The Line Is In The Sand

The Line Is In The Sand

His name is Kiler

Commentary by Bill the Butcher

Men are women, women are men and the sheep are nervous

Americans have stood back respectively and let the political dice roll. Insanity, and oxymorons have ruled the roost. Men are women, women are men, anyone who can wade the river can be an honorary citizen and even calling a spade a spade becomes a Federal crime, and the taxpayers of our nation just have to shut up, put up, and keep writing the checks. Pray, pay, and obey. That ends now!

All Hail the Woke Police

Any time a citizen cannot go to an emergency room for help with his PTSD without being incarcerated for what he says, we all have given up our rights. We can no longer express our beliefs, no matter how mundane, no matter how sanitized without fear of repercussions from the powers that be. We all must bend a knee to the Woke Police.

And you wonder why the Chinese think we are an easy mark!

Our children cannot pray in school, or say the Pledge to the flag that so many have died holding it up on countless battlefields. Perverted teachers have displayed sexual orientations that would have gotten them tarred and feathered in times past. Grown men are allowed in little girls’ restrooms under the color of law. Little boys are prescribed hormones to confuse their puberty, their bone density, and their minds while parents face the possibility of losing those little boys if they do not comply! And radio commentators are locked up or fined for expressing their opinions. And you wonder why the Chinese think we are an easy mark!

His stage name is Kiler Davenport

His stage name is Kiler Davenport. And he hits the air every night with some of the whackiest political satire you’ve ever heard in your life. From the Illuminati to Lizards running the Pentagon, Kiler’s said it all. He’s also cradled many a dead baby as an EMT while he gave them mouth to mouth trying to convince a screaming mother that her precious child is still alive just long enough to get the body into the ambulance and deliver it to the morgue. The doctors that jailed Kiler are perfectly fine with delivering aborted babies to a garbage can. Just so you know the type of people we’re dealing with here! And as a result of his humanitarian efforts he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He needs medicine on a daily basis. He takes his pills and hits the air every night entertaining his minions who, like him, don’t accept this New “Woke” Order.

So, he goes to the Emergency Room for his condition. Kiler always expounds his beliefs to anyone who’ll listen. That’s what he does! He’s a radio host! Most ignore him, but you’d be surprised at the ones who don’t! He is the point of the Alternative Media Spear. And if you think he’s crazy just listen to your president looking for a dead woman in the crowd during his last press conference!

Abracadabra . . . They wanna reach out and grab ya!

With a little Woke abracadabra Kiler is detained. He didn’t hurt anyone. He didn’t shoot up a Walmart. He didn’t use the little girls’ rest room. He simply expounded his political beliefs. And they locked him up! There’s an old adage that tells about those in power coming for various groups of people, and by the time they get around to you there was nobody left to stop them.


Well there are those left to stop them. I can count two hundred and fifty thousand Texas Nationalists who will stop them. Thousands more in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Biker Clubs, Militias who are currently delivering food and help to the victims of the disaster in Florida, and the Carolinas, thousands of homeless who have to grind their teeth as they watch illegal immigrants be put up in shelter, and millions of aborted souls screaming for justice. I find it amazing how the current administration can claim victory in the last election while saying that half of the American People are a danger to our society. Their fancy dancy statistics don’t add up!

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Kiler is fighting for you!

And for all his weird ideas that he expresses on his shows, Kiler is fighting for you! He’s locked up for you! He’s barring the door to that little girl’s bathroom stall for YOU! And you have been indoctrinated so much that you don’t stand up. Not because you are cowards, you are not. You don’t know how. The Woke Party has convinced you that it’s of no use. They are in control now, and madness is the order of the day, but that’s not true. Look around you. Look at your family, your friends, and neighbors. There are more of us than there are of them! Use that! Stand up for what your grandmother taught you. I’m from Shreveport, Louisiana but I’ll give you a dollar to a donut that most of you out there heard your grandma tell you the same advice that mine told me. Think apple pie! It tastes the same in Detroit as it does in Dallas.

. . . but I do take a little myself!

And they all look for something when a conservative like me reveals his mind. Something they can use by way of accusations of violence or clever psychological words to make the writer appear foolish, or dangerous. Just like they did to Kiler!

I leave you with a quote from Brigham Young: Vengeance is Mine saith The Lord, and I’ll go with that . . . but I do take a little myself!



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