A Country Descending Into Madness

A Country Descending into Madness

By: J.B. Shurk

This is what it looks like when a country descends into madness. Two standards of “justice” preclude any justice at all.

Hillary Clinton kept top-secret information on a home-brew private server that was infiltrated by malicious foreign actors, and she suffered no legal consequence — even after having destroyed Blackberry devices and other subpoenaed evidence of criminal culpability. President Trump keeps personally declassified documents in his home, and the FBI sends a SWAT team into Mar-a-Lago so that Merrick Garland’s goons can throw Trump in prison.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama conspired with the Intelligence Community to frame Donald Trump as a Russian spy and remove him from office, and not a single perpetrator involved in that incendiary plot has been indicted. Trump correctly points out that mail-in ballot fraud irreparably marred the 2020 election, and the violent thugs in control of D.C. level criminal charges against him that could lead to his execution. Clinton and Obama participated in a wide-ranging international conspiracy that falsely blamed Hillary’s election loss on the Russians — further dividing the American populace by preying on its fears and prejudices, while escalating tensions with a hostile nuclear State. Trump exercises his constitutional right to free speech, and prosecutors who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution instead betray their duties in order to persecute a political enemy.

There is no shortage of these abrasively hypocritical comparisons. Since 2016, the D.C. Uniparty and permanent Deep State have hyperventilated about Trump starting WWIII, destroying the economy, locking up his enemies, and using the powers of his office to enrich himself. None of that happened. He was the “peace president” who brought wealth back to the middle class, while taking no salary for his public service. His reward? Unending attacks from the corrupt FBI, an avalanche of legal bills, and D.C.’s obsession with throwing him in the gulag for life.

Fake President Biden, on the other hand, has engaged in every crime, indecency, and reckless behavior that the Deep State swore Trump would commit. Biden uses unconstitutional executive orders as only a dictator would. He steadily marches America toward nuclear war with Russia. He has been caught red-handed trading political favors for bribes from both foreign allies and adversaries. He censors Americans’ speech, punishes them for their beliefs, accuses half the country of being “domestic enemies,” and seizes the firearms of law-abiding citizens. He destroys the value of Americans’ savings through “green” energy–induced inflation. He floods American towns with illegal aliens leaving organized crime, exotic diseases, and overdose deaths in their wake. He celebrates Antifa domestic terrorists who burn down small businesses, churches, and pregnancy clinics while threatening Americans who get in their way. And unlike President Trump — who regretfully showed restraint by not pursuing charges against Clinton, Obama, Comey, Brennan, and so many other Russia Hoax conspirators — the O’Biden White House has worked nonstop to incarcerate Trump and every other perceived political enemy.

The D.C. Uniparty warned that Donald Trump would act as a tyrant, flout the law, fleece citizens of their paychecks, and make the world a more dangerous place. He did not. However, his illegitimate successor — Deep State stooge Joe Biden — has done all of these things. Incurious, imbecilic reporters cannot see the irony.

Outside a few islands housing journalistic resistance fighters, the free press is dead. The media whores on the Deep State payroll never apologized for parroting Russia Hoax lies for years. Even after abundant evidence has demonstrated that the Biden Crime Family took payoffs from officials in Ukraine, China, Romania, and elsewhere, the press still pretends it is Donald Trump who somehow deserved impeachment for engaging in an imaginary quid pro quo undermining the United States. And the press orchestrated a conspiracy of silence over the 2020 election’s obvious mail-in ballot fraud — a lawless vote-dumping racket made possible only because federal health authorities were illegally using taxpayer dollars to fund bioweapon research in a Chinese lab that — surprise, surprise — miraculously released a human-engineered COVID virus at exactly the right time to upend Trump’s almost certain re-election.

If there had been any doubt that mainstream corporate news works exclusively to advance the agenda of the ruling regime, that doubt ended as soon as the vast majority of First Amendment–betraying “journalists” chose to endorse the Obama-Biden censorship system as necessary to fight “disinformation” and “hate” — effectively any speech or idea at odds with the ideology of the one-party State. Real reporters follow a simple rule: ask questions. The American press has a dreadful alternative: impose answers. Make no mistake: today’s voluntarily enslaved press adores totalitarianism just as much as the totalitarians in office do.

I do not like the current state of our nation. Our government spies on us without cause. The administrative bureaucracy enforces regulatory edicts without any constitutional authority or consent from the people. Heavily armed federal agencies intimidate Americans with the threat of physical violence. The corrupt Department of (in)Justice continues to wage legal warfare against the ruling regime’s political enemies. These are all forms of tyranny that America’s Founders risked their lives to reject.

Such injustices will not stand. I am glad to be alive during this moment in history — when ordinary people have a chance to rectify past abuses and set America back upon a righteous course.

Our adversaries talk about a “Great Reset” that will launch the United States and other Western nations into a new era of technocratic State control over citizens. I, too, see a “reset” in our future, but it is one that will find Americans reimposing the limits of government power and compelling the State’s deference to the inviolability of personal freedoms.

Standing opposed to the Marxist globalism that seeks to destroy individual free will is a growing awareness that the totalitarians in office have nothing but disdain for regular people. This movement to reclaim volition over our lives from governments that choose “to rule” rather than “to represent” is percolating throughout the West. In the years to come, there will be a “reset,” but it may well be remembered as the “Liberty Reset” — a turning point in history when freedom from government oppression supersedes every other important matter.

For good, law-abiding citizens who have always respected official authorities and worked for the betterment of their own communities, this is a confusing time. The military openly encourages service members to cut off their manhood, drain their bodies of testosterone, get breast implants, and prance around in women’s dress uniforms. Teachers are more concerned with exposing elementary school kids to the erotica-filled lust dens of transgender strip clubs than the basics of a solid education necessary for a fulfilling life. The medical profession seems indifferent as to whether patients suffer unnecessary harm, so long as the pharmaceutical industry keeps handing out cash bonuses for every new experimental drug doctors recklessly prescribe. Those with authority have gone insane, and anyone who notices is censored and socially deleted.

If you found yourself nodding in agreement just now, then I encourage you to go one step farther: reject the steady flow of State propaganda and question absolutely everything you are told. The more certain the news media, the U.S. government, or self-appointed “experts” are about some issue, the more important it is to question that issue from top to bottom. The U.S. government uses its vast powers to engage in complex information warfare against the American people. It is in the business of manipulating American minds. It is in the business of silencing dissent. It is in the business of harassing, threatening, and imprisoning anybody who does not march in lockstep.

A mighty majority of Americans see through this tyranny. Do not look away.


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