Spy-Gate is Directed by the Crown’s Courtiers in the UK, Not by Russia

Spy-Gate is Directed by the Crown’s Courtiers in the UK, Not by Russia | AIM

The Queen’s “Golden Shares” in defense companies give her counselors significant control over war, intelligence, healthcare & propaganda, including their minions in the C.I.A., MI6 et al.

Christopher Steele evidently took orders from the Queen’s Privy Council brainwashing chief Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie—founder and chairman of Cambridge Analytica and parent SCL Group who told The Guardian (2005) their mission was psyop “mindbending for political purposes”

The Crown appears to both direct and shill for the Senior Executive Service (SES), Serco, Crown Agents, Rio Tinto, Urenco, Uranium One, Lockheed Martin, BAE, OPIC, USAID, USTDA, MCC, DoD, State Dept, Patent Office, Commerce Dept, HHS, DOE, DoE, NSA, C.I.A., FBI, DOJ, The City of London UK, Gates Foundation, GSC, Wall Street and Silicon Valley

Too incredible to be true? We thought so, too, but the facts say otherwise.

Meet the Queen’s Privy Council Warlord Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie

AFI. (Jun 03, 2018). Spy-gate is directed by the Crown's courteirs in the UK, not by Russia. Americans for Innovation.

Fig. 1—Sir Geoffrey Pattie. Meet a man whose very public story hides massive Deep State shadow government secrets. We have named him “The Queen’s Privy Council Warlord.” Click here for a full biographical timeline. The most accurate one available, to our knowledge.
Photo: Scoop.it. Americans for Innovation.

(May 29, 2018)—AFI research has uncovered a growing body of evidence proving that courtiers from Queen Elizabeth’s Privy Council, if not the Queen herself, certainly cooperate, and may actually direct the Spy-gate operation against President Donald Trump, and not Putin. One courtier in particular stands out: The Right Honorable Sir Geoffrey Edwin Pattie, privy counselor for intelligence, defense and mind control (propaganda).

Sir Geoffrey’s published biographies are themselves chock full of propaganda, misdirection and glaring omissions. So, we started digging and found way too many omissions to be inadvertent.


Sir Geoffrey never discloses his central role in the founding of Serco Group Plc (1986) when he was Minister of Industry and Trade. Never mind that he allowed RCA to also change its name to Serco Limited. This appears to have been intentional to confuse the public about Serco’s real mission—weaponize the Internet and communications.

Queen’s Golden shares are being used to weaponize the Internet

Sir Geoffrey never discloses that, as Minister of Industry and Trade, he was personally responsible for managing all of the Crown’s “golden shares” in every industry. This gave him enormous influence around the world. With such knowledge, he should never have been allowed to start private companies, later to trade on this knowledge and enrich himself and his friends. He did, in spades.

It is clear that while the Crown pleads perpetual poverty to gain public sympathy, the truth is the opposite. The Queen and her Privy Council courtiers profit phenomenally from this smoke screen. In many ways, this is the ultimate brainwashing confidence trick being played on British citizens and the world. For example, who has heard of the golden share company Rio Tinto Plc? The Queen has a firm grip on mines and mining resources around the world, including uranium, even uranium processing in the United States (the company embroiled in the Uranium One Clinton scandal).

Sir Geoffrey has used his inside knowledge to enrich himself, and to weaponize the Internet in exactly the same way his Senior Executive Service (SES) collaborators have done in the U.S. This weaponization included the theft of Leader Technologies scalable social networking invention. Leader’s invention was as a linch pin technology needed by Sir Geoffrey and the Deep State to control societies around the planet through propaganda, psyops and “mind bending.” In fact, one group of his companies under the rubric of “SCL Social” doesn’t even hide their reliance on Leader Technologies’ invention.

First Defence

Sir Geoffrey never discloses First Defence, a defense and security “think tank” he founded in 2002 (not a misspelling, the British spell Defense with a “c”). He used First Defence to press for the weaponization of the Internet through Serco, OPIC, Crown Agents, Rio Tinto, USAID, Gates Foundation in evident cooperation with his U.S. counterparts at the Highlands Group.

What we are just awaking to is that this weaponization of the Internet includes euthanasia (U.N. Agenda 21 population control) by deploying 24,000 totally unnecessary 5G milliwave WiFi satellites that have the power to permanently alter a person’s mental state and kill them at higher wattages. See also Crown Agents USA conspiracies described in their own words.

