The Global Elite Are Using Children’s Authors to Promote An Inevitable Agenda 21 Future


By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges.

It is no secret that the globalists use the mass media to send their messages to the public regarding the inevitability of the globalists takeover and the emergence of the subsequent conditions related to humanity’s enslavement. In the past few years, the mass media has specifically targeted the attitudes of our children. Our children’s books are increasingly being utilized to brainwash them into accepting the inevitability of the existence of a tyrannical world government in which society is exclusively based upon Agenda 21 principles.

Last November, the third part in the Hunger Games, series entitled Mockingjay was released in movie theaters.

In this article, I will provide two cogent examples of children’s authors turned New World Order  (NWO) propagandists.  There is strong circumstantial evidence to suggest that neither of the two children’s authors featured in this article actually created the plot that made their way into their collective books. I believe the authors wrote the story lines and added flavor to the plot, but I do not believe that these two children’s book authors, Suzanne Collins and Margaret Haddix, created the plots that will be described here in this article.

Please note that in this article I am only discussing two authors and their works, but there are literally dozens of these kinds of books to choose from which serves to demonstrate to our children that resistance to the New World Order is futile.

Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

My family has previously watched two of the hottest movies in history, which are a part of the Hunger Games trilogyThe movies are based on the first two books of the trilogy “authored” by Suzanne Collins. The movies and the books have proven to be a hit with the younger generation. This best-selling trilogy, published by Scholastic, has also developed a massive global following of all ages.  

As many of you are aware, the movie takes place in a futuristic, fictional country called Panem, that is located in what was once North America (Union) that was subsequently destroyed by some unknown apocalyptic event.

The country is divided into 12 districts which went into rebellion against the autocratic rule of the central government. Panem consists of a wealthy Capitol city which brutally rules over the twelve surrounding, poorer districts. The people of the featured District 12, as well as the other 11 surviving districts live in abject poverty devoid of any semblance of technology. There can be little doubt that these living conditions are the result of herding the population into 12 densely populated “stack and pack” urban centers, in which the collective carbon footprint of the commoners has been dramatically reduced. This parallels what we now see from Agenda 21 advocates which are championing the notion of 11 American urban megacities with each containing six million people each. This adds up to a total of 66 million Americans who will be living in these cities. What will happen to the other 250+ million unaccounted for Americans in this scenario? This question precisely underscores the phrase “humanity is under direct attack by the genocidal elite”. The elite are telling you in their own words what is coming.

One of the mainstays of Panem is a gladiator game called the Hunger Games. These ritualistic games represent human sacrifice and also serve as punishment for the previous rebellion against the Capitol. One boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18, from each district, are selected through an annual lottery to participate in the Hunger Games, an event in which the participants (i.e. so-called “tributes”) must fight, to the death, until only one remains alive. The message to tsa land of the freethe average citizens is that you are the property of the state and the state holds the power of life and death over each individual.  This also reminds me of the TSA’s approach to committing sexual assault against air travelers in which the same message gets delivered to the flying public. The TSA has never foiled one terrorist plot, but they are very good at groping our children and wives as they violate everyone’s Fourth Amendment rights.

The “Wild-lands” biodiversity boundary surrounding District 12.

There is a strong mitigating factor which influences the odds for being selected to participate in the games, and that factor is food. It is interesting to note that the areas surrounding the 12 districts are filled with plentiful game to hunt and eat. However, as movie goers witness in the opening scene of the original Hunger Games triology, the government expressly forbids venturing into the pristine wilderness (i.e. Wildlands and biodiversity areas) to hunt because the central government wants to utilize food as a population control instrument through the complete management of the distribution of all food. The more food rations a family obtains from the government, the more times the family’s teenage children are entered into the lottery, thereby increasing their teenagers chances for induction into the games.

The UN’s manifestation of forcing people into stack and pack cities.

This is the ultimate example of government using food as a weapon against its own people. In the movie, the “wildlands area” was even patrolled by a drone.  In 2008, drones were not even part of the American lexicon, yet Collins saw fit to display a drone as playing the role of protecting the pristine wilderness and its wildlife from human poachers. Many readers will recognize the United Nations map as the manifestation of the biodiversity “Wildlands” approach to herding people into densely populated stack and pack cities

Today, in America, we are already implementing this “stack and pack” mentality in our cities ranging from New York City to Fort Collins to San Francisco in densely populated areas known as micro apartments. These apartments range in size from 250 square feet of living space to 500 square feet.

The home of the Agenda 21 future.

 The Nation of Panem

A map of Panem's 12 Districts. Note that Capitol City is located in Colorado, precisely where the Federal government is moving much of its operations, to Colorado. This parallels the United Nations approach to the creation of 10 districts in the U.S. in 1972.

Nixon's Ten FEMA regions

A multi-distinct United Nations Agenda 21 theme is readily portrayed as the Hunger Games viewer/reader quickly learns that Panem is organized into 12 districts which is an ubiquitous parallel reference to the United Nations decree passed, in 1972, which demanded that the United States must reorganize into 10 super regions. Immediately, President Richard Nixon issued Executive Order # 11647 on February 14, 1972, which fulfilled the U.N. order as these 10 regions were created and, today, await activation in which all local governmental control will be rendered obsolete.

The Hunger Games promote the high speed bullet train connecting the districts, through vast uninhabited biodiversity zones. Billions are being spent today in the pursuit of this Agenda 21 futuristic from of travel reserved solely for the elite.
The Hunger Games promote the high speed bullet train connecting the districts, through vast uninhabited biodiversity zones. Billions are being spent today in the pursuit of this Agenda 21 futuristic from of travel reserved solely for the elite.

