Scary Times Require Unscary Thoughts

Scary Times Require Unscary Thoughts

By TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine

I woke up at 3 AM this morning with the most horrendous thought I’ve ever had in all my lifetimes. I mean it. It was brutal. I tried to wipe it clean and go back to sleep but the adrenaline was flowing like a runaway train. I started writing the damn thing in my head, complete with editing, the changing of words and shifting of paragraphs. But I have to say the idea didn’t have that aura of truth, more like a wakeful nightmare. I took that as a comforting sign.

Before I hit you with this awful concept, I want to tell you that in my last article here on TLB, I wrote that there should be protests in every city and town in the world so that the unawakened can soak up the truth before their very eyes rather than watching the mindless rot on TV.

So here was my nasty concept this morning, an extension of the above solution I thought of. As the cabal find it so easy, being completely devoid of morals as to jab, main and kill millions of us, what’s to stop them from calling on the CCP to shoot down all the protesters when it gets too out of hand? In the name of public health? As I said, I hope this was just a nightmare.

I admit that as I write this, I have no answer. Maybe I will at the end. The only thing I know at the moment is to communicate it. I know many others feel as clueless as I do and maybe somewhat powerless. Of course, that is the woof and warp of their plans, to instill fear and helplessness.

So if this is just a purge, I apologize. However, possibly it will get people to write to me and we can talk. I still believe we can overpower them just in sheer numbers alone. I hope you do.

We watch videos from our favorite patriots saying Trump will be back in August, that there are mass arrests, thousands are held in Gitmo or executed, Nesara Gesara is around the corner, the IRS will be disbanded, thousands of children have been rescued, etc. But we don’t see it. It causes me to consider that we are being duped and distracted by this digital pie in the sky.

But should we give all that up? I say no, no matter how many of your “realistic” friends tell you not to be naive. Let’s look at that. What do they offer instead? I’d say nothing and they have succumbed to the doom and gloom presented by evil and call it “facing the truth”. Most likely, they were just as negative before all this disaster hit our lives.

The truth belongs to us and our creativity. It does not inhabit the physical world, except what we project there. That brings me to some realities: we must prepare for some possible false flag operations like a shortage of food, electricity, shelter. Above that, we join our neighbors, families and friends in our physical communities and decide what the future will be and agree. That is the real power. It’s all in how we think.

We don’t need to be attacking each other like Facebook people arguing and making each other wrong over the vaccines. That’s what’s really scary – clueless ones who still think the vaccines are safe and good for you and call us “far right” as the only reason we don’t want the vaccines, an attitude as dividing and weakening as the false racist theory and all the slander against Trump and others who fight for the constitution. All these things are planned and executed with very deliberate malice to destroy our unity.

So my answer is very simple and I’ve “circled back” to my title. Don’t think scary thoughts. They are more poisonous than arsenic. Be here, help each other, know that you are an all-powerful spiritual being with capabilities beyond your belief.

Don’t forget – challenges are there to be overcome. I’d even say we created them to be overcome. So, if we made them, we can fix them. How’s that for a shift of viewpoint?

Now I’ll go practice this.


TLB Note: Lucille is a longtime valued TLB Staff member. She is also an author, writer, researcher, activist, and an exceptional artist to boot! To enjoy much more of Lucille’s wisdom, research and presentation … CLICK HERE


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2 Comments on Scary Times Require Unscary Thoughts

  1. The thoughts you have shared, along with your faith and strength will go a long way in helping others that read your comments. Many people are sailing ships with no rudder in these times. God Bless You! Ralph Ely, Sr. Editor (TLB)

  2. I face same “scary thoughts,” though I think some of them are truthful realities. I open my Bible and read the Psalms to keep my focus. I also realize that the truth is that we all should also make plans and preparations for possible future outcomes. Our world has changed, and it is Not for the better. To not execute some preparations for differing scenarios is just plain stupidity and ignorance. That being said, I am a senior with health issues and no financial backup. I have gardened, canned, dehydrated, froze, raised canines and equines, worked for a veterinarian for years…Now, I am alone, in an apartment for goodness sake, with basically no family. I frequently ask myself what I can do now (?). Very frustrated that I have much knowledge and ability, But, no way of using it to prepare. And, I do think time is short. The “elites” are getting angry and no longer plan on waiting.I oftentimes wonder how unbelievers will be able to cope or even survive in the not-to-distant future.

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