Conflicts that make a mob boss blush

Sir Geoffrey never discloses his business and government conflicts of interest in First Defence. On the one hand, he promoted British defence, propaganda and intelligence policy. On the other hand, he made private military and commercial deals through a bevy of shells, fronts and diversionary companies. The ones we have discovered so far include Terrington Management Limited, dozens of iterations of Strategy Communication Laboratories Limited aka SCL Group Limited aka Boldnote Limited, dozens of iterations of Cambridge Analytica, dozens of iterations of Bell Pottinger. See Geoffrey E. Pattie bio for a more complete list.

Sir Geoffrey’s concerning interest in pathology

Sir Geoffrey never discloses his directorships in Leica B.V., Cambridge Instrument Company PLC, Celer Et Audax Club General Committee and EIRIM Digital Policy Alliance.

He appears to have facilitated roll ups and mergers of various divisions of the German camera company, Leica, that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis relied upon heavily during World War II to document their eugenics program. Two divisions of Leica, including Leica Microsystems, are now subsidiaries of Danaher Corporation in the U.S.

In July 2005, Leica, Leica Micrososystems, and various divisions of Sir Geoffrey’s former GEC Marconi companies, sold to U.S. conglomerate Danaher Corporation. Danaher has significant relationships with Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital. (Note: Bain Capital now owns the QRS-11, 14 uninterruptible autopilot device, once controlled by Hillary Clinton and Rose Law Firm, that can crash planes and target powerful electromagnetic waves to your brain.) Danaher focuses Leica on toxicology and forensic science (pathology), among other things. Leica Geosystems specializes in mapping and surveillance cameras in space (spy equipment).

Given Serco Group Plc’s pathology company in the UK—VIAPATH Group LLP, Sir Geoffrey’s hiding of Leica and its emphasis on pathology, as well as geospatial satellite technologies, by the Crown, is concerning.

Queen consort Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has famously said about the world population: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” Looks like Prince Philip may deserve a rat’s existence in his next life instead.

Could Sir Geoffrey be facilitating Prince Philip’s depopulation wish via 5G? 24,000 satellites raining down 5G could wipe out whole geographic regions at a time. See As Obama Fiddles, British Plan Wars and Genocide (EIR Int’l, 2010). See also Prince Philip in his own words on the need to ‘cull’ the world population.

Intentionally or not, Sir Geoffrey’s Leica companies are helping fulfill Prince Philip’s depopulation dream via the new 5G milliwave killer satellites being launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, OneWeb (Amazon, Qualcomm) and IBM. Prince Philip’s “deadly virus” will be digital, electromagnetic and delivered via 5G killer WiFi.

Obama’s Net Neutrality pitchman FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler (2013-2017) told the National Press Club on Jun. 20, 2016 that the health effects of 5G will not be tested before roll out. Here are culture commentator David Icke’s observations on Wheeler’s 5G industry bullying.

This overwhelming evidence can no longer be ignored.

Sir Geoffrey even hides his mother’s identity

Oddly, Sir Geoffrey never discloses his mother’s name, not even in Burke’s Peerage. We know the names of his dental surgeon father, Alfred Edwin Pattie. His wife’s name is Tuëma Caroline Eyre-Maunsell. He has two children, son Andrew Edwin Charles Pattie, and daughter Jessica Tuëma Pattie.

We know Sir Geoffrey was born on the south coast of England in Hove, Sussex to a mother whose last name in the birth registry simply shows the surname “Carr.”

Add this odd nondisclosure to Sir Geoffrey’s long list. We don’t know who the Queen’s Warlord is, really.

The British crown approved Spy-gate

Queen Elizabeth must come clean about Spy-gate, and the ongoing British attempts inside her Privy Council to prevent Donald Trump from being President.

Christopher Steele, Sir Richard Dearlove (MI5), and Stefan Halper (MI6, C.I.A.) will have taken their marching orders from Sir Geoffrey Pattie—the Queen’s Privy Counselor for intelligence, propaganda and defense.

Sir Pattie is evidently conspiring with his American intelligence cohorts John O. Brennan (C.I.A.) and James R. Clapper (NSA, DNI) as they in concert, pushed forward the “dirty dossier” together with FBI director James Comey, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Valeri Jarrett, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Eric Schmidt, Jeff Bezos, Susan Rice, and most assuredly, Barry Sotero, better known as President Barack Hussein Obama.

Christopher Steele

First, British spy Christopher Steele, who promoted the “dirty dossier,” certainly took orders from his superiors in London. His bosses were Sir Richard Dearlove, head of MI6, and Sir Richard’s Privy Council boss Sir Geoffrey Pattie, who we call “The Queen’s Warlord.”

The formal spy business is totally hierarchical. Spies follow orders from superiors. The propaganda that they are crazy and often times go rogue is meant to frighten the public. Clearly, if the Queen or Prince Philip did not order the anti-Trump action (which cannot be ruled out without hearing from her directly), then Christopher Steele was ordered to attack Donald Trump by the Queen’s Privy Counselor Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, her resident intelligence, defence and mind control expert.

