SUNY Oswego Informs Students of Second Case of Mumps…

Preface by Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

So much for the MMR actually protecting people from the mumps, yet another case of mumps has popped up on the SUNY Oswego campus and it is in a vaccinated person. This is similar to the hundreds of mumps cases last spring in Iowa occurring in mostly vaccinated people and in the current outbreak in Arkansas where there are over 400 people who are sick with the mumps  who are vaccinated. The media is portraying a minor illness as being the start of the zombie apocalypse. A swollen jaw, fever, and lifelong immunity once you have had it, yeah it sounds less than fun but tolerable and it is only for a week or so. So why is the media making such a big fuss???

It is because if people question one vaccine, they will start to question other vaccines, and when a person starts to ask questions they start to dig deeper and once that happens the vaccine lie will start to unravel. One of the biggest lies used to push vaccines is that the childhood illnesses are dangerous. They can not have people questioning this, they can not have people knowing the the childhood illnesses strengthen the immune system, and they will do what it takes to protect the vaccine lie. The worst part is that the vast majority of people are blind followers of the vaccine cult who simply believe everything they are told. These are the people who will line up for a dangerous vaccine but will have a mental meltdown when you tell them that researchers have known since the 1940s that the mumps prevents ovarian cancer and that more recent studies have shown chickenpox prevents brain cancer. What will it take to wake people up? I am not sure because when you read that people vaccinated are catching the illness they are getting the shots for, it should be a pretty big clue that these vaccines do not work. A much better solution would be to seek out whatever childhood illness is currently going around, spend a few days sick, and come back stronger than before with lifelong immunity. (CW)

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SUNY Oswego informs students of second case of mumps in as many months

OSWEGO, N.Y. — A second case of the mumps has been reported on the SUNY Oswego campus, according to an email sent out to students from college President Deborah Stanley.

This the second reported outbreak of mumps by a Oswego college student in a two month span. The first student caught the mumps in mid September and was treated on campus at the college’s Health Center.

In the email sent out by the college for a second positive case of the mumps virus, they say the student infected with the virus left campus last weekend to see a doctor back home. The student received the positive test results this past Friday.

The student served the five day isolation period while at home and is no longer contagious, according to the college email.

Having two students contract mumps who did receive the MMR vaccination, the college is reminding students that the vaccine prevents most, but not all, cases of mumps. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “people who have received two doses of the MMR vaccine are about nine times less likely to get mumps than un-vaccinated people who have the same exposure to mumps virus.”


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