Senior Americans Unite Against “Age Tax” Health Policy

Senior Americans Unite Against “Age Tax” Health Policy

By TLB Contributing Author: Sally Phillips

As the Trump administration works towards a healthcare policy to replace Obamacare, the American Association of Retired Persons has made a stand against what it sees as an age tax against the over-50s. The legislation forms a key part of the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA), which would cause a significant increase in the cost of health insurance for senior citizens.

The 21st century is already proving to be a tough time for retirees, with more than ever continuing to work to face the rising costs of living. But not everyone is able to do so. For those in assisted living facilities in the US, the proposals are causing genuine concern at a time when citizens have a right to a worry-free life.

The proposed legislation

Under Obamacare, insurers are entitled to charge its senior members up to three times as much as the youngest adult enrollees. The new proposal would change this to a ratio of five time more, or potentially even higher.

AARP appointed actuarial consultants Milliman to analyze the financial impact, and the results demonstrate exactly why they have come up with the phrase “age tax” – the average over 60 would see his or her insurance bill increase by $3,200 a year, increasing the average annual premium by more than 20 percent to almost $18,000.

Milliman pointed out that this will put serious pressure on seniors as they try to finance other basic necessities of life, particularly in view of the escalating cost of prescription drugs.

The Reaction

In March, a survey conducted by Benenson Strategy Group for AARP polled more than 600 American over-50s who voted in the 2016 election. The survey found that the vast majority are opposed to the proposed legislation regardless of which way their vote was cast.

More than half of those polled agreed that the proposed move effectively constitutes an age tax on senior citizens. This included a majority of those who are otherwise Trump supporters. And almost three quarters believe that Congress should keep funding for Medicaid at its current Obamacare levels.

The bill is still going through Congress votes, and a final version of the bill is yet to be formulated. But the message from AARP is clear – it has urged that all members of Congress should vote “no,” and has vowed to make it an “accountability” vote — this means that all of the 38 million AARP members will be told exactly how their representatives voted.


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About the Author: Sally Phillips is an author and concerned citizen who feels it is her mission to make people aware of the facts behind the many issues they face in their daily lives.


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