The Citizens Forum: Talking Syria


The Citizens Forum: Talking Syria


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Presented by Steve Cook, the Editor of The Liberty Beacon UK. With special Guest Ariyana Love, Director of The Liberty Beacon’s Middle East Rising project

Steve says:

There are a lot of people out there fighting one aspect or another of tyranny.
YOU are doubtless one of them, for all of us have a vested interest in ending the criminal game that would see us divested forever of our power of choice and herded like cattle into a miserable future few of us are likely to survive.

It is important to member that no matter what aspect of tyranny you are struggling against or concerned about, you are not alone.

There are millions of people like you, a grassroots army that, once united, will become unstoppable.

The task before us is to unite against tyranny, channel the endeavors of its myriad patrols and platoons, battalions and regiments into a coordinated effort and kick out any effort to divide us.

Through The Citizens Forum I am doing my best to promote and encourage that ideal.

I’m interested in people and groups who are fighting one aspect or another of tyranny and making a stand for humanity and a better world and each week will give YOU a chance to have your say and tell listeners about your mission.

Through my show, I would like to help you get your message out there and contribute to the Freedom and Unity project that aims to bring betterment groups together in a united front and shoulder-to-shoulder effort against tyranny.

Tyranny – the effort to oppress and control humanity – can take many forms. It can include media disinformation, the denial of basic human rights and the breaking of man’s natural affinity with man: the Divide and Rule caper of pitting people against one another in unending conflict that ultimately exhausts, oppresses and degrades both sides.

In this episode, I welcome back the journalist and human rights crusader Ariyana Love for another briefing on the Middle East and her unique take on and fascinating insights into the various criminal forces at work upon the region and the broader world.

Centered this week mainly upon the situation in Syria and the vicious nature of both the Zionist proxy group ISIS and the Assad regime itself, the discussion ranges broadly. It touches upon the plight of refugees, the people of occupied Palestine, the variegated and diverse nature of the cultures collected under the label “Muslim” and how ignorance is used by the media to induce us to wrong-target the innocent.

It looks too at the power struggle that lies behind the bewildering apparentcy of what the media presents to us and at how the globalists are working the divide-and-conquer caper in a desperate effort to hang onto their hegemony and their dream of global dominion.

This is a fascinating talk that will give you a lot to think about. Listen in now!

On this week’s show, I am very pleased to talk with Ariyana Love, journalist, passionate campaigner for human rights and senior Editor/Director of The Liberty Beacon Network’s website/project Middle East Rising.

Ariyana gives some fascinating and moving insights into the almost unimaginable misery visited daily upon the Palestinian people and the mindset of the Zionist faction that has fostered and engineered both it and the fake narrative that justifies it.

She also presents an alert about yet another attack on the Palestinians being planned for the next few weeks and how YOU can help prevent it.


Citizens Forum is on every Monday night at 9 PM EST (you will receive a “No Results Found” message if you click on the show link prior to air time) at the Liberty Beacon Radio Network and can be heard in full anytime after show publish time (pre-recorded).

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