Secretary’s office confirms DeVos Signed On To Globalist UN Education Agenda

Secretary’s office confirms DeVos Signed On To Globalist UN Education Agenda

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

This past Wednesday, Sept 12th, TLB ran a story titled “Education Secretary DeVos Signs On To Globalist UN Education Agenda For US.”  The article by Alex Newman was written for Technocracy News & Trends and also appeared at The Newman Report.

Both Newman and Technocracy News take a deep interest in what is happening in the world and how it effects Science and Education in particular. The Tech World is very sensitive to the “student products” that emerge from the Universitys and Trade Schools. The last thing they want is a “cookie cutter” lab full of guys and gals coming up with the same answer to a multitude of problems that require a multitude of different answers. Their other concern is having a Global  Science Policeman, ie:the UN, governing what they do and how they do it both in school and industry. Creative science and use of the end result would be muzzled with UN involvement.

Understanding all of the above, the TLB Editors thought this article would be of interest to the our readers on Social Media, as most of us have the same concern when it comes to the United Nations. (Unless you are a raving lib or a snowflake.) [Snowflake Definition: On the way to becoming a raving lib.]

Blow-back from Trump Forever

It was little more than half and hour after publication when, I’ll call them “Trump Forever,” fans of the President started having a conniption that TLB should even suggest that President Trump or Education Secretary DeVos would get involved with any UN agenda involving our children and their education.

Answering as many comments as we could, giving additional evidence and even adding a picture, didn’t slow down the uppercase FAKE NEWS… FAKE NEWS. And as often happens group page members were not even reading the article, they were working off what someone had written above. (The blind leading the blind.)

What it is and Truth

It is Globalism. That is the long and the short of it when the U.N. gets it foot in the door. The Truth about the UN-G20 agenda is not a pretty picture, BUT it is one you need to look at and know about. You may need the following information so you have something to tell your children and/or grand children when things go to hell in a hand-basket, and they ask you why?

America’s Involvement today

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to Lead the United States Delegation at First Ever G20 Education Ministers’ Meeting

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will travel to Mendoza, Argentina, to lead the United States delegation at the first ever G20 meeting of Education Ministers. She will also participate in the G20 Joint Meeting of Education and Employment Ministers.

While in South America, Secretary DeVos will visit several schools in Chile and Argentina to learn about their approaches to career and technical education. During her study visit, Secretary DeVos will meet with education leaders from the G20 nations and connect directly with educators and students.

Source: US Dept of Education website


Argentine G20

G20 underscores need to place education at the centre of the global agenda

The G20 Education Ministerial Meeting declaration addresses personal development, innovation, and the Sustainable Development Goals, among other topics.


Is the U.S. really involved with this agenda and a member?

G20 Participants

The G20 is made up of 19 countries and the European Union (EU). The 19 countries are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Spain is a permanent invited guest to G20 meetings. Each year, the country which holds the G20 presidency also invites countries to attend at its own discretion. This year, Argentina has invited Chile and the Netherlands.

Countries which chair key regional groups – such as the African Union (AU), the Association for Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) – are generally invited to the summit. This year these regional groups will be represented by Rwanda, Singapore, and Senegal, respectively. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has also been invited by Argentina for this year’s G20, represented by Jamaica.



Back to business

The declaration of the G20 Education Ministerial Meeting held in Mendoza today reaffirms the unique role of education as a key driver of fair and sustainable development, acknowledging the need to place education “at the centre of the global agenda.”

Agreed by all G20 member countries, the document stresses the “transformative power and cross-cutting nature of education,” an essential tool to address global challenges and contribute to the pursuit of dialogue, consensus, cooperation and collaboration.

Let’s take a look and see what Secretary DeVos committed the United States to:  Click Here



What Secretary DeVos said…

MENDOZA, Argentina – I appreciate the opportunity to be with all of you and to meet and learn from so many of my counterparts in education and employment from across the G20.

I want to especially thank Minister Finocchiaro and his team. We are grateful for your work in planning and hosting this first-ever G20 Education Ministers Meeting. I also very much enjoyed visiting two of your impressive schools yesterday in Mendoza, UNCUYO and Infinito, and meeting some of the talented educators and the students they serve. Gracias por su hospitalidad!

This gathering provides an important opportunity to learn from each other, acknowledging the vital link between education and the economy. Here, we can discuss our respective challenges, and, importantly, discuss ways to improve education for all students on their lifelong learning journeys as they prepare for today’s and tomorrow’s careers.

Indeed, education and the economy are indivisible, especially given the interconnectedness of the world today. In the United States, we are focused on expanding pathways to success. We recognize that a dynamic and changing economy requires dynamic and changing approaches to education.

We must first acknowledge that every student is an individual. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that works for every student – and there is no such thing as an “average” student. Each of them come to learn with different experiences, different needs, different learning styles and different dreams. Their education must be equally customized and individualized.

How we approach education must reflect the realities of today’s economy, with an eye toward tomorrow’s opportunities. We simply don’t know what the economy will look like 10 years from now, or even five years from now.

