RICO’S VERITAS: Pre-Crime in Washington District of Criminals (D.C.) for January 6th, 2021

RICO’S VERITAS: Pre-Crime in Washington District of Criminals

January 6th, 2021

By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

President Trump is surrounded by a Rat infested Swamp. The Swamp Creature in the form of Washington, District of Criminals, Mayor Muriel Bowser is a a traitor to the American People. As a nation we have entered George Orwell’s “1984” live time. This latest move to close off Washington simply because 1-2 million Patriots wished to exercise their First Amendment right of Freedom to Assemble is one of the most egregious and cowardly acts by any U.S. official. Bowser has shown herself to be nothing more than a Tin Horn Dictator who can use her power to impose her narrow personal views of what this nation is.

This move is directly out of the movie “Minority Report”, with prevention of crime on a “a priori” basis, before the crime happens. This is going to pit the Patriots assembling against the National Guard of Washington, District of Criminals. I expect blood will flow today and in the next few days.

However, there is a caveat in this whole sordid affair. Washington, District of Criminals is a British protectorate, not a “republican state” under “this Constitution for the united states of America.” Washington, District of Criminals was incorporated in 1871 as a Maritime/Admiralty “state” separate from the original “de jure” states. Washington, has the same status as the Vatican City. This Constitution for the united states of America does not apply to this ten square mile British protectorate. Washington is a private enclave, like the Vatican, where it makes up its own rules. Washington is a disaster for the American People but an enormous success for the British Crown and the Deep State that established this private corporation. Refer to 28 USC, section 3000, paragraph, “United States” is a federal corporation.

Washington is not a “republican state”, nor does it have elected Representatives or Senators. The Mayor and thirteen-member Council run the show and are appointed by the President. Washington has nothing to do with the Rights and Welfare of the American People. The compacts of the Declaration of Independence and this Constitution for the united states of America were obliterated by the coup de etat accomplished with the incorporation of the United States corporation and the conversion of the “de jure” original states into “de facto” political subdivisions of the United States Corporation of 1871. Since 1871, this Nation has been under the Laws of War. Under the Laws of War the conquered population assumes the character of Prisoners of War and are further reduced to the status of “res”, a Slave. That is why the 14th amendment was enacted, to create the second class citizenship known as “United States Citizen”, a corporate and “prized” status.

The establishment of Washington, District of Criminals was an act of usurpation and an act of War against the American People by the ruling Elite/Secret Cabals/Deep State during the post trauma of the Civil War. During the Post Trauma of War, the peoples of a nation are traumatized and in a state of shock and cognitive dissonance which the Ruling Elite love and take advantage of. During, and post wars, are the best time for the Ruling Elite to enact whatever statutes and Congressional acts they desire simply because the American People have voluntarily submitted themselves to the “jurisdiction of the United States corporation” in Washington.

America was killed in 1871 and in its place was born the United States, foreign owned, British Law protectorate, private Maritime Island like the Epstein Private Island of pedophiles. And yes, this Maritime Island is full of pedophiles. Just remember, all British Law is a fiction for fictional characters, persons, juristic persons, corporations, legal entities, and so forth, not for men and women of flesh and blood.

(Natural News) Attorney Lin Wood has been peeling away the layers of evil, revealing the truth about how the entire world is controlled by a global cabal of extortionists who blackmail top leaders with video tapes that capture their acts of pedophilia and child murder.

This has been covered by the independent media for years, but the corporate media, Big Tech and courts have covered it up (because they are all complicit).

According to early morning tweets from Lin Wood (see below), “Chief Justice John Roberts & a multitude of powerful individuals worldwide are being blackmailed in a horrendous scheme involving rape & murder of children captured on videotape.”

Lin Wood says he has a decryption key to the video files, and he explains that others do, too.

He implies that this is why Chief Justice Roberts has consistently rendered SCOTUS decisions that appear to be traitorous to the United States of America. He is being controlled and blackmailed, it is alleged.

But it isn’t just Roberts who has been caught up in this, explains Wood. There is a global cabal of enforcers who entrap leaders into these child rape, pedophilia and murder schemes, then use the video blackmail to control them throughout their entire political careers.

Lin Wood is blowing the lid wide open on a persistent, global pedophilia crime syndicate that’s run by high-level globalists, Democrats and malicious actors in order to control the world. This is what Jeffrey Epstein was all about, of course, but it involves 10 intelligence agencies, according to Lin Wood’s tweets.

Lin Wood also says Jeffrey Epstein is alive and has likely turned over everything he knows to Trump’s attorneys.

This Corpor-Nation, the United States, has truly gone mad. The so-called “government” has a become an enclave of Pigs, Whores, Cowards, Snitches and Traitors, with no understanding of, or knowledge of, the Law of the Land. The United States Corpor-Nation is the very definition of a Banana Republic.

Cosmic Karmic Law demands that this new Sodom/Gomorrah Nation be destroyed and razed to the ground. There will be crying and nashing of teeth, rending of clothes, but nothing will stop the destruction of this corrupt nation. Mother Nature seeks only restoration of balance. The United States has become psychotically imbalanced and corrupt. We did this to ourselves. All empires collapse, no matter how powerful they have become.

May Heaven Help us.

My Voice is the Cry from the Wilderness.


Photo Credit: “Judge Johnny, star of the Corporate People’s Court” by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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