Stefan Halper

Second, the Department of Justice has jealously guarded the identity of their FBI provocateur inside the Trump campaign, which is now almost certainly Stefan Halper. Halper lured the wet-behind-the-ears spy neophytes Carter Page and George Popadopolous into being assets in order to embed them in the Trump campaign and gather intelligence. But, assets for who? It doesn’t matter. Either way, the Deep State is caught with hard evidence of their trans-Atlantic treachery.

At the same time that he was recruiting Page and Popadopolous, Halper was receiving over $1 million in consulting fees from the Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment. Net Assessment was run by longtime SES member Andrew W. Marshall (1978-current).

Some call Marshall “America’s Warlord” because he is the person who has decided who lives and dies in war since 1978. Marshall also founded the highly illegal Highlands Group that illegally organizes no-bid government contracts with insider companies to: (a) make war, (b) kill people and (3) profit.

Cambridge Analytica C.I.A. MKUltra “mind-bending for political purposes”

Third, anti-Trump hysteria triggered the MSM to breathlessly accuse Brad Parscales—incoming Trump 2020 campaign manager—with impropriety in purchasing 270,000 Facebook accounts from a third party who had purchased them from the British “data mining” firm Cambridge Analytica. Never mind that all political campaigns buy such lists to farm for likely voters. Senator Ted Cruz bought lists from the company also.

Cambridge Analytica is owned by SCL Group Limited. The previous name was Strategic Communications Laboratories Limited. The founder and chairman is Sir Geoffrey Edwin Pattie.

Sir Geoffrey also founded First Defence and Terrington Management LLP whose clients famously included Lockheed Martin and British Aerospace (BAE). Sir Geoffrey had overseen these firms as the British defense minister. See Terrington Management website.

Meet Sir Geoffrey’s fellow political mind bender, Nigel J. Oakes, principal in many of his hidden brain washing and election rigging companies around the world
Nigel J. Oakes

He also facilitated the union of Lockheed and British Nuclear Fuels Plc with Serco by using the Golden Share to form AWE Management Plc. The Golden Shares were being worked hard in this deal, which was tied closely to the Queen’s uranium holdings in Rio Tinto Plc and URENCO in the U.S.

At a London trade show in 2005, Sir Geoffrey’s CEO, Nigel J. Oakes boasted to The Guardian (Sep. 10, 2005) that they were in the business of “mind-bending for political purposes” and that Sir Geoffrey’s group was “The first private company to provide psychological warfare services, or ‘psyops’, to the military.”

In-Q-Tel: C.I.A.’s illegal private funding arm was started by a spy co-venturer of Sir Geoffrey’s

Meet America’s Warlord, Andrew W. Marshall, Director, DoD Office of Net Assessment, founding SES member
Andrew W. Marshall

Sir Geoffrey is also associated with Dr. Paul G. Kaminski, a founding trustee of the C.I.A.’s In-Q-Tel private venture capital company (Sep. 29, 1999) under Bill Clinton and the DoD Office of Net Assessment—Andrew W. Marshall, SES.

Just nine months later, Sir Geoffrey traveled to Washington, D.C., ostensibly to receive the ISSA Silver Star Award on Jun. 20, 2000 in an event evidently organized by Bill Clinton’s warlord, law professor James P. Chandler, so they had an excuse to meet. Further, Sir Geoffrey was the chairman of a private Intellectual Property Institute in London. Chandler was his U.S. counterpart as chairman of the National Intellectual Property Law Institute. They had numerous excuses to meet.

Dr. Paul G. Kaminski received a dubious ISSA award given only to warmongers like Alexander Haig and Casper Weinberger.

Just months earlier, Chandler had agreed to become the intellectual property lawyer for innovator Leader Technologies from Columbus, Ohio. Just 12 days before his meeting with his British intellectual property counterpart Sir Geoffrey, on Jun. 8, 2000, James P. Chandler, III had attended a product design meeting at Leader Technologies in Columbus, Ohio where he learned critical details about their groundbreaking social networking invention. See Leader Technologies files trillion dollar bond lien on the U.S. government disclosing more about Chandler’s treachery.

Without Leader’s permission, Chandler was evidently scheming with Sir Geoffrey, his fellow war lord, on how to steal Leader’s invention to speed up their Internet weaponization plans.

Stefan Halper, C.I.A., MI6, Cambridge Analytica, SCL Group

Stefan Halper, the international facilitator of the infamous “dirty dossier,” is an SCL partner and professor. He is officially partnered with and lectures with Britain’s top spy chief of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove in the Sir Geoffrey/SCL Group-inspired Cambridge Intelligence Seminars. Here are the official Companies House records documenting and affirming the treasonous association:

Stefan Halper plays both sides; on Main Street, we call that treason.

