Educate before you vaccinate


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Every Parent of a Vaccine Injured Child … was once Pro-Vaccine

Now just let that sink in for a minute then then consider the following.

It seems no matter how much proof we uncover via credible research …

No matter how many whistle-blowers come forward …

No matter how many of us suffer and die from unnecessary cancers or cognitive disabilities …

No matter how many of our children suffer catastrophic lifelong debilitating autoimmune conditions …

No matter what our rights as parents are supposed to be in a country that boasts freedom of choice and determination …

Big Pharmaceutical continues to buy favor or outright loyalty within our federal government, who then propagate laws mandating, or lies encouraging, vaccinations and this continues to move forward unabated.

Via federal government pressure and CDC recommendations, as many as eighteen states are moving to squelch your rights to determine what medications or vaccinations are administered to you or your loved ones … even though the proof of corruption or illegal and dangerous practices within this very health agency comes to light more every day …

What you should understand to begin with is that over the last century, by total numbers (not the 1-10% crap we are told) of deceased or lifelong suffering, the CDC/FDA through falsified data, withheld information, inept self administration, complicit actions, or something much more ominous, puts some of the most evil reins in history to shame. The total death and long term suffering from vaccines over the last century of ever increasing proliferation, exceeds that of any war in the history of humanity.

Start your foray into this topic with this hard-hitting multimedia article, CDC = Corruption, Disinformation & Complicity

If you are still not convinced … then at least do some more research before you expose your vulnerable infant to what could very possibly lead to a catastrophe.

Presented below are some links to get you started. But whatever you decide to do Please …


Vaccine Package Inserts –

Vaccine Ingredients: A Comprehensive Guide –

Diseases and Vaccines –

Search VAERS Database –

DOJ – NVICP Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Compensated –


1 Comment on Stop Vaccine Injury: EDUCATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE

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