‘Special Counsel’ Mueller Is Guilty of Misconduct & Must Resign

‘Special Counsel’ Mueller Is Guilty of Misconduct & Must Resign

By James Lewis

What’s a witch-hunter to do when there’s no witch, and witchcraft itself turns out to be imaginary?  When even the latest accusation against the biggest scapegoat of the house is a crock?

Alan Dershowitz, a liberal in good standing with occasional fits of constitutional sanity, has called on Bob Mueller, aka “The Special Prosecutor,” to resign, ’cause there’s no there there.

Professor Dershowitz points out that Trump may be guilty of sins “but not crimes.”  Well, if POTUS Trump is a sinner, I hope the Lord forgives him, along with the rest of us.  But if all sinners went to Hell, there would be no room for the rest of us.

The case against Bob Mueller and his squad of Democrat witch-hunters is much stronger than merely fraud against the taxpayer.  Purely politically motivated persecutions under color of law are major violations of the United States Constitution and English Common Law, from which our everyday laws are largely derived.  In civilized legal codes, persecutions of designated witches under color of law (any law they can find or make up) are strictly forbidden and should be punished by ABA disbarment, imprisonment, and perhaps confiscation of ill gotten gains.  This would include every single taxpayer penny spent on this enormous hoax.

This is the problem that faced the Vatican Office of the Inquisition in the 19th century, when Vatican cardinals began to wonder if burning Catholic heretics was still trendy.  In Massachusetts, the Puritan divines stopped ordering scarlet letters for women accused of adultery.  And with the rise of the political Enlightenment and the Constitution, scapegoating went out of fashion in civilized circles, with the exception of KKK lynchings in the South and numerous mobs aimed at victims of agitprop in Marxist and Hitlerite parts of the world.

So here’s Bob Mueller’s big, big problem.

Byron York, one of the best conservative reporters, has leaked a guvmint confession that, just as you thought, the FBI “was never able to verify” the infamous Moscow pee-pee report that triggered the totally phony campaign against Donald J. Trump.  “The FBI was never able to verify” is an admission against interest, as they say in the legal game, meaning “Oops!  The prosecution doesn’t have a case!”  It is indeed a confession of criminal prosecutorial misconduct, and all the perverters of justice in the FBI and DOJ have violated their oath of office and must resign.  Or go to prison.  Or both.

In other words, the FBI and those phony intelligence agencies that dropped malicious disinformation to start the political wildfire of Trump-Putin misconduct were spreading lies, lies, lies.  In a just world, the accusers would be standing in the dock, wearing fireproof clothing to get ready for the witch’s pyre.

Unfortunately, once the special prosecutor is launched, backed by the U.S. guvmint, he can never confess to being wrong.  This is why the U.S. Constitution makes no provision for witch-hunters in the first place.

Don’t forget that the Founders saw the French Revolution (from a distance) and knew that the French aristocrats who were guillotined to delight the sans-culottes were not found guilty by any rational means after due process.  Nope, they were just head-chopped to satisfy the bloodthirsty mobs in Paris, and that stopped only when Napoleon started to shoot down the mobs.  Napoleon shot and hung the biggest perps and then crowned himself emperor.  The founders, on the other hand, had tried to write a Constitution to avoid that whole slew of disasters.

Now, Byron York’s report that “the FBI has been unable to verify” the pee-pee dossier is a serious problem for that ugly pimple on the US Constitution called the “special counsel” or the “special prosecutor.”

The special prosecutor is a made-up critter who violates all the principles of justice, fairness, and the Constitution.  It was created by legislative fiat and never reviewed by the Supremes, who just danced around it to avoid the heat of controversy.  Let’s face it: the Roberts Court is not the most heroic court of justice in U.S. history.

But now Robert Mueller and his gang of witch-hunters have spent a year and wasted vast amounts of your money pursuing a mirage – while they’ve also been illegally feeding red meat to a media whose members have lost their senses in a classical scapegoating campaign.  Shakespeare wrote about it in “Julius Caesar,” Plato and Cicero wrote about it, and the Scriptures cover it.  Hammurabi wrote about it.  None of them approved of mob “justice.”