Serco Group Plc's revenue sources from their 2016 Annual Report. Companies House. Serco Group PLC. (Dec. 31, 2016). Annual Report and Accounts 2016, Reg. No. 02048608. Serco.
Fig. 2Cambridge Security Initiative LLP, Co. No. OC399111. (Mar. 28, 2015). Certificate of Incorporation and other records. Companies House.

Fig. 3Cambridge Security Initiative LLP, Co. No. OC399111. (Mar. 28, 2015). Certificate of Incorporation and other records. Companies House.

This evidence alone is indictable evidence of Stefan Halper’s treason, not to mention his many co-conspirators in the “dirty dossier.”

The evidence clearly shows that Sir Geoffrey Pattie and his rogue C.I.A. friends in the U.K. and U.S. actually directed Stefan Halper’s efforts to recruit and direct the infiltration of the Trump campaign. They did it with the help of former British ambassador to Russia, Sir Andrew Wood, and Maltese academic Joseph Misfud.

These men co opted the intelligence neophytes Carter Page and George Popadopolous to run around fabricating the “dirty dossier” in a roguish “pee pee” effort to unseat a duly elected U.S. president. It is now well established that Sir Richard Dearlove, head of MI6, worked closely with his C.I.A. counterpart, John P. Brennan. The Queen’s Privy Council was evidently involved, if not the Queen herself.

Both Page and Popadopolous were suckered in by standard spy recruitment lures of money, political connections, sexual favors and specifically dirt on Hillary Clinton—which they used as the pretext to try and infiltrate the Trump campaign, efforts that were marginal at best.

The story gets tedious from here, but Halper was clearly directing the anti-Trump takedown attempt for The Privy Council’s Sir Geoffrey and his MI6 subordinate Sir Richard.

Indeed, Halper was simultaneously being paid by Sir Richard (British MI5) for Cambridge Security Initiative programs all the while he was being paid over $1 million by the SES through the DoD Office of Net Assessment’s Andrew W. Marshall.

It appears that the Queen’s Privy Council goal was to derail Donald Trump’s candidacy, including his influence on Brexit in Europe, and mask their exposure in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One scandal involving the Crown’s Golden Share trans-Atlantic control over Serco, Crown Agents, AWE Management, Lockheed Martin, SES, OPIC, MMC and URENCO, among others.

Five Eye Commonwealth Intelligence Conspiracies

Sir Richard Dearlove, Sir Geoffrey Pattie and John O. Brennan

Sir Richard Dearlove runs British MI6. John O. Brennan ran the C.I.A. The C.I.A. and MI6 are co-venturers in “Five Eyes” which is a dubious intelligence back-scratching alliance among Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and U.S. This Five Eyes relationship goes deep, well beyond the U.S. Constitution. These agencies act for each other when their constitutions prevent one or the other from doing something internally. It is a totally immoral arrangement.

As stated earlier, on Jun. 20, 2000, Sir Geoffrey received an ISSA silver medal award that includes fellow medallist Dr. Paul Kaminski. Just nine months before Sir Geoffrey’s award, Kaminski helped start In-Q-Tel for the C.I.A. The evidence shows that America is not leading the Five Eyes alliance, but somehow Britain and the rest of the Commonwealth are, or at least they are when the rogue C.I.A. wants an excuse to act unconstitutionally.

All roads lead back to Sir Geoffrey’s SCL Group

How to use this table and Sir Geoffrey’s Biography Timeline:

Sir Geoffrey’s Companies “Without Borders

Sir Geoffrey has literally hundreds of conflicts which require public disclosure, but have been hidden. Tellingly, one of his undisclosed relationships is with Global Strategy Limited and its director Graham Roy Barr. Barr is also a director in a string of Bell Pottinger entities which he identifies as “Bell Pottinger Sans Frontieres” which means “Bell Pottinger Without Borders” in French.

No doubt this is a smug reference to their promotion of open borders and a U.N.-controlled one world government without borders.

Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie: war criminal for hire

The following table provides judicially-recognizable evidence of Sir Geoffrey’s hundreds, if not thousands, of intertwined conflicting, and probably all illegal relationships on behalf of the Queen’s Privy Council. It contains hard evidence of astounding conspiracies, money laundering, tax evasion, psyops, “mind-bending” brain washing, election rigging, and probably numerous insightments to war, insurrection, murder and death on mass scales. Most of these relationships have been totally hidden from the public.

We suggest you use this table and its links as tools to expose the individuals and companies identified. Their power has been their secrecy. Take it away.

