Survival in a World Run by Madmen


By: Lucille Femine

As most liberty-minded people know, which is thankfully a growing crowd, we are facing suppression on an unparalleled scale. It’s hard to say how far back you have to go to reach a worse era but, still, I wouldn’t risk trading this one for that one – as if we could. We can only go forward.

What exactly are these globalists and others of their mindset doing? I mean, besides poisoning our food, taking our water, our health, our property, our families, our education, our free country?

There must be a common dominator down there in those minds seething with evil that drives them to such deadly solutions, thinking it will help them survive. Yes, that is what they are operating on. In their minds, they are not doing “evil” but simply trying to survive with all us enemies working hard to do them in. If, one day, they fully realized their intent was truly evil, they would do themselves in. But too many have not yet had that enlightening moment.

For example, whether Hitler actually died by his own hand or was murdered, the result was the same – he did himself in.

When madmen treat the harmless majority of people with such defensive energy, there must be a motive that runs through all their activities.

Aside from the extreme, unreasoning paranoia which is the driving force above it all, the “inspiration,” if you will, what is the technical aspect of it all? How best do they achieve their goals in the real world?

Well, they have lost contact with themselves as spiritual beings and consider they are just bodies. As Pavlov decided, we are not much more than animals operating on “stimulus-response,” and thus can be controlled.

They consider then, that it’s good and proper to help the rest of humanity become aware of our true nature – a piece of meat and nothing else.

After all, many animals need to be controlled, right? And since we humans have a much higher intellect than animals, it follows that we need more control. Here, logic has truly been divorced from the natural love for humanity.

A quote about a psychologist whose work was later taken up by psychiatrists sums up this general viewpoint and has served governments very well. In fact, Nazi psychiatrists were imported here after the war where they continued this oppressive practice. Witness psychiatric drugs and shock treatment.

One of the essential problems with psychology today is its reliance upon psychiatric or biological behavioral models—a far cry from its foundations. Psychology initially meant the study of the soul.  However, all this changed in the late 1800s when German psychologist Wilhelm Wundt declared man was an animal.

The logic also prevails for them that if we have to be a piece of meat, then there must be something terribly wrong and dangerous about being a spiritual being. And there is – to them. A free being, aware of his true identity, (and often theirs) is very difficult to control.

 So you see how this widespread, popular philosophy has come in very handy for those who want to control and manipulate the rest of us who simply want to be happy and let others be.

 The extreme irony of their thinking is that if they just let everyone alone to simply live and prosper, they would be safe. The fact is, if a person is truly alive, happy, fairly unafraid and expanding, he only wants that for others.

The best way to survive is to be aware of their thinking, their motives and their insanity.  And then you would act accordingly and joined with others for the best result. You can only control what you understand. “Wake up, America” is simply not enough. “Wake up and KNOW” is more like it.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”

Sun Tzu





Lucille Femine, Executive Assistant for TLB




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