Why I (a ChristiTutionalist) Oppose Proposed “FAIR Tax” Scheme…

Why I (a ChristiTutionalist) Oppose Proposed “FAIR Tax” Scheme…

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Short and sweet, someone asked on Social-Media about hearing some in GOP majority in USHouse now may propose a new Tax scheme…. My response, cut/paste from there…. Why I, as a ChristiTutionalist, oppose current “Federal Sales Tax” (aka: “FAIR Tax”) scheme as proposed… #PrinciplesNotPersonalities.

In two words: TAX SHIFT (the “theory” anyway).

The theory being even drug dealers (and others in the underground/dark/secret Economy) buy things and would therefore Pay that Tax (whereas the Cash is not reported on Income Taxes).

The flaw (that is sadly not common-sense and should be obvious to most is):

Criminals, and other Tax avoiders, would simply increase their criminal activity and buy even more of the things they acquire off-the-books, via Dark Web, whatever. More Burglary to meet the demand for Hot TVs and other items off the books.

VIDEO (3m 50s): Here’s why the Republicans want to cut taxes and spending:

So, it would actually increase criminal activity.

The other OBVIOUS they refuse to talk about establishment of more trade/barter organizations to trade items of value, avoid the Sales Tax. Many small business owners engage in this already, to avoid having to claim/declare Sales Revenue.

It doesn’t fix a problem, it worsens others!

And contrary to the “lies” that then the IRS could be eliminated, it would actually exponentially grow it as it is harder to track down to collect the endless new joining the Tax avoidance ranks.

And again why I support Repeal/Replace 16A with capped Flat Tax, and while we’re going through the process have a Balanced Budget requirement within a newly proposed Constitutional Amendment.

VIDEO (4m 05s): These are the cuts the GOP wants in a debt ceiling deal (as always, LEFT LIES, these are NOT CUTS but reductions in rates of higher Spending, slowing SOME higher growth rates):

Let me add… The trouble here is RINOs are too often as bad as FASCICRATS with the lets do something, even if it is stupid just to say they’ve done something – without fully thinking through the unintended consequences!

That is why I am a Christian Constitutional (ChristiTutionalist) Conservative 1st NOT a Republican Party HACK. Just part of the GOP because it is the ONLY HOPE for Conservative values to come to the fore.

VIDEO (10m 308): Republicans Vote to (supposedly, don’t make me laugh) Abolish IRS & Eliminate Income Tax:

No, those 87,000 IRS Agents are not defunded (the USHouse defund the IRS Bill is going nowhere in the USSenate nor would be signed by JoeBiDUMB) and they are coming for you in the lower Middle-Class and Small-Business owners… and, frankly, it may be the ONLY THING that finally wakes up those asleep so long… Maybe, just maybe, some will actually/finally learn how things work!

Remember, we told you so, and you could have prevented it all


Maybe, finally, these idiots that haven’t learned and still Vote for (or allow, by not getting out and Fighting/Voting AGAINST) FASCICRATS DEEP-STATE BIG-GROWING-FEDERAL-GOVERNMENT AGENDA; the real grouping, Deep-State of CINOS, RINOs, and FASCICRATS, as one, NOT a Uni-Party (plenty of more good/solid Republicans in the wings if only people would get off their ass to support them; will get that last straw added upon and break their backs to RED PILL AWAKENING?!?!?

[image source: The Liberty Beacon, “Release the IRS…” article – Click on link or image above]

So, LET THE 87K AGENTS GO FORTH ASAP, audit, Audit, AUDIT, you morons that thought they were here to “Audit and make the RICH pay more” welcome to your rude awakening, you finally going to put aside your Unicorn Delusions that THE LEFT aren’t FASCICRATS?!?! and get off your ASSES and help reverse course (and, yes, full-disclosure, no hyper-partisanship shit here, fight the CINOs/RINOs as well as the FASCICRATS (The Deep-State collective))?!?! No more I’m too busy bullshit excuses, you must make some time available for politics because politics (the FASCISTS) political agenda sure has time to put and keep you in its cross-hairs!!

And let’s also be clear they are NOT going to shutdown the IRS if a “Fair Tax” (Sales Tax) is implemented, it will stay as an enforcement and collection arm just as it is now but just with a different Tax to enforce (to be sure Businesses are Filing the appropriate FAIR Tax paperwork and Deposits – SO LET’S STOP THE FALSE NARRATIVE BULLSHIT). The only way to really eliminate the IRS would be to create a system where the States pay the Federal Government to cover Constitutionally approved/allowed Spending/Debts and each State raise those funds from its Citizens/Residents, how it sees fit, through each State’s Treasury and collection agencies, to send to U.S. Treasury. Which, too, would return us more to States Rights and the Power closest to the People.

VIDEO (2m 51s): Donald Trump-backed ad brands Florida governor ‘Ron DeSalesTax’:

Lastly, I have to say that the PAC Ad against “Ron DeSalesTax” as they call DeSantis as disingenuous at best. Those pushing for this, are talking about a TAX SHIFT. So, let’s be HONEST in our discussion please!!!! Again, unless part of a Repeal and Replace of 16A there is no-way I can support this because is anyone DUMB ENOUGH to not understand it would land up being a Tax increase (like they have in Canada) and we likely have BOTH (Sales and Income Taxes). This is NOTHING TO DO WITH THE 2024 GOP POTUS PRIMARY – Trump has the 2024 GOP POTUS nomination sewn up (bar major catastrophe or someone getting a miracle surge) so I am Voting for Kristi Noem or Tim Scott in the Primary, to position them as our next VP and then POTUS in 2028.



About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
author: Terror Strikes (buy)
Former 12CDRC, Wayne12, WCRC, Committees member
W12 Newsletter Editor Wayne-12CDRC Newsletter
MI 12th CDRC Webmaster
Taylor (MI) Republicans Club TRC Michigan Webmaster
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2 Comments on Why I (a ChristiTutionalist) Oppose Proposed “FAIR Tax” Scheme…

  1. Further, on the other Candidates; again, KEEP THEIR DAMN NAMES OUT YA MOUTH!!!

    Haley – whom I was happy to support as South-Carolina Governor (as I did Mitt RINOmney for MA-Gov, but not for POTUS (but, yes, of course, Mitt would have still been infinitely better if Elected than #obaMAO)), she did a very good Job there/then, and was happy with her as U.N. Ambassador; but NO not worthy of consideration for GOP POTUS nomination when we have many other better choices right now (but could be part of Trump Cabinet again – each can/may play a significant part).

    I will be going into these things more in upcoming TLB piece (tentative title: “Can we settle the POTUS part of our Primary, before too early discussion of VP slot?!?!” currently slated for Sat June 17th 2023).

  2. #DonNotRon2024 (Thu May 25th 2023 posts)

    #IG DM
    Thoughts on #DeSantis #TwitterSpaces (always bad idea, IMO) launch?
    MG: Reason why Trump attacks him
    Weak move
    ME: Let’s be FAIR… Trump team would SPIN attack even if went w/o glitch
    but ya, #EPICFAIL
    U know me, not #TrumpCult nor #TDS, merits! Lots GREY AREA. #Trump2024 is certainty, no need attack others!

    Trump if avoids his own MELTDOWN is assured the nomination, ZERO need to talk about the other NON-FACTORS in the GOP Primary —- whom we all will still need Post-Primary to Win the General.


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