Now that these relationships are public, they can be used to disqualify these individual and entities from any involvement in any government and business that involves even one of the other names identified. For example, the recent bankruptcy suits In re. SCL USA Inc. and In re. Cambridge Analytica LLC verify over 200 relationships alone that are now in conflict, including Rod Rosenstein, Gibson Dunn LLP, White & Case LLP, Department of Justice, Department of State, Federal Election Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, City National Bank and Verizon. What a mess. See the worksheets for a full list of these names in Sir Geoffrey’s biography timeline.

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The Rt. Hon. Sir Geoffrey Edwin Pattie’s Queen’s Privy Council Conflicts of Interest Matrix
TinyURL for this table:
Work in Process: This table is a work in process as new Deep State shadow government relationships to Sir Geoffrey Pattie and the Queen’s Privy Council are coming to light.
Request for More Forensic Investigative Research: We are discovering new organizations and people associated with Sir Geoffrey almost daily basis. We believe there are more relationship connections to be added to this table. Kindly forward those updates to the research team at American Intelligence Media who will forward them to us. For example, some of these entities are just now declaring bankruptcy, forcing the courts to assign third party receivers. While it is possible corrupt auditors will be assigned, it is also equally possible the auditors will be forced in any event to report the basics, like the names of the shareholders (co-conspirators), creditors and debtors (possible co-conspirators) and their actual financial holdings, unlike the whitewashed reports they have filed with Companies House. For example, just last month the receiver in the bankruptcy of Bell Pottinger (Services) Limited disclosed American-South African socialite Heather Kerzner as a principal investor who participated in the vicious anti-white smear campaign currently broiling in South Africa. With her money, Bell Pottinger developed the brainwashing slogans “Existence of economic apartheid” and “White monopoly capital.” It appears from the creditor list that they used a dubious Israeli Internet services firm “Cyclicom Israel Ltd.” to do the dirty work, then did not pay them! See Staff. (Sep. 14, 2017). Bell Pottinger: Former CEO’s fiancée [Heather Kerzner] seeks return of investment in disgraced PR firm. The National World.How many of Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie’s Bell Pottinger “PR” people did it take to fabricate race riots and hatred in South Africa? Only 45. This is an example of the havoc that weaponize social media can reek.
No Entity Country Principals Incorporation Date
1 Strategic Communication Laboratories Limited, Co. No. 5270852, Boldnote Limited UK Sir G.E. Pattie, J.M. Bottomley, A.J.A. Nix, A.W. Oakes 2014 (Oct 27)
2 Strategic Communication Laboratories Limited, Co. No. 5514098, SCL Group Limited UK Sir G.E. Pattie, N.J. Oakes, J.D. Wheatland, J.M. Bottomley, A.W. Oakes, D.F. Christie, R.M. Gabb, A.J.A. Nix 2005 (Jul 20)
3 America, Inc. USA
4 Andreae & Associates, Inc. USA C. Andreae 1990 (Jan)
5 Anexi Solutions Inc. USA A.J.A. Nix
6 Bell Pottinger Communications UK G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner
7 Bell Pottinger (Hong Kong) Ltd Hong Kong G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner
8 Bell Pottinger (Malaysia) SDN BHD Malaysia G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner
9 Bell Pottinger (Services) Limited UK G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner 2012 (Nov 23)
10 Bell Pottinger Bahrain S.P.C. Bahrain G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner
11 Bell Pottinger LLP UK G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner 2012 (Nov 23)
12 Bell Pottinger Middle East FZ -LC Dubai G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner
13 Bell Pottinger Myanmar Private Co Ltd Myanmar G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner
14 Bell Pottinger Private Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner
15 Bell Pottinger Private Limited UK G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner 2012 (Apr 11)
16 Bell Pottinger Pte Ltd (Singapore) Singapore G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner
17 Bell Pottinger Public Affairs Limited UK T.W.G. Collins, S.A. Lotinga, D.C. Beck, J.H. Leece, L.J. McCloy, N.R. Stockley, P. Bingle, N. Barone, R.E. Davison, T.G. Tolliss, R.E. Davison, M.W. Smith, P.A. Baverstock, K. Bell, E.F.C. Buchanan, J.M. Caine, L. Chauveau, R.W.J. Currie, T. Fallong, J. Harris, J.H. Leece, L.J. McCloy, P.M. Bontague-Smith, M. Pendlington, J.E. Russell, M.D. Seabright, S.A. Sherbourne, M.W. Smith, D. Sowells, N.R. Stockley, R. Thompson, S.C. Whale 2012 (Jul 17)
