The making of a President : Obama versus Trump Part 2

The making of a President : Obama versus Trump Part 2

Note from TLB editors: For those of you who missed Part 1, Click Here for that presentation to bring you up to speed before delving into Part 2.

In Part 1, as you remember, the author covered Obama from birth to the end of his Presidency. He now weaves a short transition to Trump via a comparison of their campaigns.

Part 1 had Obama under the bright lights of discovery.. Today it is President Trump’s turn. As TLB has said, Trump is not perfect (no president is) but if what you are about to read upsets the acid in your stomach, try this thought.. We could have ended up with Hillary!

Keep in mind this series is commentary and represents the views and opinion of the author.  veritas semper vincit (Truth always conquers)

by me582

Both OBAMA and THE DONALD campaigns ( same for all presidential campaigns)

Both nibbled around at the edges of the truth, a little, but never ever really touched it or went to the root of the problem.
They used many words to “dance around” the real issue and sometime divert the conversation toward minor, irrelevant details.

They never EVER cut the Gordian knot.

They use words , without saying anything of value, like a good politician or lawyer (interchangeable in fact).

Very funny, in fact.

People with critical thinking observe immediately the following:

-there is never a real debate, only approved questions with standard answers
– the causes of the failed economy, the falling standard of living of the ordinary Americans, the humongous debt, the unbelievable deficit in trade, the real reasons for the wars, those  are never addressed
-we do not have a discussion about the Federal Reserve and its creation of DEBT MONEY( money issued as debt, aka credit, not backed by anything, or backed by wars and murder), the real reason for the debt and the poor economy
-we do not discuss about America’s multiple wars to defend the petro-f*cking-dollar( hey, most Americans do not even know what the petro-dollar is).
-we do not discuss that all the media is in the hands of 6 big Corporations; and, yes, this is a Kosher arrangement .
– we do not discuss that there is NO REAL PRIVATE PROPERTY for the little people in America;
They only rent everything they have: their house and land ( see property taxes and the title of your house), the car( license, registration,mandatory insurance), your skills and labor(licenses to renew every year or 2 years, permits, fees, etc.), your health
( mandatory insurance), small businesses( the very few left; see fees, registrations, licenses, taxes, you name it).
-the poor education of young people at increasing, obscene costs for them( but, as George Carlin would say, there is a reason for that), see here:

He explains it so well and funny that I could have spare you these comments and just post the link.
This is one of my favorite George Carlin videos.


The Donald pre-presidency

There is no controversy regarding the Donald’s parents .
Father born from German immigrants and involved in New York real estate , maybe some shady dealings (see the war profiteering investigation).
But who can make a fortune- omelette in America without breaking some rotten eggs?

The Donald was the recipient of a few millions to start his awesome career.
He started navigating the jungle of New York real estate .
Then he plunged into the muddy waters of Casino business :
In 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International .

Resorts International has a sordid history which began in the early 1950’s when it evolved from a C!A and Mo$$ad front company which had been established for the purpose of money laundering the profits from drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal activities. OOPS!

Trump found himself in financial trouble when his three casinos in Atlantic City were under foreclosure threat from lenders, he was bailed out by senior managing director of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, Wilber Ross, who Trump would later appoint to Secretary of Commerce. Double OOPS!

How many bankruptcies had he? 4 or 6 ,depending if you ask Right or Left.
What you need to know , the important part, is who bailed him out.

And that there is zero chance to successfully navigate the New York real estate business without being involved with “Kosher” Nostra [cosa nostra]. Zero chance.

Then , the Donald relaunched his career by becoming a Reality TV star.
His macho style and famous “You’re fired” became a trademark for American business shows.
The Apprentice helped The Donald to become a good actor ( came in handy later, with the Presidency).
The theme of the show was Money ,what else?

The Donald did have some controversy : with his love life, not his birth.
Three wives (he cheated on all) and multiple mistresses .
His gallery of fans approve this : a real man grabs them by the pussy , they say.
I say :
-a real man respects his contracts ( and marriage is a contract , if you can not honor it , divorce is a choice).
-a real man does not have to pay 200,000 for a used up “pussy” and than deny it when caught ( the art of the deal ,baby!).

The Donald campaign

The real owners of America needed something new and audacious with the Donald campaign.

People were very disappointed, it was a high risk of increase absenteeism ( 43% of population does not vote anyway).

Life gives Americans only sour lemons lately and TPTB realized they can make lemonade out of it and sell it as MAGA.
The sugar was added as campaign promises.
And the Donald selected to sell it.
As an “outsider”, a Maverick, a real reformer, somebody who can represent, finally, the little people and their interest. Sell them some lemonade.

