The Citizens Forum: Talking With Islam (2)

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The  Citizens Forum: Talking With Islam (2)

Presented by Steve Cook, the Editor of The Liberty Beacon UK, with guest, Said Gutin.

Steve says:

Each week, on the Citizens Forum I am very happy to give YOU a chance to have your say and tell listeners about your group, project or beliefs.

If you are fighting back against tyranny one way or another, then this show is for you. It is your chance to talk with someone who is interested in what you have to say and an audience that will listen.

It has become painfully obvious that one of the ways the New World Order global domination cult is trying to oppress and subjugate man is the Divide and Rule caper in which he tries to set human groups against one another in conflict.

A contemporary example is the effort to set the religion of Islam, which embraces about a third of the entire human race, in conflict with the rest of humanity, a conflict intended to wreck both “sides”.

A great deal of effort therefore is spent in alienating non-Muslims from Muslims and vice versa. It is an effort to throw human beings out of communication with one another. It is a drive to weaken and corrupt man’s natural kinship and brotherhood with his fellow man, the desire of the sane majority in all communities to get along. And that involves a massive propaganda effort, which means outright false reports, omitted data, and so forth – anything that will create in the mind of one group a demonization and dehumanization of the other.

Anyone who knows Muslims knows that the Mainstream Media campaign to demonize them as a broad generality is a distortion and misrepresentation of the truth. Therefore, I am interested in what ordinary Muslims, the mums, dads and working Brits whose chosen religion is Islam, think. What does the world look like to them? What are their hopes and fears? Are the attributes and interests they hold in common with the rest of us greater and stronger than any real or imagined differences?

So in this show I get the chance for a second interview with Said Gutin, a father and tradesman who lives and works in London and regards England as his home.

Come and meet him.

Said Gutin

Join us and find out what a typical Muslim is like, what he thinks, what he thinks about YOU and what are his hopes and fears for his family, for his community and for his country.


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