18 Bell Pottinger Public Relations Limited UK T.G. Tolliss, D.C. Beck, D.T. Wilson, N. Barone, R.E. Davison, P.Z.A. Moon, M.W. Smith, L. Blakeborough, J. Carr, S.D. Cohen, S.N. Friend, C.E. Gilson, A.C. Green, S.L. Kelly, E.A.C. Klahn, S.E. Laming, J.H. Leece, P.Z.A. Moon, T.J. Morris, M.D. Seabright, F.M. Sharp, J. Simpson, C.A. Skelton, M.W. Smith, J.L. Taylor-Lowen
19 Bell Pottinger Sans Frontiere UK, Bahrain, Dubai, Singapre, Myanmar G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner
20 BPLLP UK G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson, H. Kerzner 2012 (Apr 11)
21 Cambridge Analytica Commercial LLC USA A.J.A. Nix 2015 (Jan 21)
22 Cambridge Analytica Holdings LLC USA A.J.A. Nix 2014 (May 09)
23 Cambridge Analytica(UK) Limited UK A.J.A. Nix 2015 (Jan 06)
24 Cambridge Analytical LLC USA A.J.A. Nix 2013 (Dec 31)
25 Cambridge Analytical Political LLC USA A.J.A. Nix 2015 (Jan 21)
26 Cambridge Security Initative LLP UK G.E. Pattie, A.M. Dawson, R.B. Dearlove, S. Halper, P. Martland, C. Andrew 2015 (Mar 28)
27 Crown Agents Foundation UK 2017 (Jun 14)
28 Crown Agents USA Washington DC US
29 Emerdata Limited UK A.K. Ahmad, J.C.S. Ko, J. Mercer, R.A. Mercer, C. Peng, J.D. Wheatland, A.J.A. Nix, A.B. Tayler 2017 (Aug 11)
30 Engage (See Bell Pottinger entities) Various G.R. Bell, P.J.D. Pottinger, D.C. Beck, T.G. Tolliss, Ld. T. Bell, J.B. Henderson 2012 (Apr 11)
31 Firecrest Technologies Limited UK A.J.A. Nix 2018 (Mar 07)
32 ForAmerica USA
33 Global Strategy Limited UK A. Fisher, T.L. Saxton, C.J. Pillonel, G.R. Barr, H. Oreilsma, Ld. P.A. Inge, @UKPLC Client Director Ltd. 2015 (Feb 18)
34 Jalex Holdings Limited (Heather Kerzner) UK, South Africa H. Kerzner 2017 (Feb 02)
35 Lockheed Martin UK Holdings Limited (AWE Management Limited) UK British Neclear Fules Plc, Serco Group Plc, Lockheed Martin UK Holdings Limited 1998 (Nov 10)
36 Oakbay Investments Pty Limited Australia
37 Oakbay Investments Pty Limited South Africa
38 Oxford Analytica Limited UK C. Andreae, C.G.S. Smith, D.R. Young, J.W. Wood, S.K. Young, K.C. Leaman, E.A. Backhouse, K.M. MacRitchie, B.A. McInnes, G. Stroup, C. Westcott, D.K. Young, J.C. Young, G.D. Hutchings, M. Parrag, J.D. Price, L.J. McLaren, D.J. Pitt-Watson 1993 (May 17)
39 Oxford Analytica Daily Brief Limited UK J.D. Price, D.R. Young, S.K. Kelly, 1984 (Jul 10)
40 Oxford Analytica (UK) Limited UK E.A. Backhouse, D.R. Young 1991 (Mar 12)
41 The World Financial Brief (Oxford Analytica (UK) Limited) UK E.A. Backhouse, D.R. Young 1991 (Mar 12)
42 Privy Council (The) UK The Rt. Hon. Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie 1987
43 Project Associates Limited UK C.A.K. Rigg, R.C. Davies, M.D. Farrant, S.J. Norris, D.J.K. Rigg, R. Worthington, H.A. Mallace, L. Ross, S.J. Higgins, J. Horsman, P.J. Kellner, C.J. Miller, J. Rhodes, N. Rigg 2002 (Jun 05)
44 SCL Analytics Limited UK A.J.A. Nix, J.D. Wheatland, C.P. Teroerde 2012 (Oct 17)
45 SCL Behavioral Ltd. UK N.J. Oakes 2015 (Feb 04)
46 SCL Elections Limited UK A.J.A. Nix 2012 (Oct 17)
47 SCL Group Pty Ltd Australia 2011 (Dec 06)
48 SCL Insight Limited UK A.W. Oakes 2016 (Sep 13)
49 SCL Social Limited Romania A.J.A. Nix, J.D. Wheatland, C.P. Teroerde
50 SCL Social Limited UK A.J.A. Nix, J.D. Wheatland, C.P. Teroerde 2013 (Feb 19)
51 SCL Strategic Limited UK N.J. Oakes, A.W. Oakes, R.M. Gabb, J.D. Wheatland 2015 (Oct 23)
52 SCL USA Inc. (USA) USA N.J. Oakes, A.W. Oakes, R.M. Gabb, J.D. Wheatland
53 SCL USA Limited UK N.J. Oakes, A.W. Oakes, R.M. Gabb, J.D. Wheatland
54 Serco Group Plc UK Rt. Hon. Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, Secretary of Industry, holder of the Crown’s Golden Shares
55 Serco Inc. US Rt. Hon. Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, Secretary of Industry, holder of the Crown’s Golden Shares
56 Serco Services Inc. US Rt. Hon. Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, Secretary of Industry, holder of the Crown’s Golden Shares
57 Tricuro LLC (See Andreae & Associates) US D. Sowells, C. Conconi, C.N. Andreae III, J. Nichols, L. Chauveau, A. Mgaieth 2013 (Jul 19)
Table 1: Entity relationships that emerged from Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie’s business and political activities before and after his appointment to the Queen’s Privy Council in Jan. 1987. Sir Geoffrey had and has an ethical obligation to disclose these relationship to the public, but has largely been silent. See Geoffrey Edwin Pattie. (Compiled May 30, 2018). Biography Timeline. (Raw *.xlsx file).

