Agapé Boarding School & Trafficking Terminal

September 26, 2022 0

Agapé Boarding School & Trafficking Terminal By: Bill the Butcher A place for troubled teens. Right on their website it says If your son is out of control, expelled or falling behind in school, we […]


Armed Antifa Guard Daytime Drag Show With Kids

August 31, 2022 2

Armed Antifa terrorists stand guard at daytime drag show in Texas By: Olivia Murray Adult men who either dress like women or take surgical steps to impersonate them, and then scheme for access to sexually […]


Witness The Normalization of Perversion

May 4, 2022 2

Normalizing Perversion By: M.B. Mathews The reasons for the Left’s perverse sexualizing of very young children make sense only if you are sexually neurotic. None of it makes sense if you are a rational, healthy, […]


Thin excuse = thin ice

August 31, 2020 0

Prime Muppet concocts excuse to let child molestors off the hook by UKR Columnist Jon Davy St Petersburgh 30/8/20 HYPOTHESIS: the Coronavius psyop triggered by Elite fears of justice over child and human trafficking ** […]

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