The tradition of secret prosecutorial leaking to the liberal media was started by Counsel Sam Dash of the Senate Watergate Committee, who kept the hungry sharks and hyenas fed with Nixon tidbits while swearing up and down that he was doing no such thing.

So what’s Bob Mueller to do?  Byron York just leaked his confession that the case against Trump is completely, you might say, trumped up.  There’s nothing there – zilch, zero, nada – and the truth is that the whole Washington mob that ate up the “dossier” before it was made public, to satisfy their crazed hatred of Trump, also knew that it was a crock.  The now infamous MI6 spook Chris Steele must have known that the peeing prostitutes in Moscow were a crock, or he would have demanded video evidence.  Mueller, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and all the Obamanoids of yesteryear also knew.  The NYT-WaPo knew.  Any sane conservatives keeping track knew.  The Russians, Chinese, and Slovaks knew.  Heck, even the corruptocrats of the United Nations knew it, but then that’s their warped sense of due process anyway.

Mueller and his hot-breathing persecutors are doing Gestapo-style early-morning FBI raids on Paul Manafort and his wife, in their holy zeal to find a victim, any victim, for sheer suspicion of misconduct, with charges to be made up as an afterthought.

This violates the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against ex post facto laws and Bills of Attainder, which are basically phony laws made up long after the perp is known to be innocent.  Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby are classical victims of ex post facto “laws,” and somebody in Trump’s orbit is now being tortured (if only by punitive costs and public shaming) because Bob Mueller’s job is to find a scapegoat, any scapegoat.  After promising a satisfying revenge to the Hillary die-hards, the liberals are afraid of their own running mob and need a bleeding carcass for the happy ending.

Got that?  Bob Mueller and the posse are deathly afraid of their own mob, because if they come back without a victim, their own mob is going to turn against them.  And they’ll never be invited to those D.C. cocktail parties again.

That’s Mueller’s problem.

The obvious answer is to go back to the Bible, the Book of Leviticus, which provides for two sacrificial goats – one for God and one for Azazel, to be sacrificed by being thrown into the Valley of Hinom.  The bad goat would bear all the sins of the people, who could then face a new year of sinning without guilt.  It was a get out of jail free card.

The Democrats and their fellow primitives want blood, and the solution of the Hebrew Bible was to give them a consolation prize, a sacrificial goat killed in the name of Azazel.  That would solve Bob Mueller’s  problem today, and it would satisfy the NYT-WaPo as long as they got the front seat at the sacrifice.  Under the relatively humane rules of Kosher animal slaughter, it wouldn’t hurt the goats much more than the electrical stunning slaughterhouses use today.

The special prosecutor statute is invoked by the NYT-WaPo Axis of Evil, the Democrats, and the monsters of the deep only when they hate a president to death.  How’s that for constitutional law?  It applies only to folks like Nixon, George W., and Donald J. Trump.  These duly elected Republican presidents are nailed on the cross for the rock-hard faith of the media-Democrats-mad left that POTUS has committed crimes – without due process of law, needless to say.

The special prosecutor is a run around the Constitution, and it suggests to sane observers that the Supreme Court can no longer limit itself to reviewing challenges to existing statutes and madcap regulations.  The Supreme Court must conduct a regular review of all federal statutes and regulations that are plainly unconstitutional and present them to Congress for reversal.

All it requires is a constitutional amendment, since the current role of the Supremes was just a decision by John C. Marshall that was never in the Constitution in the first place.  The new Amendment should abolish special prosecutors and other witch-hunting aberrations of constitutional principles forever.  They are an offense to common sense, a reversion to lynch mob law, as Clarence Thomas so famously said when the electronic lynch mob went after his nomination.

So now we know beyond a reasonable doubt that Bob Mueller is guilty, guilty, guilty.

Do you want a scapegoat?  Here’s one that’s clearly guilty.


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