Social Media Marketing Campaigns Through Gramista

Social Media Marketing Campaigns Through Gramista

By TLB Contributing Writer: Nirdesh

You may have many reasons for starting a marketing campaign on social media, even on Instagram. For instance, you may want to raise awareness on a good cause, or promoting a product or service on your page.

Regardless of the reason you have, Instagram is a great place to start because of its high rewards. The emphasis of the site is visuals, much more than text. That makes it a powerful and effective tool for reaching out to a wider audience and allowing your followers to share your content around the world. However, there is more to doing campaigns than posting pretty pictures, and there are automated bots that can help you achieve your goals such as Gramista.

What is Gramista?

Many people have divided opinions regarding use of Instagram bots to gain followers and increase your sphere of influence. Some people may advocate for using them while others will not, and your use depends on your objectives and financial means.

Gramista is among these bot services – it is an Instagram bot that automates the process of engagement. The service covers all the usual things that you expect a bot to do, including liking posts, following and unfollowing users, as well as engaging on other users’ posts on your behalf. It saves you the trouble of doing the legwork on your own, all for a competitive price structure.

How does it work?

Your brand influence on Instagram depends on the tried-and-true method of reaching out to your followers and working hard to engage with them as much as possible – that means you like their posts, comment, and even share the content as much as possible. The difference with Gramista is that the whole process is automated for you, resulting in real followers (as opposed to bots), in addition to many likes on your posts.

Six Tips on managing an effective social media campaign

Stating simple goals

The best social media campaigns, regardless of whether you use Gramista or not, always involve simple goals that the brand can achieve, and your case does not need to be different. Even if your plan is elaborate or creative, the goals should always stick to the general rule of being specific, timely and measurable.

Emphasize the use of photos that speak for you

You probably know the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is largely true, and is one of the reasons holding a marketing campaign on Instagram stands out – you will use pictures extensively.

When you are choosing photos for your campaign, ensure you pick photos that resonate with emotions, as people will enjoy this type of photograph even more. This is particularly due to the fast nature of social media in general – photos and posts move by very quickly, and it only takes one look for someone to stop scrolling, like and share the post.

Consider user-generated content

Apart from allowing your followers to post their own creative takes on pictures or items you deal in, it is also useful in generating interest in your brand and increasing your follower count from high engagement levels.

Allowing user content is among the most powerful ways of marketing your brand or campaigning on social media. This is because you are letting your Instagram followers do the hard work in promoting your brand and talking about it with their followers.

The strategy may be difficult to pull off, especially when you are a small brand. However, because Gramista emphasizes on delivering real followers to your account, it may get easier as these followers will do something creative and encourage each other to share your brand. A good example of this is Starbucks, who trended a White cup hashtag where they encouraged their users to draw creative designs on their cups and post them on social media. These initiatives will make the customer feel like the brand values them, and they will be loyal to it.

Know your audience

Like a typical business, you need to remember that your marketing campaign will not appeal to everyone that follows you – even a business knows that not everyone is a part of their market, and they will focus much of their efforts towards particular segments that seem promising.

Remember this when dealing with social media as well. When you spread your campaign attempts too wide, the risks are high that it will become too generic and people will pass it by. It is therefore good to concentrate your effort on your current audience.

When choosing to participate in a social media campaign, even using sites such as Gramista, you need to look at who you want to target in your campaign, and what money you need to pay to boost that engagement. This will have another effect as well – it makes your brand seem genuine because you are concentrating your effort in marketing instead of simply looking for new followers.

What is the campaign about?

What are your ultimate objectives of the campaign, and why are you starting it in the first place? Answering these questions can shed light on your objectives and help make the campaign process clearer.For certain companies, they decide to launch campaigns when they release new products or services so that they generate public interest and increase sales. For other businesses, they simply want to find new followers for their brand.

When you state your goals clearly, it is easier for you to keep track of how you are doing and make adjustments to your content and strategy as you continue. All these efforts result in your brand getting greater exposure and increasing its value.

Consider the timing of the campaign

If various events such as holidays influence your campaign, or other factors like whether it is an international campaign, it is important to include all these in your marketing effort. All products have lifespans, and if you do not raise awareness in the right ways, overshadowing by better campaigns is very likely.

Final thoughts

Marketing on social media is not as easy as it may look, as many factors need to go into consideration as you set up the campaign. In addition, bot sites such as Gramista can only do so much for you, as you need to do most of the work while the bot helps you to buy Instagram followers and increase your engagement levels with others.


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  1. Thanks for the interesting article. I’m, personally, using the Bigbangram ( I tried it’s free version and decided to use this bot further. Dunno if this bot is better than Gramista, but I like it. In the blog on their site there are useful hints, for example how to automate mass unfollow.

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