Americans Are Essential – Not Their Government

October 30, 2023 0

Americans Are Essential – Not Their Government By: J.B. Shurk The House has a new speaker, and now attention returns to whether a government “shutdown” can be averted before November 17. If only the American […]


The Social Security Dilemma

June 7, 2023 2

The Social Security dilemma By: Brenton Smith The experts at the Tax Foundation fret that the current debate about extending the debt ceiling has lost track of the fact that Social Security is a major […]


Republicans Fiscally Irresponsible Act

June 6, 2023 0

Republicans Fiscally Irresponsible Act By: Ron Paul The political and financial class breathed a sigh of relief when Congress passed the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023. The bill suspends the debt ceiling for two years, […]


The True Threat Of Debt Default

May 31, 2023 0

The True Threat of Debt Default By: Whitson G. Waldo, III The specter of a faux default and raising the debt ceiling is a favorite Uniparty game. Such a default is a pretense because soon […]


Three Lies They’re Telling You About The Debt Ceiling

May 25, 2023 0

Three Lies They’re Telling You about the Debt Ceiling By: Ryan McMaken Negotiations over increasing the federal debt ceiling continue in Washington. As has occurred several times over the past twenty years, Republicans and Democrats […]

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