Speculations and What Ifs

 By: Joseph M. Lenard

[Yep, you may have guessed, another piece spurred by social-media discussion(s).]

Speculations, Hypotheticals, Paranoiac Pre-Panics about Possibilities/Potentials, and What Ifs… Remember the ole “if my Aunt were born Male would be my Uncle instead” line (which, yes, with today’s Gender-confusion idiocy, takes new Life)?

I understand and agree that speculations and “what ifs” are best to avoid as responses/dodges to topic discussions…. As, yes, and I have indeed used such arguments to point out Leftist hypocrisy, double-standards, and “Rules For Thee But Not Them” applications we see all the time today. So, yes, occasionally they become necessary counters to Leftist attacks on those on The Right – like the clear double-standards of attacks and often made up shit about Don Trump Jr. and the WELL LOOK AT HUNTER (and the actual facts and evidence of his Crimes, and the entire #BidenCrimeFamily, with no real action).

Now, yes, they try point to the current Hunter Gun Trial, but does anyone actually think it is in earnest?!?! It could have, should have, been undergone long ago. Look at all the other Charges should have been filed against Hunter (and other BiDUMB’s) that clearly the Leftist DeepState system dragged its feet on to conveniently “allow” Statutes-of-Limitations to run-out (meanwhile, purposefully, willfully, malice of forethought, change NY Law to try turn “alleged” book-keeping questions into “an extended time-frame-extension so-as to then be able to Charge former President Trump in Lawfare Election interference efforts. Which, of course, brings questions of Ex Post Facto Law applications Appeal SCOTUS needs here (as because if someone, anyone, does something LEGAL at time or Statute run-out, The Left can just change or create NEW LAW to then use against their Political enemies (Banana-Republic manure) but that is whole other rabbit-hole). And, yes, the NJ Senator and Gold Bars payoffs corruption – that another “but look, we apply Rule-of-Law equally” dodge as Menendez had developed a conscience of late and not toeing the #Fascicrats Party line 100% of time anymore and they want him replaced. These are all SELECTIVE APPLICATIONS, Politically and Power motivated…

Where was I before I side-tracked alternate rabbit-holed again? “speculations and what ifs are best to avoid as responses/dodges.” However, this is not that. What ifs when it comes to potential POLICY discussion to hash through thoughts can be beneficial.

Many “speculating” or “asking” if #Trump indeed becomes #POTUS47, could and/or should he #PARDON himself in response to the #NY Charges Conviction idiocy… My #reasoned #logic why NO (whether could or not aside, should? NO)!

1) #PrinciplesNotPersonalities – I do not like, do not want, the #PRECEDENCE and potential mis-use another #POTUS could use it in/for/with. #simple #principled

2) The #NY #BananaRepublic #Lawfare farce need go through #Appeals (and all way into #SCOTUS) and those engaging in that manure SLAPPED DOWN (as NY #Lawmakers and #Courts have been over and over for pathetic clear UnConstitutional actions/activities over and over again – call them out, put their farce on FULL DISPLAY of being SMACKED DOWN yet again). That too, if not done this way, if it allowed to be “glossed over and more-or-less be ‘left in place’ if a Pardon bypasses proper order/hearings” would allow yet another BAD #PRECEDENCE to be set otherwise.

There is ALREADY too many BAD #LAWS and/or #PRECEDENCES allowed (and other and more BAD #LAW created and piled up upon such Precedence that could, would, should, be smacked down EARLY in a process, not 30, 40, 50, years later; after so much damage could be done (like Leftist Judges in lower Courts using Roe that even #Ginsberg admitted DID NOT set an “Abortion Right” Precedent to create Laws and lower Activist Rulings as if it had and need for a Dobbs reversal far earlier)) set by #SCOTUS not dealing with enough Cases a year they should.

And, yes, another side rabbit-hole, it is always SPECULATED whether 3rd Party Candidates cost so-and-so an Election and usually I REJECT such. Like Gore crew blaming Nader. Like many HWBushers STILL trying to blame Perot. However, studies really show, both those cases anyway, those Voting for the “other 3rd Party” were people that would have otherwise NOT VOTED (entirely, or planning on skipping the POTUS part of the Ballot) and therefore really did NOT affect overall Electoral College outcome. What about 2020? The Libertarian Candidate (and more on them coming) in a few key Battleground States, made a difference?!?!?

