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Has the time come when the self proclaimed “know it all” website/blog SNOPES has finally hit the skids… when their light is finally dimming to a soft glow? If so, it certainly renews our faith in karma and/or a supreme being that sits on high looking out for Truth, Justice and The American Way. (Sorry we didn’t mean to sound like the announcer from the old Superman TV show.)

Those of us that “hang our hats on to the word Integrity” get a pretty smug look on our face when we see a “far left” “fake news” operation like Snopes get their just deserts for being the propaganda prostitutes of liberalism that they are and have been.

RIP Snopes, RIP. (TLB)



Via is a failed liberal blog from 1994.  The website claims to be the internet’s oldest and most popular fact-checking site.

Last year, Snopes Co-Founder was accused of embezzling company money, and spending it on prostitutes.

Now you can find the blog begging for $500k in funding via GoFundMe. So far, the campaign has raised $18,000 in 3 hours via 710 people.

Another victim of the fake news campaign backfiring on the left…


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