Soon your children may not be yours. [..] Human-Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse

Soon your children may not be yours. ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human-Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse

THE MEDIA’S CURRICULUM VITAE: We have no empathy. We have no integrity & because we lie all the time, we have no credibility. At the very best, our judgement is dreadful.

Yet media whores hold their heads high as if to say ‘who are you?’ It never ceases to amaze me how these garbage TV & Radio personnel think so much of themselves because all the above is true. If only the media’s failings stopped there. What about lying to create conflicts & war? Here one can easily make the case these are crimes of Nuremberg proportions.

What else is on their CV? Surely it gets no worse than lying to go to war? Well not quite but the media go out of their way to ensure all the pedophiles who effectively work for the elite in various political arenas around the world ARE PROTECTED SO THEY NEVER FACE PROSECUTION! How about that! Can you sink any lower than this?

‘Rabbis Caught Selling Children’s Organs’ – US Media is silent!

About a year ago I posted a piece which contained a link where 3 Rabbis in America had been caught red-handed selling organs. I’ve heard nothing since regarding the case. I don’t even know if anyone went to jail. One hardly needs rocket science to ascertain where & how these men got their grubby mitts on these organs. What little I … Continue reading

Bad enough these sick individuals have found their way into the upper echelons of power. Bad enough our political system is bedeviled with an inordinate number of sexual perverts but then the media has the temerity to accuse prominent whistle-blowers like Julian Assange, who are simply trying to expose the chronic level of skulduggery within our political system, of acts of sexual deviancy. What’s more, the media know only too well in the case of whistle-blowers these smears & accusations are mere fabrications.

So even though serial pedophiles in Westminster have mountains of evidence stacked against them, the Police are told to back off while the media offers full protection. On the other hand, brave, honest men are falsely accused of committing sexual crimes. The Police never once ask ‘where’s the evidence’ & the media spins it so that all the dumbos in the world believe Julian Assange is Public Enemy No.1. It gets no worse than this…….. or does it?

Watch this video (15 min. 45 sec.) featuring former CIA agent Richard Steele. Thanks to Luca Majno for sending this. By all means be disgusted because this is where we are & you best believe it, we could not possibly have arrived at this despicable state of affairs without the media. You see, those who have engineered all this filth that’s nothing less than a blight on mankind, are the same people who own the media. After you’ve watched this it’s worth having a browse of this post from April 18 which features a video by Jana and Steven Ben Noon on the Talmudic Noahide Laws. In short, this is the kind of world we can expect if we end up living in a New World Order.

The Talmudic Noahide Laws

As well as being one of the most prominent Israeli activists, indeed in the world, most of us know Miko Peled as the author of the General’s Son. I’ve always admired the way Miko somehow manages to get his point across without so much as losing a heartbeat despite the fact he’s often up against the most hate-filled, deluded adversaries. … Continue reading

It’s all important but I thought I’d select a few significant segments –

10.00 – 14.40 mins, 20.45 – 28.30 mins, 39.00 – 49.00 mins, 53.00 – 56.00 mins, 1.02 – 1.10 mins, 1.16.40 – 1.20 mins, 1.24 – 1.27 mins.

14 Israelis Arrested in Colombia for Running Sex Tourism Ring that Catered to Jewish Pedophiles

Colombian police have busted a group of 14 Israelis who ran a sex tourism network that catered to Israeli pedophiles willing to travel to Colombia to have sex with under-age children: Fourteen Israelis are suspected by Colombian authorities of running a child sex trafficking ring which marketed tour packages from Israel to the Latin American … Continue reading

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