Putting aside all the Fraud stuff – the 2020 Election STILL really came down to about 45,000 Votes in just a couple key States that could have shifted the outcome (again, we use Electoral College, NOT popular Vote and doesn’t matter how you “run up the Counts” in some States, but the results of the Battleground States (again, POTUS LEVEL) to determine outcome (yes, running up counts via cheating ANYWHERE can and does effect USHouse and USSenate Race outcomes, talking POTUS Race here)! Now, obviously, NOT ALL LIBERTARIANS if Joe wasn’t on Ballot would have bothered to Vote and Voted GOP ticket. I AM JUST SAYING, as I have in several BeforeItsNews #Election2020recap pieces, actual analysis not just wild speculations and WISH IT WOULD HAVE BEEN feelings based manure, that if just 1-3% of those in those KEY STATES would have, it still could have swayed that Election (but, yes, again, had they, with all the Count shenanigans, The Left could have maybe just manufactured the additional Votes to still overcome that shift). So, again, why the SPECULATIONS and WHAT IFS are often NOT ALL THAT HELPFUL (never can, never will, be able to factor all factors).

[Image source: Joseph M Lenard (Demand and Supply co.) © 2002]

VIDEO (52m 17s): CTP (S2E54) “ CTP (S2E54, 20240629) ’Speculations and What Ifs’ BTS/SP Video”

Regarding #LIBERALtarians… From my LOCALS social-media feed…

YOU AWAKE YET – How are some STILL SLEEPING?!?!? I’ve been saying (over 2 decades, I used to interact with some REAL LIBERTARIANS back when) Libertarian Party been moving Leftward… more-so late including on my CTP Show, Savaged Unfiltered, Maverick News (Canada), more/elsewhere, and some just thought I was being HYPERBOLIC, that #Libertarians haven’t been such for 2 decades now – THEY’RE #LIBERALtarians (mostly about POT issue their they want to get High anytime, anyplace, and IF they ruin their (via Pot and escalation to other even more destructive Drugs) own Lives (unlike real Libertarians past, about Smaller Govt, ending Welfare State) they all about YOU having take care of them). Well, some FINALLY AWAKENED to that Reality now that they (as a Party) OFFICIALLY NOMINATED ULTRA-LEFTIST GAY HAMAS-TERRORISTS HUGGER (OpenBorders and YOU as Taxpayers having to take care of them, again – so much for INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY and SMALLER GOVT) as their nominee! THANK YOU for so blatantly PROVING MY POINT, PROVING ME RIGHT!

[Image source: Joseph M Lenard (Demand and Supply co.) © 2002]

And lastly, back to the whole TRUMP going forward speculations. As I said on LOCALS

OK, just ACT 2 concluded in the very PREDICTABLE (Lawfare) Play.
Time to Appeal, where another Leftist Activist Judge will ignore #RuleOfLaw, #Constitution, #Precedence, etc., also!
So we can RUSH IT to the SCOTUS for real Hearing and quick OVER-TURN based on COUNTLESS violations “Appeal” reasons.


As the saying goes, they eagerly manufacture The Rope by which they will be HUNG (figuratively speaking)!

So, how has “Speculations and What Ifs… Remember the ole ‘if my Aunt were born Male would be my Uncle instead’ line (which, yes, with today’s Gender-confusion idiocy, takes new Life)” fared against my other pieces?!?! LOL. You know many times I say about how ODD and DIFFERENT some my pieces can be!!


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
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1 Comment on Speculations and What Ifs

  1. One thing I left out due to length – WARGAMES
    I think everyone understands you do “Thinking exercise” War-Gaming to try predict potential enemy moves and contemplate what/how to counter.
    In many cases then too, we conduct “actual War-Gaming Military exercises” to do 2 things – Show enemy we are ready and provide training so actions and personnel are ready to just DO not have to THINK too much later if a reaction is ordered. And I do go into that in the corresponding to this article CTP S2E54 Show version of “Speculations and What Ifs” (again, they correlate and compliment each other).
    So a certain amount of WHAT IFS, like regarding our Personal Budgets and what/how we can, could, should, react IF this or that happens and we are not caught flat-footed and indeed PANIC should some things go bad.
    But I don’t think anyone was prepared for the BAD that BiDUMB brought upon us in any and every respect.

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