The Deadly Untrustworthiness of General Mark Milley

The Deadly Untrustworthiness of General Mark Milley

By: Al Bienenfeld

General Mark Milley, who is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has forgotten that he was a soldier. Now, he’s only a leftist bureaucrat in uniform. Milley’s basic mode of operation is ingratiating himself to a political class that values the servile.

What makes Milley dangerous is his willingness to lie unhesitatingly, particularly in public. He is the highest-ranking military officer in the nation, and this matters. Technically the Secretary of Defense is a civilian post even though the Secretary may have a military background. The President and Congress provide civilian oversight but can only do so when presented with truthful, accurate information.

In June 2021, Tucker Carlson made some very strong remarks about Milley’s attempts to make teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the military seem benign. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Milley compared CRT to reading Marx and Mao, as if it’s just part of educating the troops about different ideologies. However, our military is not urging the adoption of Marxism. (At least not yet!) What Milley is doing is cooperating with the Democrat left to indoctrinate the troops in blatant racism.

If CRT flourishes, it will permanently impair race relations and ultimately lead to civil instability. The theory argues as a baseline that unequal outcomes through the proof of statistical disparity in education, employment, and incarceration rates are entirely based on structural racism. The theory does not consider non-white success in Asian and East Asian communities (e.g., people from China, Vietnam, India, etc.) It completely ignores individual merit and hard work. In fact, CRT views merit, which made most hard-working newcomers to our country successful, practically irrelevant, even undesirable.

In the same Tucker Carlson show referenced above, Carlson described Milley as a “pig” and “stupid,” adding that he got his position as the highest ranking and most senior military officer in the United States because “he knows who to suck up to and he’s more than happy to do it…he didn’t get that job because he’s brilliant or because he’s brave or because the people who know him respect him. He is not and they definitely don’t.”

For more than two centuries, our nation’s military has succeeded in keeping us safe and free. Like every other institution in America’s history, it has been imperfect (mostly because of racist Democrat policies). Nonetheless, since WWII, it has been a place for people coming from the bottom of the ladder to shine based solely on their ability and willingness to work hard. (Ask Colonel Allen West, a hugely respected black officer.)

Our military is a companion to free market capitalism. It offers opportunity but no guarantees of outcome. Introducing race into the institution to obtain preferred outcomes cancels out three-quarters of a century of progress.

General Milley proved his deadly untrustworthiness with conflicting statements around the Afghanistan withdrawal that left 13 American servicemen dead and abandoned thousands of others, including American citizens and tens of thousands of allies. The August 2021 withdrawal was a complete disaster.

Afterward, in September, Milley testified under oath, along with General Kenneth McKenzie, that they had advised President Biden against his withdrawal plan and warned of the impending collapse of the Afghan government. Nevertheless, approximately four weeks before the withdrawal, Milley had publicly assured the nation that Afghan forces were up to the task of repelling the Taliban invaders.

Think about this: Milley knew the withdrawal would lead to unnecessary deaths of American servicemen and others. Yet he lied to provide cover to allow this disaster to go forward. What was to happen was so obvious that 23 State Department employees sent a message warning of the dangers posed by the “planned” withdrawal. To claim he did not lie is to claim incompetence. I believe Milley is both: liar and incompetent. Tucker Carlson’s comments on Milley apply here. How can the civilian populace trust our military when it’s led by people like Milley?

A proper investigation into Milley would also reveal treason. He violated the chain of command in unauthorized communications with China in October 2020 and again on January 8, 2021. In 2021 testimony, he admitted to contacting General Li Zuocheng, his Chinese counterpart, and advising him that he would warn China if President Trump were to order a nuclear strike. He tried to cover up his outrageous conduct with a plausible rationale that was fabricated.

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch, a former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Officer shared:

General Mark A. Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, should be subject to an Article 32 Hearing under the provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice for his conduct and statements as memorialized in the Bob Woodward book “Peril”, and the August 8, 2022, New Yorker magazine excerpt of a forthcoming book by Susan B. Glasser and Peter Baker.

An article 32 Hearing is the military equivalent of a civilian grand jury, and should probable cause of the commission of a crime be established, it would lead to General Milley’s court-martial.

Farrell explains that, in the book Peril, Milley is quoted as saying: “General Li, you and I have known each other for five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It is not going to be a surprise.”

This action was completely unauthorized, as confirmed by former Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and President Trump.

The genesis of this scenario was a conversation between then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Milley, a transcript of which was provided to the authors of Peril but that has been withheld by the Pentagon despite the filing of a FOIA request.

Milley is a man of yesterday who cannot tell when he is being played by a woman. Pelosi said to Milley that President Trump is crazy and has been for a long time. She subtly suggested that he needed to be stopped! Milley responded, “Madame Speaker, I agree with you on everything.”

There is a pending lawsuit to force disclosure of various documents that would support accusations of treason. Unfortunately, if the documents are ever released, Milley will be gone from the service. Nonetheless, he should still be tried for treason as there is no statutory limitation on this crime.

Milley is a political activist. He certainly does not belong in a military subordinate to civilian control. As a hard-core leftist, he was putty in the hands of a skilled manipulator like Pelosi. A New Yorker article from 2022 about the war between Trump and the generals who served him recounts Milley’s gross insubordination:

F*** that s**t, I’ll just fight him [ President Trump]…if they want to put me in prison…I will fight from the inside.”

Subversion and insurrection, both clearly treasonous.

That the Democrat party is willing to invite and fully support treasonous activities tells Americans they are real insurrectionists. The greatest threat to our Constitutional Republic comes from within the borders of our own country.

Benedict Arnold would be very proud of General Mark Milley.


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  1. Possibly the worse part being that; all of Miley’s lower ranking officers are well aware of his treason and have taken no action at all to honor their oaths and remove him. Making each of them traitors as well.
    Career/financial incentive, cowardice, ignorance of their duty? Doesn’t matter, treason is treason.

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