The vicious MSM attacks on him were only increasing the people’s determination to buy that lemonade.

And, on the other hand, it was Hillary.
Hillary does not have a history of accomplishments, only a criminal record. So well represented, that she qualifies directly for hanging, we can skip the trial.

I do not know if there is any criminal activity she did NOT commit.
Treason, federal racketeering, Whitewater, Benghazi, e-mail scandal, the Podesta connection to pedophilia, the long list of people working for her, who end up dead, like for example Seth Rich, The Clinton Foundation, a money laundering foundation and a recipient of bribes from foreign countries, a quid-pro-quos involving US policy, Bill’s connection to pedophilia and rape ( see the 26 flights on the “Lolita Express” belonging to Jeffrey Epstein to his pedophile island; those are facts and the guy is a convicted pedophile).
Those are only to name a few.

The fact that 1/2 of US population was willing to vote for her, only shows that there really is no hope for Americans.

But, as events showed later, we can ask this question: what difference( in whose the president) , at this point, does it make ?

I have to confess that, even if I believed that the American President has no real power and I never voted before, I held my nose and I voted for the Donald.
I took a leap of faith and hoped for the ending of the wars and better relations with Russia, at least.
I did not believe in MAGA.
To be honest, nobody can do it at this point in time.
America is done.

That MAGA motto was, indeed, ingenious.

There is HOPE there, but HOPE with a target, with a goal in sight: America and Greatness.
It rallies the troops, the little men, whose “American Dreams” have been crushed under the boots of the big corporations and big banks.

The Deplorables. They gathered around the “Maverick”, the Millionaire “outsider” ( I know, very funny), the “unaffiliated”, non political business man, forced to enter politics, with a Republican ticket, because he could not stand what America has become, how “everybody was ripping America off, especially the Chinese”; he had to do something about this.

He had a dream: MAGA.

The Donald, being a straight, macho man, has a different attack style compared to Obama.
He uses frontal attacks. This is very appropriate for somebody who wants to clean up the prior mess.
Obama’s attacks used envelopment, exploiting the enemy’s flanks and “from behind”. He even used the phrase.

I know, I know, but I will not say ” Honi soit qui mal y pense” ( shame on him who thinks evil of  it) about Obama, because the evidences are too strong and numerous that he likes ” back doors entries”.

The Donald made many promises( don’t all the president hopefuls do this?), but they reverberated profoundly with the deplorable American masses.
– Repeal Obamacare
– Build a wall, and make Mexico pay for it
– Suspend immigration from terror-prone places
– Cut taxes for everyone
– Lower the business tax rate
“Drain the swamp” , “lock her up” : very catchy phrases.
They remained ONLY that.

But he did tell us the real reasons for his selection to be elected, only that very few heard them:
-move the American embassy to Jerusalem
-withdraw ( renegotiate) the Iranian nuclear deal
-create ” safe zone for Syrian refugees”, because “he has a heart” (read : partition Syria, which was always the plan, from the very beginning; this plan failed with the defeating of US/UK/Israel proxies= ISIS and AlQaeda; next plan=Kurdistan )
-increase spending for Pentagon and rebuild the US Navy, because, a budget of almost 1 Trillion, the “lost 21 Trillions by Pentagon”, the 900+ US foreign military bases around the world, ALL THESE are apparently not enough.

The Donald had a double amount in money from individual contributions showing that MAGA was stronger than HOPE and CHANGE.

Sheldon Adelson, the dual citizen Billionaire, one of the richest Jews in the world, having a direct line with Netanyahu, was the biggest donor.
He controls Las Vegas Sands Corporation (read Las Vegas casinos and money laundering); there never is an investigation into this by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice which, for unclear reasons, do not seem to make any progress.

But Netanyahu did not discriminate, he had meetings with BOTH candidates .
Netanyahu ensured that both meetings would be held under identical circumstances, at Clinton and Trump’s private homes in New York, and without any media presence.
And they both had to have the AIPAC seal of kosher approval.
AIPAC, the number two lobby, after the MIIC one.

Not registered as a foreign agent.
Quote : AIPAC, whether you like it or not, is a US-based organization made up of Americans who feel passionately about American support of the nation of Israel. (sic!).
Those Americans have dual citizenships, also.
A Jewish lobby presented as an American organization working for the benefit of America and not lobbying for a foreign state but for Americans who support that state.
Just look at Hillary and the Donald’s speeches at AIPAC to understand .

Imagine a similar organization, with dual citizens, from, let’s say, Russia?


[Some emphasis  added by TLB]

Tomorrow part 3 of a 4 part series from The Liberty Beacon.  “The Donald presidency: He came as a perceived wind of change and caused a tornado.”


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