to take over your two islands Trevor. Than your government will be begging for our nuclear warships. What about ANZUS. Your a jackass. Good luck buggering sheep.

  28. The analogy to seat belt use is ludicrous as your probability of driving into a lake is near zero whereas your chance of a having a kid with autism is now at 2% for a lifelong disorder. . I never got a measles, mumps or chicken pox vaccine but I got the diseases and now I never get sick. Come up with a better analogy or defense for unsafe vaccines you fool. There are not that many companies making vaccines but we know they have bought protection. That in itself is telling. The cigarette analogy is also very stupid. Did you ever take a course in probability or a course in logic? No likely as you probably are innumerate.

  29. Wow another America hater. Lol trying to change the subject. Why the heck are you so worried about those of us that chose not to vaccinate? That’s pretty much my point, stop trying to force your opinions on others. We are here to expose the truth, nothing more. In my hundreds of hours of research I have chosen not to vaccinate my family. I am not some quack that thinks everyone is out to get us, until you bring in the subject of big gov. And what they are selling, then I get suspicious. I really can’t name much the government has succeeded in besides screwing the people over. And you said no one is bullying us into vaccines- well you’re wrong about that. It happens every year at the start of the school year. Thankfully our government hasn’t taken our right to choose away YET.

  30. Your government and your American big business or those in Europe or those in the middle east or those in Asia or those here in New Zealand where we told your American big government and big business to keep your nuclear warships and weapons out of our harbours. We don’t give a stuff about what your government or your American drug companies say. We, like all the other independent countries of the world each do our own research and each independently come to our own decisions.

    Our “Medsafe” medicines authority in New Zealand do our own research and make up our own minds as do the rest of the world. You see just how silly your Big Pharma and FDA conspiracy really is when you understand that there are lots of independent people and nations outside of your America.

  31. Stephanie. I know a lady who lived until she was 98 years old. She smoked a pack a day from the age of 19. The cause of death was not lung cancer. By your reasoning, you would conclude therefore that smoking cannot cause lung cancer. You didn’t get polio this time. Keep playing Russian roulette for long enough and the odds are that sooner or later the chamber will have a bullet in it.

    There is a methodology for creating vaccines which often need to be created in a short time. For instance there is the annual influenza vaccine. The base for the vaccine has been well tested and the methodology for producing a current vaccine to include the most likely viruses to invade an area of the world. The vaccine is constructed and distributed. A years testing program in this case would be a bit stupid wouldn’t it? The winter season would be over and the assortment of viruses would not be effective for the next season. Another conspiracy invention is shown for what it is.

    No one is bullying you to do anything, but authorities make rules for the betterment of all. Don’t put seat belts on your kids when you put them in the car if you really are that stupid and persuade them not to wear a crash helmet when they start riding motorbikes.

  32. on the contrary, your research sources clearly show how you specifically only accept fringe nutter stuff an you overlook all of the respected peer reviewed material that is to be found in the respected medical journals. Material that far outweighs the marginal stuff in both credibility and volume many times over. The propaganda your publication keeps reproducing is good for a laugh and I will keep responding so long as I am having so much fun with all of the silly conspiracies which any sane person can see through.

    Propaganda only survives in totalitarian jurisdictions in the world. Your country and mine have a very free press and your Washington Post who exposed Watergate for example would earn millions and have no hesitation in exposing these conspiracies you allege if they had any credibility but they don’t because it is rubbish. Then there is the free press where it exists in all the other independent countries of the world.

    As for your so called Big Pharma. Well since there are many fiercely competitive drug companies all over the world operating in different and independent jurisdictions, each with their own independent medicine control agencies like your FDA, the idea that they are all overruled by some single authority is another mythical conspiracy for which there is absolutely no evidence . I suppose you can fool the people who do not know that a world exists outside the USA as a lot of Americans don’t but you have to realise that many of the rest of us from the international world understand that American drug companies and your government and FDA have no control over the rest of us at all.

    We often tell your great America to get stuffed when we disagree. We in New Zealand will not allow your nuclear powered warships into our harbours for instance.

  33. Trevor, if you truly believe that vaccines are the greatest thing out there and that your kids will die with out them then perhaps you and your family should get a double dose….. just to be on the safe side. As for me and my family we are out. My 3 daughters are the healthiest kids I know of. Vaccine free. The term “healthcare” is actually a misnomer created by the same people who control big Pharma, the food industry, the banks etc. It should be deemed “emergency medical care”. If something happens like a car crash or a broken bone please save my life in any way possible. After that part is over then I’ll step over to actual health care and off of the synthetic useless toxic drugs.

  34. Trevor your comment has so many holes in it a piece of swiss cheese would be jealous! Your lack of research is blatantly apparent. Please take some time to browse our archives to find out just how little you know outside the government/big pharma propaganda. We at TLB have spent MANY hours researching this topic and dont post unreliable information …

  35. Trevor – go do the research on the research. All you have to do is search on pubmed or any of the other scientific journals – which doctors and pharma *say* they listen to, but don’t – to see that “snake oil merchants and placebo shops” are actually depending on established research and often many many pieces of it, that demonstrate the effectiveness of nutrient therapies and so on. If YOU are silly enough to swallow the government and big business lines, then go for it. But let those of us who *have* done the research and are not convinced that governments have our individual family’s health interests at heart make our own choices.

  36. I think your reply is missing some facts as well. First off, many vaccines have not even been tested long enough on humans and we have no idea of the long term effects they will have onus. We are only beginning to see the long term damage that these vaccinations have caused. That alone gives me the “I’m out” button. There is not one vaccine I have gotten. Also, I have not allowed them into bullying me to vaccinate my kids and I feel very glad I made this decision. i have traveled the world and still haven’t got polio yet. How strange. And for those that are so concerned with me or my children not getting vaccinated, why should you be concerned if your kids and you are vaccinated. Doesn’t that make you immune? ha!

  37. They force people in most first world countries to wear seat belts and crash helmets too. Do you know that if your car goes into a lake you can drown from having a seat belt on. Its a conspiracy to kill people who have accidents in cars. The risk benefit ratio for vaccines is far better than for seatbelts though.

    Your story falls to bits on a number of counts. To begin with, your “Big Pharma” is made up of hundreds of fiercely competitive drug research and manufacturing companies throughout the world. Not just in America under one label but throughout Europe, China, India and so on. These are all monitored by totally independent medicine control agencies in every country in the world. You see there is an independent world out there apart from America.

    Unless all of these independent medicine authorities in all the independent jurisdictions in the world all meet with you FDA and agree to the same strategy then you whole Big Pharma stupidity is just that.

    Yes, it costs virtually nothing to manufacture a drug molecule. It does, however cost about 1.5 billion dollars to have it independently researched to the point where it goes on to a pharmacy shelf. The patent lasts for only 15 to 20 years. At this point anyone can manufacture a generic version and sell it for peanuts. You conveniently invent this story that the cost of the drug has a 500,000% mark up by skewing the facts to deceive people again.

    If you really are silly enough not to have your children vaccinated, or given antibiotics or undergo life saving surgery (all requiring “toxins” from these evil drug companies) you do not have to in most parts of the free world although you may be prosecuted for not providing the necessaries of life for your child.

    Disallowing snake oil merchants and placebo shops to make the claims they do without having to provide evidence to a standard that medicines are required to comply with is unsafe for patients and unfair on those who provide truly effective treatments. Surely, proper trials by respected scientists with proper procedural standards should be a minimum stipulation.

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