Get the Courts Out of Science

January 8, 2022 0

Get the Courts Out of Science By: Jeffrey A. Tucker This morning I listened to the oral arguments in the case of the Biden admin’s vaccine mandates as enforced by OSHA. It was a demoralizing […]


Big Pharma’s International Racket [Video Report]

November 12, 2021 0

Pfizer’s International Vaccine Racket More Whistleblowing and Investigations BY NEWS WIRE Recently, the world learned how Pfizer had been holding Brazil ‘to ransom’ over the possibility of being hit with massive lawsuits stemming from its experimental Covid vaccine. […]



July 1, 2019 1

FEDERAL RESERVE ACT – REMEDY By TLB Contributing Writer: David-William Included here is one of the most important and necessary procedures everyone needs to follow. This video by David Merrill is thirty-three minutes, it’s packed […]


US immigrants send home massive amounts of money

March 26, 2019 0

US immigrants send home massive amounts of money Foreign nationals from three Central American countries that send some of the highest numbers of illegal immigrants to the US are sending back a record amount of […]

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Exposing the thieves who stole our government

May 21, 2016 0

PREFACE: From Judge Dale’s “The Sovereign Citizen”: WHAT IS SOVEREIGNTY? It is the inherent right and prerogative of a civilized people to rule itself, and to dictate all of the forms and conditions of the institutions […]

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Crown Temple B.A.R.

Sui Juris-Getting The Truth In The Record

February 20, 2016 0

By:  David-William  |  TLB Staff Writer   YOUR STATUS IN COURT What you do and/or not do is pivotal in Temples of B.A.R./Ba’al, the Admiralty Law Merchant Courts.  First, try to stay out of there, […]

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