Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear no Evil

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Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear no Evil

By TLB Contributing Writer: Lori


If you are easily offended, you are going to want to stop reading & close your browser window. This lady is mad & she’s not going to take it anymore.

Back in July, I re-posted a picture on Facebook that was posted that showed the guidelines for the Health Ambassador for Walmart regarding their face masks requirements. Walmart called one of the companies I work for & complained about that post. That company called my boss & then he called me. After a few direct questions…..one being…..did I have my hands directly on said document…..I said no, it was a re-post. The subject was dropped at that point.

A couple of weeks later, I get called into the HR office of the full time job I held. Again, this “post” was brought up. I told them that I never had my hands directly on this document & that it was just a re-post. I see it 50-100 times a day on Facebook, it is posted in all sorts of anti-vax groups, anti-mask groups & individuals who are just fed up & over every one shouting……WEAR A MASK!

I was told it didn’t matter that I didn’t have the document directly in my hands but that I had shared an confidential, internal document. Mind you, NO WHERE does it say its an confidential, internal document. I’ve looked over it several times & it’s simply not there.

They also complained about the mask I wore for part of my shift one night. The plant manager said the masks we wear has to cover our mouth & nose. Ok, that means a mask that doesn’t have a huge hole in it. So, I ordered a mask from a lady who makes mesh masks. I was told that I knew what was expected of me & shouldn’t have tried to make a “forum” by deviating from what was expected of me.

The HR director said my “mask” was no different than the PPE like my safety vest, steel toes shoes & goggles. Ummm, excuse me, there is a HUGE difference. The vest, goggles & shoes don’t restrict my breathing, they don’t cause me to breathe in my own carbon dioxide when I breathe out, they don’t cause my heart to pound because I’m not getting sufficient oxygen due to wearing a mask & they don’t cause my lungs to hurt when I get home & that pain keep me awake for hours when I get home. The vest, shoes & goggles don’t cause me to sweat around my face. The OSHA website says direction…..cloth face coverings are not PPE.

Note that face coverings are not considered PPE and cannot be used in place of respirators when respirators otherwise are required.

I got thru the first 7 hours of my 10 hour shift before I was called into the production managers office because of my mask. He said it had to be a solid mask. I said OK, I have one in my locker. He said sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that just isn’t going to cut it. I left his office & went around the corner to the locker room & put the mesh one in my bag & put on a solid surgical one.

My contract was terminated with my full time job. I hope to have a new full time job lined up soon. I’m currently working part time as a merchandiser in various stores, some which require a mask. And yes, I’m wearing the mask you see in the pic above. No manager at those stores have stopped & questioned me.

Yes, there are some people who will show you in a video that wearing a mask will not cause their oxygen levels to go down. BUT, there are also videos that show the oxygen saturation levels plummeting within minutes of putting a mask on, Here is a video showing cardon dioxide levels rising to alarming levels under the mask.

Many people at my full time job were complaining of headaches & being tired. Mask wearing has been put into the same one size fits all category as vaccines. Sorry people, that just isn’t going to cut it. I left work early one night because I wasn’t feeling good. I was wearing a surgical mask, doing a lot of heavy lifting, moving things around on pallet jacks & just a lot of physical movement. I came home & looked up the symptoms. I had the signs of carbon dioxide poisoning.

Lets take a look at mask safety, were you told this when you were told you had to wear a mask for your safety & that of others?

I wasn’t…..neither was my co-workers. We have to look it up for ourselves.

How many of my readers have seen that “experts” think this virus hangs out in the ears now? First it’s the nose & mouth, then they want us to wear goggles to protect the eyes from this virus & now the ears. Does this sound & look familiar?(I used owls instead of monkeys because I don’t particularly like monkeys.)

Our freedom is being taken away little by little. We can’t go into certain stores unless we wear a mask. We can’t visit our loved ones in hospitals & nursing homes because of the fear of COVID. Some nursing homes have banned people from sitting outside the windows of their loved ones so they can visit. Why? Many businesses are requiring their employees to wear masks.

Lets take a look at a quote from John Adams –

A Constitution of government once changed from freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost, is lost forever” – John Adams

I asked one of my co-workers one night if she thought there would ever be a time where we didn’t have to wear a mask there……her reply was…….No, unfortunately.

Some states are moving to make masks permanent. Does the idea of having to wear a mask everywhere you go sound good to you?

Remember, this virus has a 99% survival rate.

And the WHO has actually said that wearing a mask increases our chances of becoming infected, not decrease.

This “pandemic” is not a pandemic compared to others.

How many of you remember the last pandemic? It wasn’t that long ago. Let me remind you, it was 2009. The H1N1 flu. How many schools shut the school year down early? How many small businesses closed their doors? What masks were fashionable back then? What was the social distancing requirement? How long did the shut down last?

My daughter had it & now she is a healthy 25 year old that is married with a happy & healthy daughter that is 18 months old today. (August 4th)

Another pandemic occurred during another big event. How many remember Woodstock? I wasn’t alive then but Woodstock occurred during a pandemic. If you go to the link, you’ll see people half dressed, no masks & definitely no social distancing.

Fauci said back in 2017, that something was going to happen during Trump’s presidency.

And here we are in an election year with this going on.

Fauci also said at one point that Hydroxychloroquine is good at combating Covid.

Our Freedom of Speech has been severely hindered since the beginning of this pandemic.

We need to choose Freedom over Fear.

And we need to boost our immune systems naturally not suppress it with masks & social distancing.

Here’s a question for any readers that are flat earthers. (I’m not a flat earther but I saved this from facebook)

So……a question to my readers……Are you going to continue to live in fear of a virus that has a 99% survival rate or are you going to go out & live your lives?

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