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This week on The Citizens Forum: Palestine Hotline!

Presented by Steve Cook, the Editor of The Liberty Beacon UK. With special Guest Ariyana Love, Director of The Liberty Beacon’s Middle East Rising project.

Steve says:

This week I am very pleased to welcome Ariyana back onto the show for another lively discussion and a fresh look at the mounting crimes against humanity of the extremist regime in Tel Aviv.

Included among the topics discussed are:

Israeli abduction and abuse of children

Israeli organ harvesting.

The routine murder of Palestinians by marauding gangs of extremist thugs known as “settlers”.

The hijack of the Jewish cause by the parasitic criminal entity known as Zionism.

Ariyana announces the formation a Palestine Hotline – Soon be launched to bring breaking news of events in Palestine.

The Hotline will bypass the Zionist-controlled Western media that, in abject dereliction of its human and professional duty, maintains a steadfast conspiracy of silence over the daily – if not hourly – crimes of the Zionists. These are crimes in the main against the Palestinians but also increasingly against ordinary Israeli citizens.

Links to two of the germane and informative articles mentioned in the show are:

Tune in and join us!


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