Innocence Denied: The Israeli Occupation’s War On Children

Innocence Denied: The Israeli Occupation’s War On Children

“All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.”

(Yebamoth 98a)

By Ariyana Love

There should be no question in anyone’s mind that the Israeli Occupation is deliberately targeting Palestinian children through it’s ethnic cleansing policy and practice. The Occupation’s draconian, Apartheid laws are derived directly from Talmudic law, which condones child abuse and explicitly teaches the Jew how to murder the gentile (non-Jew).

If you think Islam is extreme, you still don’t know who the real enemy is.

Nurit Peled pointed out in her book titled, “Palestine in Israeli School Books,” how the Occupation society is heavily indoctrinated with racist ideology from early childhood.

Jewish supremacy is the main justification for the continued land theft and military crimes against the occupied Palestinian people. Talmudic law excuses the Jew from all violations of international law, simply for being Jewish. If a Jew wants something from a goyim, Talmudic law says he can lie, cheat and steal in order to get it. This my friends, is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to discuss.

Why do we allow extremist criminals to abduct, torture and execute innocent children with impunity, while stealing their land and houses? Why are we tolerating this? Are Jews actually superior to everyone else? If there were such a thing as a “chosen people” don’t you think they’d be a loving example for others to follow?

Here are a few examples of the blood curdling crimes carried out against Palestinian children, committed by Jewish extremists in occupied Palestine, within the last three months.

Settler Terrorist Attacks

“Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)

About 600,000 illegal Occupation settlers live in over 230 illegal settlement colonies within the Palestinian territories. They were built since the Israeli Occupation illegally seized all of the Palestine in 1967, through a treacherous military take-over.

The settlers are all knowingly committing a crime for stealing and squatting on land that does not belong to them. All settlers must be restrained by their necks and face trial, yet the international community does nothing to stop the expansion of Occupation settlements. These settlers, who especially like targeting children, have free reign to commit acts of terror against Palestinians.

Palestinian children who live and go to school near the illegal settlements, are routinely attacked, tortured and killed by these settlers. The Occupation establishment sometimes opens an investigation into the settler attacks, but this is only to appease public outcry. The Occupation protects these settlers and all investigations will be later dismisses as “accidents.” Eye witnesses testimonies consistently affirms that these are deliberate attacks.

Take for example the Dawabsheh family murder. Members of a popular and known settler terrorist gang, “Hilltop Youth,” burned the Dawabsheh family alive while they were sleeping in their beds on 31 July 2015. Baby Ali and his parents Sa’ad and Riham were killed, while four-year-old Ahmed survived the blaze. But the Occupation still refuses to pay compensation to the Dawabsheh family.

Last month on August 10th, Press TV reported that an Occupation settler deliberately crashed his car into a group of children within Palestinian territory, hospitalizing 4 kids. The settler was not brought to justice.


Last month on August 26th, a 8-year-old Palestinian girl named Aseel Abu Oun, was murdered when an Occupation settler intentionally rammed into the girl with his vehicle. She was dressed in her school uniform at the time she was hit. Aseel died the next day from the critical wounds she suffered, while the settler was regarded as a hero by his Jewish supremacist community. Nobody was apprehended.


This month, on the 8th of September, 5-year-old Dina Jabari was hit by a settler at high speed and critically injured, next to the Kiryat Arba settlement colony in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) of the West Bank in Hebron city. A gang of settlers then left Jaabari bleeding on the ground while they purposefully blocked an ambulance with medics from administering immediate first aid to the child. Again nobody was apprehended.


On September 4th, a Palestinian teen [pictured below] was attacked by a mob of illegal settlers in Palestine’s capital city of Occupied Jerusalem (Al Quds). He managed to escape without being killed, but not without a bludgeon to his head.


September 7th, the Occupation establishment issued 49 Administrative Detention orders for Palestinian minors. Over 700 Palestinian children are abducted each year by “IDF” terrorists.  About 40% of those children will be abducted from their very own beds, during terrifying night raids. They will be dragged across the Green Line (war crime), tortured, forced into confessions, held indefinitely and in solitary confinement, all in defiance of international laws and the rights of the child.

RT reports on the Israeli Occupation’s torture of children and use of kids as human shields:

Palestinian homes and schools continue to be demolished, making way for more Jews-only settlement expansion. The Occupation has just approved another 167 new and illegal settlement units to be built on stolen Palestinian land in occupied Jerusalem.

Palestinian resources are also stolen. Occupation settlers are using 6 times more water than Palestinians living in the same territory, according to a 2017 IMEU report.

On Sept. 6th, a mob of settlers assaulted and hospitalized a Palestinian teen near the Occupation’s illegal Homesh settlement in the Palestinian district of Nablus.


There are routine cases of extrajudicial executions of Palestinian children, as well as medical torture.

Journalist Ben White reported that on July 28th, an “IDF” terrorist pointed his gun at a Palestinian child in Gaza and executed him on the spot.


We all remember the Israeli Occupation’s horrific assault on the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014. Entire families were targeted and with F-16 bombs, while in their very own homes. Over 2000 people were murdered in 51 days of exhaustive war crimes, all so the U.S. and Israeli arms industry could test internationally banned weapons, resulting in a majority of civilian casualties, women and children.

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine ruled that the Israeli Occupation was guilty of ‘Extermination of People,’ a crime just before genocide.

89 entire family bloodline’s were extinguished that summermaking the indigenous family bloodlines extinct from the face of this Earth.

The Hannibal Directive was invoked at least two times, resulting in the extermination of hundreds of innocent civilians and children, within just hours.

The Occupation exonerated itself from all wrong doing and drop all charges against itself for the deliberate missile attack which killed 4 children, the Bakr boys, who were playing soccer on Gaza beach.

The impact of all this carnage on children can be demonstrated in my article, “The Rising Tide of Suicide in Gaza.” 

Gaza is at present, unlivable, according to Save The Children research. There are 2 million people trapped inside the walls of the world’s largest concentration camp, indicating that “never again” really only meant never again for a chosen few.

On July 19th, 5-year old Mohammed Al-Sayis went to swim at Gaza’s beach and died 10 days later from the polluted water.

The scene below occurred this month on September 4th in occupied Jerusalem city. We see a 10-year-old child being ripped from his mother’s arms during a demonstration against Occupation crimes. The boy and his mother were assaulted and the boy was violently abducted and taken across the Green Line to a criminal detention facility for torture.


Please take a strong look at the fruits of Jewish supremacy, staring us directly in the face! The next time someone in your TV box tells you that “Islamic” terrorism is a threat to mankind, keep this in mind…


The very man who exposed the CIA torture program, Whistleblower Gregory Ford, was also responsible for recruiting the man who later founded ISIS, Mr. Al Baghdadi. According to Ford, Al Baghdadi was a triple agent, CIA asset and Mossad operative, essentially serving the Zionist agenda of Greater Israel and the NWO.

You might also want to check out just who owns 96% of the global media.


Despite what Palestinian children must endure on the front lines against the beastly Zionist Occupation, they always manage a smile!


This article was republished to TLB from Middle East Rising.

About the writer: Ariyana Love is an Editor at The Liberty Beacon project and a TLB Director of Middle East Rising news. She is a Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine and founder of an international foundation, which promotes human rights for indigenous people and the Middle East.

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