Sam Ovens: A Financial Consultant Extraordinaire

Sam Ovens: A Financial Consultant Extraordinaire

By TLB Contributing Author: Jeff Broth

A contrarian perspective on employment systems and education may ruffle the feathers of the elite, but one man is redefining the way businesses function, and the way entrepreneurs and leaders behave. His name is Sam Ovens , and he is the founder and CEO of Ovens Enterprises. Sam followed a traditional path, attending school and university, and ultimately landing in the corporate world. Unfortunately, Ovens ended up heavily in debt. Like a rudderless ship, he struggled to come to terms with his current reality. Instead of flailing about, he carved out a new path for himself as a corporate consultant.

This time however, it was on his terms, and it empowered him to provide expert guidance, financial insights, and creative solutions to individuals, and companies around the world. He founded to make it easy for everyday folks to become successful by cultivating a prosperity consciousness. His consultancy business has empowered scores of entrepreneurs, creating 21 millionaires, 10,000+ new consultants, and 451 people who now command 6-figure salaries. The consulting revolution that Sam Ovens generated is top-tier, and he is now a power-broker in the finance world, and a multimillionaire many times over.

Consultancy Businesses Are Cost Effective

Ovens Enterprises is all about empowering entrepreneurs with the right mindset to succeed and become profitable. Richard Lorenzen co-authored an article in the Huffington Post with none other than his friend and mentor Sam Ovens. The duo is of the opinion that success in business is best achieved by providing expert consultancy services before embarking upon any other ambitious undertakings. For starters, consultancy is an affordable entrepreneurial endeavour that does not require anything other than sourcing clients and providing your consultancy services to them. Minimal resources are required, save for a smartphone, laptop, some snazzy programs and a sharp mind.

The Internet of things allows consultants to function in real time, anywhere in the world, thanks to video streaming technology, face-to-face virtual communication with programs like FaceTime, Skype and other secure software. Cloud-based technology eliminates the need for commuting, accommodation, and related expenses. Online appointment scheduling, and seamless integration of communication and social media ensures that it is quicker and easier to become a successful consultant in the modern age.

Consultants Learn from Clients and Vice Versa

One of the major benefits of consultancies is the ability to generate rapid cash flow. Since expenses are limited, and fees are substantial, the majority of revenue streams can be reinvested in the consultancy operation for use in entrepreneurial ventures. Consultancy operations are geared towards interacting with high-level management such as chief financial officers, chief executive officers, chief operations officers, human resource managers etc. The consultant learns in real time from real-world companies. This ongoing learning paradigm benefits the consultant as much as it benefits the clients. By staying ahead of the curve, the consultant can develop aggregate knowledge of market conditions, and this bodes well for the consultancy operation.

Of course, consultancy operations are all about self-promotion, self-confidence, and being able to listen to the concerns of your clients. Whether a product or a service is being promoted, the consultant is effectively selling himself or herself to the client. A convincing ‘sale’ leads to an actual sale, and this is one of the most effective means of generating revenue streams in the business world. At the end of the day, it’s all about sales; a consultant sells his vision or her vision of how an operation can be successfully run and managed.

Down the chain, consultants need to foster an effective leadership model and management system which is efficacious, profitable and sustainable. In fact, the world’s most successful entrepreneurs such as Larry Ellison and Neil Patel started off as consultants. They use their expertise to generate massive capital which they then invested in business that they believed in. This is a sure-fire way to success.


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