Trump scores another Win in Mar-a-Lago case

September 30, 2022 0

Trump scores another Win in Mar-a-Lago case Special Master Raymond Dearie had sought to require that Trump substantiate his claims that the FBI planted evidence during the raid. By Ben Whedon Former President Donald Trump on […]


Trump or DeSantis … Why not both!

September 25, 2022 0

Trump or DeSantis? Why not both? By: Spruce Fontaine Jack Cashill, in his Thursday AT piece, “Can the GOP Accommodate Two Rock Stars?” seemed to be taken with DeSantis’s use of “we,” whereas Trump uses […]


Ya Ta Hey J. Edgar!

September 21, 2022 0

Ya Ta Hey J. Edgar! Satire by: Bill the Butcher Remember when the FBI took down John Dillinger? Well, of course you don’t! But, legend has it that several “G-Men took out the bank robber […]


Unpacking Apparent Trump-Hillary Double Standard

September 18, 2022 0

Unpacking Apparent Trump-Hillary Double Standard By Paul Sperry via RealClear Investigations Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch obtained evidence that a computer contractor working under the direction of Hillary Clinton’s legal team destroyed subpoenaed records that the former […]


Joe Biden’s DOJ & FBI Are On A Roll

September 10, 2022 0

Biden’s Department of Justice and FBI are on a roll By: Andrea Widburg Across America, an epidemic of violent crime is shattering Americans’ security. Much of it has a racial slant, as Whites and Asians […]


Democrats Are Doubling-Down On ‘Stupid’

September 9, 2022 0

The Democrats are doubling down on ‘stupid’ By: Patricia McCarthy “Different people rise to the top under socialism than under capitalism. The higher on the socialist hierarchy you look, the more you will find people […]

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