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Geoffrey Edwin Pattie. (Compiled May 30, 2018). Biography Timeline.
Fig. 4Geoffrey Edwin Pattie. (Compiled May 30, 2018). Biography Timeline. (Raw *.xlsx file).

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Footnotes & Social Networking Theft Backstory:

A More Definitive Cut and Paste Biography of Sir Geoffrey Edwin Pattie
Born in Hove, Sussex (1936) to Alfred Edwin Pattie and an unidentified mother with surname Carr; attended public boarding Durham School (ca 1946); St. Catherine’s College, law MA and bar admission (1964); advertising executive (14 yrs, 1959-1973); two unsuccessful political campaigns (1966, 1970); Member of Parliament (13 yrs, 1974-1987); Cabinet Minister for Defense Procurement, Industry, Information and Trade, founded Serco Group Plc (Aug 21, 1986) (8 yrs, 1979-1987); Church of England Synod (5 yrs, 1970-1975); privatized British Telecom (1984); Privy Council and Knighthood (1987); Fairey Group (6 yrs, 1987-1993); Conservative Party vice-chair (7 yrs, 1990-1997). Cambridge Instrument Co.; Leica B.V., CDP UK Holdings (10 yrs, 1990-2000); Marconi Electronics chairman (9 yrs, 1990-1999); Intellectual Property Institute (5 yrs, 1990-1999); Deler Et Audax Club (1996-current); GEC (2 yrs, 1997-1999, became BAE Systems); International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA) Silver Star Award (2000); EURIM Digital Policy Alliance (2001); First Defence (2002-2009); Strategic Communications Laboratories Limited #1, later Boldnote Limited founder and chairman (9 yrs, 2004-2013); Strategic Communications Laboratories Limited #2, later SCL Group Limited, with shadow entities Bell Pottinger, Global Strategy Limited, founder and chairman (13 yrs, 2005-2018); St. Catherine’s honorary fellow (2007); Terrington Management (9 yrs, 2006-2015); Christopher Steele, Carter Page, George Popadopolous, Stefan Halper, Sir Richard Dearlove tie Sir Geoffrey, SCL Group, Cambridge Analytica to Trump “dirty dossier” fabrication (2018); SCL USA Inc & Cambridge Analytica bankruptcies (2018).

Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie’s 2000 conspiracy with Law professor James P. Chandler III in the theft of social networking
In early 2000, Clinton warlord James P. Chandler, III had just met Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies as a patent attorney. He was shown their Internet innovations under attorney-client confidentiality. Chandler saw that these inventions solved the problem of scalability that was bedeviling his C.I.A., IBM, Microsoft, NSA, DoD, FBI and other Deep State shadow government clients. Lack of scalability in Microsoft and IBM platforms was preventing them from building a global spy grid. Having rebuilt AT&T AccessPlus 3.0 email system in the mid 1990’s, McKibben saw the problem, and spent six years inventing the fix. (Now it is know that Sir Geoffrey, Chandler and IBM were also working to get around patriots like William Binney at the NSA.) Unbeknownst to Leader, Chandler was the intellectual property kingpin who conceived of and was helping build a global spy network in close cooperation with Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, the Queen’s Privy Counselor for Intelligence, Defense and Propaganda. Hindsight shows that Chandler was probably taking his orders from the Queen’s Privy Council. Insiders confirm that Chandler was boasting at the time that he had just been awarded a lucrative trademark account for British American Tobacco Plc (BAT), the largest publicly traded tobacco company in the world with hundreds of trademarks to attend to. The following timeline shows the quid pro quo.

