The Push For Legal Action To Expose Climate Engineering



by TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington

A battle cannot be successfully fought without an army of committed and qualified individuals that are working together. Such a movement is only possible when a critical mass of awareness is achieved. After many years of struggling to raise this awareness, the anti-geoengineering movement has now reached a level of awakening that has brought legal experts and other essential professionals into the fight on our side. Climate engineering is rapidly tearing apart the planet’s life support systems and contaminating the entire biosphere. It is imperative that we expose and halt the climate engineering programs as fast as possible or we will soon have nothing left to salvage of our health or our once thriving planet. The conference call recorded below had nearly 300 participants and listeners at peak. Among the participants and listeners were attorneys and judges from multiple states, former government biologists, and the CEO of a major global environmental consulting firm. The primary purpose of the call was to answer questions relating to climate engineering for some of these professionals (who are the main participants in the conversation) and to arrange the connection of attorneys from different states which will take place in our follow-up private conference calls to begin in the following days. I have also recently had a 3 hour face to face meeting with an internationally recognized celebrity who has contributed his attorney to our fight. I will publish updates on our ongoing efforts as soon as it is appropriate and I am allowed to do so. It is important to remember that a primary goal of legal proceedings is to force media coverage of the geoengineering issue. My most sincere gratitude to each and every activist that has tirelessly helped raise awareness of the global climate engineering issue to the level that we have now achieved. The effort to sound the alarm needs to continue each and every day and in every possible arena. If we all march together in this battle, we may yet accomplish profound changes for the better even at this late hour.  DW

P.S. My apologies for the initial rough audio, it improves as the conference proceeds. There were so many people on the call that the server overloaded and the mediator had a difficult time properly muting when needed.

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