A Short Analysis of the Utter Savagery in Nice: France Vous Êtes Une Grande Hypocrite

by Alexander Azadgan

It is about time for the people of the world to fully realize [once-an-for-all] that the savages who commit these horrible terroristic acts, be it in Paris, Brussels, Baghdad, Bangladesh, San Bernardino (California), Orlando (Florida), Istanbul, and now in Nice, France, that these are not true Muslims in any stretch of the imagination! These death-cult monstrous mercenaries PRETEND to be Muslims in order to achieve a purely evil political agenda while all along they shamelessly defecate on all time-cherished Islamic principles.

Prophet Muhammad specifically instructed: “Do not cause harm, nor respond to harm with harm.” Ultimately, their profound savagery will be the very cause of their downfall.

But in the case of the Nice, France murderer, all reports indicate that he did not do it for any “religious” purposes. He was a French citizen of Tunisian heritage who was married to a French woman who took away his son, followed by the fact that he authorities rightfully did not allow him to see his child because he was a drug addict and a violent person. He ate pork and was a drunkard and used drugs and never prayed nor went to mosque. Furthermore, the police reports tell us he was mentally ill and hated the authorities. What he did was out of personal revenge to his dismal personal circumstances. He killed innocent men, women and children and people with different religions and backgrounds. And yet why was it that the Western mainstream media was so unprofessionally hasty [as usual] in calling this despicable act as act of “Islamic “terrorism if it had nothing to do with the religion or better put, the perversion of the religion?

And yet, the French President Francois Hollande, in an act of unnecessary muscle flexing, decides to respond to this Nice streets butchery by announcing a new round of carpet bombings in Syria & Iraq. Where exactly is the connection?! That would be as absurd as if a bunch of Zionist Israeli operatives & Saudi Wahabi savages (in concordance with other intelligent services) were to blow the world trade center buildings in New York & the U.S. would respond by carpet bombing Afghanistan & Iraq!

In the last five years alone, France has brutally bombed thousands of civilian men, women, and children in the following six countries:

1) Libya

2) Syria

3) Chad

4) Ivory Coast 2

5) Mali

6) Central African Republic

To those who still unbalancingly feel most concerned about the horrible, disgusting tragedy in the south of France but are not concerned about France’s bombings of the above mentioned six sovereign nations that never represented a threat [as a nation] to France, I would emphatically advise that it is time for you to seriously scrutinize your utterly misguided and misinformed values.

To those who don’t even know where these nations are, then it’s time to un-dust those geography books in addition to un-dusting your minds!


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  1. DustyFae, how can you say that? Have you read the Qur’an? Do you know the definition of Islam? The Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are not false ideologies! The teachings of prophets is part of human history. Men always start to move away from the original message, so another prophet comes.. now we are in an age where we become our own masters. Zionism, now that is a false ideology!

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