So students must be prepared to anticipate and adapt. They need to acquire and master broadly transferrable and versatile educational competencies like critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and cultural intelligence. These are essential – but often unaddressed – skills for students regardless of their chosen careers.

Students also need to be better prepared to pursue professions not yet imagined. Forecasting experts for Dell Computers recently estimated that “around 85 percent of the jobs that today’s learners will be doing in 2030 haven’t been invented yet.”

Students need multiple and flexible pathways to pursue the opportunities that our global economy offers. Such pathways include industry-recognized certificates, two-year degrees, stackable credits, advanced degrees, badges, four-year degrees, micro-degrees, apprenticeships and more.

All of these are valid pursuits. Each should be embraced as such. If it’s the right fit for the student, then it’s the right education. And importantly, no stigma should stand in the way of a student’s journey to success.

To that end, President Donald Trump has made apprenticeship expansion a national priority. He established a national Task Force on Apprenticeships, which I co-chaired. Our charge was to explore ways to empower Americans with options to earn and learn, and to encourage entrepreneurs and educators to work together.

I recall two women I was fortunate to meet. One had been to university and was working as a court reporter. After several years, she found herself bored with her desk job and looking for something new. She pursued a Mechatronics program at a community college and said she’s never been happier.

Another student had studied to be a professional ballet dancer. Unable to support herself, she enrolled in a welding program and is today employed in high tech manufacturing.

The antiquated notion that education begins when you are five and ends when you turn 18 or 22 suggests that education is merely transactional, with a finite beginning and end. But there is no finish line.

Learning must be lifelong, because careers are like highways, not one-way or dead-end streets. Highways have many off-ramps and on-ramps. Students should be able to exit easily for a time to learn a new skill, then re-enter the highway at an on-ramp of their choosing and change lanes as needed.

I recently met a 70-year-old man who was in his fourth career. His first was as a helicopter pilot. He then went on to work in the defense contracting industry, followed by another career in banking. He then found retirement to be quite boring, so he learned the necessary skills to drive big 18 wheeler trucks across America. And he said his fourth career is his best one yet!

Just as he was open to new possibilities, we too must constantly look for new opportunities and embrace new approaches in education. Ultimately, students demand that we fundamentally rethink education, and the 21st century global economy requires that we do so.

“Rethink” means we question everything to ensure nothing limits a student from being prepared for what comes next.

Thank you and I look forward to our next steps, together.



TLB comment: DeVos says: “Learning must be lifelong, because careers are like highways, not one-way or dead-end streets. Highways have many off-ramps and on-ramps. Students should be able to exit easily for a time to learn a new skill, then re-enter the highway at an on-ramp of their choosing and change lanes as needed.”

She obviously has not been around the UN very much. Variety and individualism is hardly encouraged. You can’t control the masses without the cookie cutter mentality.


We find it interesting that there was little or no MSMedia coverage of Secretary’s DeVos participation in G20 and the United Nations agenda. We found some coverage in professional and culture websites and magazines. An example follows.

Education Week: U.S. Can Learn From Other G-20 Countries on Workforce Prep, DeVos Says

Americas Quarterly: In Argentina, a Historic G20 Meeting Looks to Set a Global Education Agenda


Understand that Globalism is not just George Soros. It is not just the UN… it comes from many people, many professions and many countries. Focusing back on Washington. President Trump has Globalists in his cabinet, starting with his son-in-law Jared Kushner. All Presidents through out history have been surrounded by Cabinet and/or Staff that differ with them in principle or ideology.

Keep in mind Presidents are controlled. Some time it is their past being held over their head or a political indiscretion. Presidents are not perfect, they make mistakes. As a good friend is found of saying… “Presidents are people too.”

Finally about POTUS. President Trump is in Danger and under fire from all of Deep State and it’s fellow travelers. Bottom line. Hillary lost and so did all of the Scum that was kicking back with feet up running their little Empires to the detriment of our Republic. In their eyes, Trump must go. 

If in doubt, do your own research

All of us at (TLB) appreciate your comments and enthusiasm about our articles and memes. Please know we vett our sources to the best of our ability to bring you the un-varnished TRUTH. So next time you want to type FAKE NEWS, do your own research. When an article that is the truth is labeled Fake News, it does more damage than if it really was Fake. It can also get you labeled as a Shill and ‘booted’ out of Social Media. (RE)


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  1. Great work gentlemen. Even though I’m a big Trump supporter I cannot understand how some of the moronic Trumpbots think nobody in his administration can do any wrong. He has Bilderbgergs, traitors from the Council on Foreign Relations, etc in his administraiton. We need to be watching them like hawks, not giving them a pass because of who their boss is. Trump is counting on US, his supporters, to keep his agenda moving forward. Thanks TLB!

  2. That is exactly what needs to happen Richard. Pres. Trump needs to work with Congress to put the Dept of Education out of business. It is States Rights to regulate Education at a local level.

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