Is Gun Control an Epic Fail: The Indisputable Facts

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Gun Laws … Because Criminals follow the law … Right?

Updated 07/12/2015

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

About 450 school children were shot with over 60 fatalities in Chicago, Illinois and they hit the 500 gun related homicide mark in 2012. This has dropped a few percentage points (in some categories, not all) by 2015, but not of any real significance.

This itself is a horrible travesty that we as Americans should be ashamed of. But what really makes this noteworthy is the fact that Chicago has some of the most numerous, staunch and restrictive gun laws in the country! Now please remember that very significant point as we continue.

Standing in stark contrast I present Kennesaw, Georgia which boasts the least restrictive gun laws in the country, going as far as to make it mandatory for each household to own and maintain a gun, as well as ammunition.

When this ordinance was passed by a unanimous city council vote in 1982, expectations were for the city to turn into a free for all zone where handling disagreements with ruthless shoot outs was common.

This expectation never materialized. In fact, for over 33 years since the ban, not a single resident of Kennesaw has been involved in a fatal shooting – as a victim, attacker or defender!

Why are the highest incidences of gun violence always in the realm of the most restrictive and numerous gun laws? Could it be because criminals, who by their very nature don’t respect of follow the laws, see an unarmed public as easy prey?

Could it be that the citizens of Kennesaw, Georgia are aware of the following fact … there are …


For all of you who would push back stating “You are comparing apples and oranges” … Please look at the facts again … Over thirty three years with NO gun related deaths, but EVERYBODY has a gun VS how many deaths in just one year in Chicago (never mind the massive total over 33 years) with the most restrictive gun laws in the country. This does not even take into account all of the other violent crimes committed in Chicago with guns.

Yea tell me there is no significance here … !!!

Now I will be the first to state the the environment of Chicago stands in stark contrast to Kennesaw, but even with this contrast taken into account, the conclusions that can be drawn scream volumes about the futility and myriad of incorrect assumptions (or blatant lies) that accompany restrictive gun control legislation.

We would assume that our leaders are not idiots or mentally deficient, and can figure this out as easily as we can, so this begs the question …

Why do they push this agenda of disarming the American population so vehemently?

Do some research and you will find a great deal of information to support each side of this discussion, but conspicuously missing are comparisons like this, and many could be made to varying degrees. WHY, because it would blow holes in the gun grabbers argument, so it is poison, as are the murder statistics in other cities like Chicago where gun control is highly prevalent and an EPIC FAIL!

You will hear very little to nothing like this from the Main Stream Media, but you will here it from a patriotic veteran! Please watch and understand …

So what is the TRUTH about gun control and confiscation?

Does it make us safer? Is giving up your Second Amendment right a step to a more peaceful law abiding society (as we are being told)? Can, or will, the government protect you from those who DON’T care about or follow the laws? Well this is certainly NOT the case, as gun control advocates would have us believe!

You need more convincing?

Lets take a serious look at a nation caught in the throws of this controversy … and the repercussions on the average citizen most affected by these insane laws …

The WHY of the Second Amendment

Restrictive gun laws serve only those who wish to disarm Americans. Any unarmed population is an entity that can easily be controlled and subjugated! Every tyrannical government who has perpetrated genocide on its own people has first sought to take their guns!

The absolute truth is that our founding fathers were aware of the possibility of tyranny from our own government, and in the Second Amendment sought to give us a tool, a mechanism to prevent this … can we keep it, or will we go the way of Germany, Russia, Red China, Cuba or many of the other countries that gave up their guns for a promise from their leaders of protection and safety …

Only to find out too late it was their treasonous leaders they needed the protection from !!!


My parting shot …

2ndAmendment- 02

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