The Lurking Danger In Social Media

The Lurking Danger In Social Media

Commentary by TLB Contributing Author: Lucille Femine

I posted this on Facebook but I need to beef it up to reach the 500 word minimum! But not a chore to write for The Liberty Beacon. So here goes.

We often consider that the most danger in social media is the NSA, FBI, IRS, etc, peeking in on us, robbing us, etc. Yes, they are. But, recently, I posted a video in favor of Trump and received over 350 responses, many of them downright nasty. Not toward me but toward other commenters – liberals and conservatives attacking each other. It worried me. Why all this heat?

One friend actually unsubscribed from my mailing list which had nothing to do with politics because she disagreed with my support of Trump. Cutting people off like this over political views has become rampant and solves nothing. It only creates upset and hostility.

Political arguments and debates have gone on for centuries and always will. But when, on social media platforms, people (friends!) begin to attack each other viciously with insults, name-calling and outright belligerence, that says something else. I was guilty of it for a bit until I realized what I was doing.

People argue and say well, that’s free speech. Okay, we all have a right to say what we think. However, all too often that right has crossed the line into unsocial behavior.

Where does it come from?

The source of all this belligerence goes beyond Trump or not Trump. The media pumps out so much false information because they are controlled by other forces. That causes upset. Many of you know this.

Those forces can easily lead to more belligerence and this is what concerns me. We need to get a grip on and understand the game – conflict created by these forces for their own gain. There is so much antagonism happening that I believe this ancient game has been beefed-up to an unsafe level. They’re scared of us. We are much more aware of their motives. And so they respond with the only thing know – to squash.

I don’t want to see social media being used as a weapon to fan the flames. Let’s keep it friendly, courteous and polite. Use facts, sift through the lies in the media, acknowledge others views. Find better sources of data. I’ve seen some of you do this very well. Or don’t post political things at all if you don’t truly believe it will change anything positively.

Surely, your political/human rights posts will continue to get negative comments and not just from trolls and other undesirables. We don’t need to aim for popularity. Truth has no bias. It’s only what you observe squarely in front of you – after thoroughly looking at both sides, often with a willingness to give old beliefs the heave-ho.

So what is the target?

It is people, very few, who’s only passion, if you can call it that, is to create turmoil, hate and other non-productive activities for their supposed gain. Their gain, our loss. Two sides of the coin.

So forget the arguments, mostly intended just to be right. We can come to agreements by exposing the criminals at the top. By agreeing, we are joined together for the worthy cause of helping us all be free, or at least less enslaved.



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