By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Every organization has an agenda, otherwise they would not need a structured organization. Organizations are formed to accomplish goals, and to accomplish stated goals an agenda is required.

Now you must also consider that these organizations would wish to put their best side forward where public scrutiny is most likely to occur … to represent that agenda in a positive and acceptable fashion to those they wish to effect or manipulate commercially, socially or politically.

And in the case of our intelligence agencies, who have suffered major blows to their credibility and public trust lately, we must imagine this is a paramount issue, to clean up their act … so to speak …

Enter the Style Guide. A mechanism to facilitate that best side forward portion of said agenda. A guide to what is acceptable or not by said agents and employees who represent this organization. Many organizations have style guides as a way to keep their constituent, customer or target-facing communications consistent and on-brand. The CIA is no different.

But the real chuckle here is that Style Guides are predicated on a show of respect, concern and a definite lack of hostility … until you get to the CIA Style Guide that is, and after giving it even a cursory glance, there is very little doubt left in your mind that it came from the ideas and ideals of those who covet and project power for a living (both legal and illegal). Even the example-based portions of the guide stand well outside the realm of social normalcy … but then what did you expect … This is the infamous CIA …

Excerpt from the publications preface:

“In dealing with foreign policy and national security, our government has many sources of insight on which to draw. The depth of our knowledge, the strength of our thinking, and the power of our words will ensure that our customers, from policymakers to operations officers, continue to rely on the Directorate of Intelligence.”

…  REALLY … ??? Estimate of success so far … “EPIC FAIL”

For a quick review watch this video, and for an in-depth look into the mind’s eye of this not so covertly intimidating organization … and more than a few chuckles … follow the provided link to “The CIA Style Guide”

The full CIA Style Guide linked here:


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