By TLB Staff Writer:  David-William


The Crown Temple B.A.R. uses concealments and coercion to trick people into relinquishing their rights based purely upon their ignorance of real law.  Once one comprehends the depth of their deception, the B.A.R is easily recognized as the continuing criminal enterprise that they are, and how terrorist-like they are to people.

If a Magistrate at the Bench can force people into allowing an Attorner/Broker to file an “appearance” for them in their “court” then they can “open the case” to commence monetizing the Estate Trust.  Once an “appearance” is filed, the people become the “wards of the court” therefore tricked into the status as “incompetent imbecile” and without standing in law.  The B.A.R. is foreclosed from parity with the tangible, or living.  They can deal only with fictions and/or abandonments.  Remember, they cannot engage “John-Henry” in commerce to tax him, but they do press-gang people into PERSONS, or the OFFICE OF THE PERSON, commonly seen as JOHN H. DOE.  This is high treason, fraud, and more.

The writing by the author of this webpage provided explains much of what needs to be known by everyone, and how to avoid enticement to slavery.  The criminal in the black robe of Saturn, the high priest of Ba’al, will work relentlessly, even with threats of kidnapping or face to get people into an unknown contract.  This must be prevented.


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