Sir Geoffrey was invited to Washington, D.C. to receive the International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA) Silver Star Award on June 20, 2000 in an event evidently organized by Bill Clinton’s warlord, law professor James P. Chandler. Just months earlier Chandler had agreed to become the intellectual property lawyer for innovator Leader Technologies from Columbus, Ohio. On Jun. 08, 2000, just twelve days before Sir Geoffrey’s award, Chandler and his assistant Kelley Clements participated in a crucial Leader product design meeting in Columbus, Ohio captured in the photo linked. Warlords Chandler and Sir Geoffrey met just 12 days later at the ISSA awards dinner as their excuse to meet. Tellingly, the ISSA website had never noticed Sir Geoffrey’s award in subsequent years. Nevertheless, Sir Geoffrey’s SCL Group boasts about their skills using Leader Technologies inventions. The following year, these spy skills were enhanced by the following events:

Jun. 08, 2000 Clinton espionage consiglieri James P. Chandler III, acting a patent counsel, participated in a critical Leader Technologies’ product design meeting on their invention which has become known as social networking

Jun. 20, 2000 Sir Geoffrey received an ISSA award reserved for top globalists in Washington, D.C. where he and Chandler are evidently plotting the scraping of NSA systems with Leader’s new social networking invention

Sep. 11, 2001 9/11

Oct. 26, 2001 The Patriot Act facilitated warrentless surveillance

Oct. 31, 2001 William Binney resigned NSA, saying the agency had “gone rogue”

Nov. 29, 2001 IBM Eclipse Foundation formed by IBM inside and outside counsels David J. Kappos and James P. Chandler—who stole Leader Technologies’ social networking invention to use as a global rogue spy, profit-making, self-funding, propaganda, mind control and 5G killer WiFi eugenics “population control” scheme

Oh but wait, this is just coincidence.

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The magic of Leader’s invention

Leader’s late 1990’s breakthrough in digital scalability gave these corruptocrats a platform to unify their communications globally—on a large scale not previously possible with IBM and Microsoft platforms. Leader’s founder Michael McKibben knew that because he had previously rebuilt AT&T’s email system AT&T AccessPlus 3.0. He knew exactly what IBM’s and Microsoft’s collaboration shortcomings were because AT&T Bell Labs engineers had told him after they had abandoned their failed alliance with IBM-Lotus called “Network Notes.” He knew they could not scale to the transaction volumes needed for the emerging Internet. Problem-solver McKibben very intentionally set out to create a whole new paradigm. See The Weaponization of Social Media Should Concern Us All.

Once they had their “ah hah” moment in Dec. 1999, McKibben sought legal advice to protect the invention. He was eventually referred to the federal government’s top intellectual property lawyer, James P. Chandler, III. Little did McKibben know that Chandler was chief among the world’s corruptocrats. Chandler, who was already conspiring with the C.I.A., NSA, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco and Silicon Valley, knew that Leader’s invention would finally enable them to implement their dream to spy on everyone.

As wolves in sheep’s clothing, they offered the “social” services and email free of charge, replete with slippery legalese that gave them rights to all user data forever. This power has utterly corrupted them. Property and privacy were abolished in their pursuit of the seven deadly sins… in the name of “national security,” of course.

What they did not plan on was that Leader’s invention could not be controlled so precisely. Social users figured out ways to beat their censors and spread the truth using the very tools with which they are trying to enslave us.

Call to action:

God-fearing citizens of the United States and the world must call upon President Trump and loyal American leaders to defund the feeder systems used by these SES corruptocrats.

Ask President Trump to write the check to Leader Technologies for their Miller Act Notice so they can help implement new technologies that respect Constitutional privacy and property and help implement a truly Free Press.

Mr. President: Defund these Criminals and Fund The Miller Act Notice

Mr. President, please pull the plug on these corruptocrats and their illegal funding streams. Since they are all based on fake values, no real services will be affected.

In addition, write the Miller Act Notice check to Leader Technologies for 18 years of unpaid use of their revolutionary social networking invention. This will generate new cash streams to free up our economy from the globalist stranglehold. This will also empower Leader Technologies and other actually creative people in America to fix our foundering ship of state. See Leader Technologies files trillion dollar bond lien on the U.S. Government.

One Miller Act Notice check starts the ball rolling, Mr. President.

In addition, Leader shareholders have proposed a win-win solution to the collapse of the American Free Press, as well a large new revenue source without raising taxes. Leader principals are willing to funnel these payments back into establishing a truly Free Press. See Leader proposes trillion dollar fed revenue while lowering taxes.


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