The plot centers around the heroine and hero from District 12, Katniss and Peeta, who are taken to the Capitol to compete in the Hunger Games in a high speed bullet train which travels through the utopian Agenda 21 Wildlands consisting of vast expanses of absolutely barren land. The Capitol city is where the elite. the 1%, reside with all their wealth and technologically advanced toys. The Hunger Games participants were awestruck at the technological marvels which have been withheld from the masses in the outlying districts in a kind of “rules for thee, but not for me” bifurcated society. The Agenda 21 symbolism is striking and undeniable and Collins writing on this subject, proves she is indeed an expert on Agenda 21 policies as well as the implementation of these policies.

The Hunger Games District 12 representative, Effie Trinket, utters the catch phrase of the movie just before she chooses the unlucky pair to represent their district in the games when she states “May the odds be ever in your favor.” This catch phrase is both descriptive and ironic. The lives of the district inhabitants have been reduced to the whim of the state and also to the laws of chance. In Panem, similar to other autocratic regimes, the spirit of self-determination is very limited by design.

In a particularly telling exchange between Seneca, the Hunger Games administrator and Panem’s President Snow, played magnificently by Donald Sutherland, the symbol of Panem’s governmental despotism, reveals the true purpose behind the games as he asks

Seneca, “Why do you think we have a winner?”

Seneca asks, “What do you mean?”

Snow repeats, “I mean, why do we have a winner?” Snow answers his own question “Hope.”

Expressing bewilderment Seneca says, “Hope?”

Snow declares that “Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous. Spark is good too as long as it is contained.”

Among the Hidden

among the hiddenAs I allege that the plot connected to the Hunger Games was created for its author of record, Suzanne Collins, in order to promote the inevitability of the complete implementation of Agenda 21, there is another children’s fantasy author who has written an Agenda 21 novel which parallels the same pattern as we see with Collins.

How could I make such an outrageous claim? Well, not only is do I suspect Collins is complicit in writing a book that was designed for her, but I suspect many children’s authors have been handed plots to develop along with a large paycheck. Take the case of children’s author, Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Margaret Peterson Haddix has emerged on the child book scene as an author who exposes the heinous themes of the globalists and their draconian depopulation strategies such as the one child policy. Her most popular recent book, Among the Hidden is about a child named Luke Garner, who is an illegal child (i.e. third born in a society which executes families who have more than two children). The book is filled with groups such as the “Population Police” who will execute families who violate the allowed child bearing precepts. There are also the “Food Police” who regulate daily caloric intake. Any aware person, who is familiar with the precepts of Agenda 21, must be smiling in amusement at the obvious references.

Among the Hidden has led to a seven-book series for kids about “Shadow Children”—third children in a society that only allows two, children who initially have to hide but who eventually band together and risk their lives to bring about change.

Haddix is an author who, like Suzanne Collins had never written anything but children’s fantasy books. This is an emerging literary trend in which children’s authors are being tapped to write multi-part series on Agenda 21 topics. Some might view this as a coincidence. However, after reading the next section, the coincidence theorists will quickly turn into conspiracy theorists.

Who Are the Real Ghost Writers?

The publisher for Margaret Haddix’s books is Simon and Schuster whose parent company is CBS. CBS was a path-finding pioneer in the early days of the Green Agenda. And in Haddix’s earlier writings, there is not one hint of any topic in her writings resembling Agenda 21 themes.

Suzanne Collins writes for Scholastic. Scholastic is a publicly owned company and they are listed as SCHL on NASDAQ. They are one of the Wall Street boys. Therefore, the primary purpose of the company is to maximize profits. Also, it is safe to say that Scholastic has been promoting Agenda 21 policies for quite some time. As an example of the publisher’s globalist leanings, Scholastic squashed a blogger, named Marc Dean Millot, who suggested that the grants awarded by Obama’s Common Core education plan “Race to the Top” may not be as transparent as the administration would like us to believe. Elliot subsequently posted his criticisms of what has become known as Common Core curriculum on Mark Russo’s website, entitled, This Week in Education, which is also sponsored by Scholastic. Scholastic pressured Russo into deleting Millot’s tell all on Obama’s substandard education plan. As I have reported before, the Common Core curriculum originated out of the United Nations. Coincidentally, Millot had a contract with Russo which promised him journalist independence. Let me be clear on this point, Scholastic is an enthusiastic supporter of the globalist agenda of propagandizing our children into accepting a tyrannical world government under Agenda 21 policies.


What we are left with are two children’s authors who suddenly and inexplicably are shifting their personal literary interests and begin to write children’s books on topics related to Agenda 21, depopulation, etc., in a dramatic and complete departure from their previous and exclusive genre.  The fact that these two authors are making this shift at the same time speaks to the fact that their work now represents a centralized agenda.

I believe these two authors wrote the words to the books in question, but where did these two gain the intricate knowledge of Agenda 21 policy displayed in their writing? We need to learn to become Judo experts and use the weight of our attacker against them. As the NWO rushes at us in full stride, we need to grab their lapels and flip them on their heads. This is why I let my son read their latest propaganda.For me as a parent, I see an opportunity to teach children that freedom is the space which lies between our self-created prison bars and that we can collectively control how wide the space is between the bars. We may not be able to rescue America from the clutches of the global elite, but I have discovered, from my anecdotal experiences, that most people believe that the spirit of hope and self-determination can exist within people no matter what their political circumstances. It is between our ears and in our hearts is where we find the human spirit. The global elite can take away our lives, but they cannot take away our spirit, unless we offer ourselves up to them.

In the next part in this series, I will be discussing other media creations which promote various aspect of the globalist agenda and included in this analysis will be a look at Steve Quayle’s latest book, Xenogensis.


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