A Monolithic Government 1

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

A Population dependent on the government is much more easily subjugated.

Welfare and many other similar/related programs were the catalyst in the creation of an entirely new life style and class of citizen, those who would be permanently and generationally bound to and dependent on, thus ultra loyal to the government! This was NOT unintentional!


Whereas the basic safety net concept is justifiable and even compassionate, the government provided incentive to leave these programs through the encouragement of bettering ones future prospects in just about non existent, or if it exists, is not enforced! This is a lever our tyrannical leaders in Washington (and their puppet masters) are leaning on heavily.

Remember this from a few years back?

Question: Who are you going to vote for?

Answer: Obama!

Question: Why?


Because he gave me a free phone

Because he is going to put gas in my car

Because he is going to give me a place to live …


Question: Where is that money going to come from?

Answer: His stash!

These were given reasons for electing the leader of the most powerful country on this planet …

This is very real my friends, and “his stash” was the taxes all of the remaining Americans are paying in ever increasing amounts. Yes he promised your sweat and toil to those who would offer him their loyalty. This is a system that cannot be maintained and will bleed the middle class into extinction (as we see happening today).

But what it does accomplish, in a very effective fashion, is to birth and grow a large portion of the population mostly or totally dependent on the government responsible for their very existence. A government they will blindly support to maintain that existence, even over generations.

Obama money

Now try to take those promised social benefits, handouts or gifts away and watch these citizens get angry and rise up to defend what they now considers their just dues! This is now a considerable chunk of the population to be used for political leverage as observed (in a smaller way) by our presidents actions in the 2008 and 2012 election cycles.

At this point in time this group has expanded by a huge margin with about half of all Americans receiving some form of social assistance! This is a ticking time bomb for the fall of our Republic because a population dependent on the government is in fact a population controlled by that government, and now a mechanism, a tool to be used for advancement of socialistic or authoritarian agendas, a means to an end, SUBJUGATION!


Now lets consider the Federal Reserves role in this scenario of National Destruction.

The national annual budget today exceeds $3,500,000,000,000 (three and a half trillion), and probably much more because we all know that the government lies about what it spends until it is already spent. But all this money, cash, moola is a drop in the bucket compared to the most diabolical theft ever perpetrated on the American public in our history, hell anybody’s history by none other than our not so federal, Federal Reserve!

More than $16,000,000,000,000 (sixteen trillion) was stolen from the American people and doled out to the friends of the Fed and the robber barons of American industry and Global finances! This money was handed out like candy at a birthday party to every one BUT the American people. Please understand, at the time, this totaled more than the entire US national debt, a debt accumulated over generations by a massive country … Not a lone banking entity over a few months.

We need to put this into some kind of perspective because the average citizen cant even wrap their mind around a figure this massive! So lets say there are approximately 320,000,000 (320 million) citizens living in this country and we divided this $16 trillion evenly among all of them, that would be over $50,000 per citizen, every man woman and child alive today!

Again how much of this did you receive, even though we are weathering the worst economic times in American history … ZERO, NADA! But you will pay it and the interest back …

This handout/bailout was reserved for friends of the FED, global corporations, banks and even nations. Some estimates say the actual figure exceeds $70 trillion, but we will never know the truth of this because we can’t get the fed to agree to an independent audit, and we probably never will … Add to this the fact that our Congress lacks the testicular fortitude to force an audit. Gee could that be because the same people who own the Fed … OWN THEM?

Federal reserve

Now lets imagine what this massive money printing boondoggle has done to the value of the dollar…..trashed it, made it almost worthless, funny money just like the value of the Russian Ruble just before the Soviet Union collapsed from within! This is when it took a bushel basket of rubles to buy a loaf of bread but the shelves were almost bare because industry had also collapsed (witness the collapsing of American industry today).

So not only did we as American citizens receive nothing from this bailout of the elite and every power broker world wide, but you can expect, and will eventually see inflation on a massive scale creep into your life because the fed can only artificially hold it down for so long! Now when this happens the second kick in the teeth will arrive as we find just feeding our family’s, keeping the electricity on, hell putting gas in our cars, becomes next to impossible … when a loaf of bread costs a bushel basket of greenbacks! Will our government be there to dip into their “stash” to bail us all out?

America sits on the precipice of total sociological and economic collapse or destruction today.

Total collapse may be inevitable, either by the massive (funded through increased national debt) social programs/handouts enslaving more of the population daily … Or the unbridled spending of an out of control government via the Federal Reserve, intentionally devaluing and destroying the dollar, but it is absolutely assured with the convergence of both. Each of these mechanisms in their own right is a catastrophe for America, but combined they make the perfect storm of economic ruination and the total subjugation of We The People.

Is any of this sounding familiar, are you angry, had about enough?

End The Fed, End the Subjugation, End this Madness !!!

My Parting Shot …

In America Today

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