The Mainstream Media: A Tool to Destroy the U.S.

The Mainstream Media: A Tool to Destroy the U.S.

by Jeremiah Johnson

A deliberate attempt is being made by the MSM (Mainstream Media) to destroy the remaining fabric of American society and force the country’s disintegration and absorption into a global government. They don’t have very far to go: since the 1960s, a family-centered culture that was the “hub” of the greatest nation this world has ever seen…that bastion of the family has been eroded and all but destroyed. The replacement “culture” has been one of drug use, pornography, “sloth” within all the generations…young, middle-aged, and elderly, and a fostered unwillingness to take responsibility for anything of value. The country is an entitlement nation that “asks not what you can do for your country, but what can you take from it.” The family is not even referred to in that manner anymore. I have read the term “consumer units” to refer to households, as well as “household groupings.”

Communities…true communities where individuals and families contribute to the overall welfare of the area and each other…are almost nonexistent. This has been replaced with Communism, currently undergoing its “genesis” from the soft form of socialism and the semi-laissez faire authoritarianism that is exemplified by the surveillance state. The socialism will turn into communism, as Lenin (Ulyanov, if you prefer) pointed out to us. A forced “communal” mindset is being blared at us by every weapon the Media has in its arsenal: the radio, newspapers, television, and the Internet/Social Media monster.

Daily, the paradigm is shifted, and the consciousness of the people is being battered with wave after wave of unrelenting actions. No publication better exemplifies the heinous nature of the Media’s intentions than Time Magazine. A Feminist Agenda is being peddled under the guise of “equality,” but in reality it is a sinister operation carried out by nefarious individuals masquereding as “reporters,” “editors,” and “columnists,” meant to polarize groups and to foster a sense of “blame” or “guilt” with every action.

As an example, the September 18, 2017 issue of Time Magazine has an Editorial Page (page 4) by Nancy Gibbs, Editor-in-Chief, that explains how 12 women were on the cover of Time as “Firsts,” or “groundbreaking” women who the magazine holds up as positive examples. Hillary Clinton and Ellen Degeneres are two of those examples that are upheld and lauded. Funny how they didn’t  slap a picture of Hillary Clinton on the cover around the time of Benghazi, Libya, or when she resigned her position as Secretary of State. They didn’t put one up there of Victoria Nuland, either, or Rosanne Barr. Paula Deen was also left out.

Time didn’t skip a beat with it’s cover of its December 18, 2017 issue entitled “The Silence Breakers: the voices that launched a movement,” with the theme being women who came forward with stories of sexual harassment.  Missing from that ensemble was Asia Argento, who was accused of sexually harassing a man. January 29, 2018 issue with the photos of 48 women on the cover, with the lead article entitled “The Avengers: First they marched. Now they’re running.” This issue is all about women running for public office.

Not “Public Servants,” but Avengers: the characterization of every one of these articles.

If a woman takes that stance when running for office…the stance of an “Avenger” instead of a public servant, then she is doing more than a disservice to her constituents: she is committing fraud. Underlying the public oath she will take if she wins is the fact that it is done for a nefarious reason…to exact revenge against male dominance or discrimination, whether real or imagined. This is not the characterization needed by someone who holds public office, a public servant who is supposed to champion the interests of all.

But the true crime is committed by the magazine: this is a form of hate speech treading upon eggshells.  Under the guise of freedom of speech and freedom of the press (and protection under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution) they can say anything they want, right? How about where these pieces by Time were meant to polarize groups and set off one group (in this case men) to be vilified…would not this be a form of “hate speech?” Just as you are not allowed to shout “fire” in a movie theater when there is none…an action that will lead to an arrest…how are these MSM people able to force this nonsense on the rest of us? Every cover, and every article has an agenda.

To be sure, there is no such thing as perfect reporting, because that would mean that complete objectivity has been attained, and there is no such thing. The problem lies in the fact that this is not a matter of objectivity: it is a matter of complete “slant” and deliberate obfuscation of the facts in order to mold public consciousness (they have no “conscience”) and shift it toward Communism. They trick you: they uphold “community,” but what they really mean is Communism, plain and simple. You’re a part of the group, complete with slogans and “groupthink,” until you do something as an individual, and then you either are ostracized, punished, or cast out.

In a sheer case of reverse discrimination, males…Caucasian males, to be exact, are denounced, ridiculed, and degraded at every turn. The President of the United States is the most visible Caucasian male, and he has been the lead “scapegoat” for all of the ills that befall the “woe is me!” crowd of whining entitlement-centered voters whose only true qualification for voting is being born in the United States (we hope). Mueller is a white male, and here is how they did it: pitted two white males against one another, and the Left wins, no matter who wins!

Mueller and his witch hunt have been a relentless, circuitous pursuit with no clear-cut objectives and no end to the hunt.  If he “found” something, it makes the President look bad. If nothing happens, then it still casts a “shadow of doubt” on the President…sometimes equally damaging as an action…and Mueller ends up appearing as a bumbling clown….two white males in a negative light, no matter what the result.

On various Time Magazine covers are an assortment of males who are vilified: The President, Steve Bannon, Vladimir Putin. They also put one up of Harvey Weinstein, the vehicle to open the door and charge all human males in the United States who have ever looked at a woman. Amazing how the charges did not surface and Weinstein was not “quite so villainous” before the 2016 election when he was contributing heavily to the Democrats and to Hillary Clinton.

We have focused on one magazine, but this same pattern is rampant in all of the publications.  September 21, 2018’s issue of “The Week” depicts the President with his back towards us, and in front of him are six black masked-and-garbed individuals staring at him. The caption reads, “The Resistance: Why Trump’s own staff is conspiring to thwart his impulses.”

See this, and see it for what it is:  “…Trump’s own staff is conspiring to thwart his impulses.”

His impulses? That the President acts on impulse, and not on thought-out decisions with deliberation behind them…that is the lie this magazine wishes to push on the public. It is not only in this regard that the country is being destroyed. You don’t see anything of any worth in these publications that contributes to the overall good of society, because they don’t wish that.

The Media does not want a “good” society: they want a degenerate society that is either cowed into compliance, or so focused within and upon all its filthy acts that it does not care what goes on around it. Such leads to submission and enables control

The Media has blinded the people by showing them what they wish to see: themselves. The Media has purposefully, deliberately lowered the standards. The Media (inclusive of Hollywood, mind you, and the movies and television) have presented aberrant behaviors and actions that denigrated and destroyed the former social fabric. They have enabled others of their ilk (Communists in Politics and in Business) to foster a new “Third World” society, including the abolition of the middle class and the ending of where government is the final answer and solution to all problems.

Read. Read the “Communist Manifesto,” and the Planks of Communism, and you will see in print what was written decades ago, that is happening here and now in the U.S. Read Alexander Sozhenitsyn’s works to see what happens at the “final tipping point” of the full-blown change of a nation into a Communist totalitarian society.

And read the newspapers, the magazines, and the like: it will all jump right out at you. We are at a tipping point where the economy is not stable, where there are many elements that could turn into tremendous social conflicts and upheavals domestically, and the rest of the world is little by little “decoupling” from the Petrodollar and reliance upon American markets. Throughout all of this, the Media has been there to make it worse, to skew the news, and to force societal transformation and paradigm shift through its propaganda toward a Communist society and the relegation of American sovereignty toward global governance.


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Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.


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