The Mary and Sallie Show: Measles In Onondaga County, NY / SPOTTING THE TRUTH

The Mary and Sallie Show: Measles In Onondaga County, NY / SPOTTING THE TRUTH

By TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

Last night I had the pleasure of being on The Mary and Sallie Show hosted by Sallie Elkordy. The topic was the documentary that I am working on SPOTTING THE TRUTH and we discussed the one case of measles in Onondaga county that supposedly caused 757 people to call the health department.

According to the county health department the unidentified Wegman’s employee contracted a mild case of measles and is doing well. Considering that measles is almost always mild I am almost baffled by the need for the Onondaga health department and the media to even comment on this.

The reason I say almost is because I know the reason, they are trying to whip up fear of the measles to promote the MMR vaccine. It is the same reason they are releasing to the public that they got 757 phone calls inquiring about measles. Fear is a great motivator, fear sells! I wonder if any of those calls were from crunchy parents who actually want their kids to catch the measles? I know such parents are out there and I support your efforts to gain real lifelong natural immunity 100%.

The most puzzling thing about the measles case is that the local media admits that three out of a hundred vaccinated people exposed to measles will still catch it. As far as I am concerned that is a very high failure rate being admitted to and the true failure rate is probably much higher.

With the vaccine having a high failure rate it makes me wonder did the person really catch measles on a flight, or did they catch it locally from an unreported case?

No where in the scare stories of measles are there any mention of the countless people harmed by vaccines, to hear these people tell it vaccines have created an illness free utopia. UGH!!!

If the person who contracted measles is willing to do an interview about their experience I am open to interviewing them and if anyone else catches it I am seeking exposure to the measles (and the other childhood illnesses) as part of the SPOTTING THE TRUTH documentary project. I am of the belief that we should be trying to catch these mild illnesses rather than vaccinating and trying to prevent them.

During my interview with Sallie I brought up the sensitive subject of people claiming to be “pro vaccine choice” who have infiltrated the anti vaccine movement.

I was very blunt expressing my view that I do not think of vaccination as a choice and I am of the strong belief that vaccine exemptions are nothing more than begging the state not to poison your family. Now more than ever we need to be calling out the pharma shills and trolls who are trying to water down our movement.

Take a listen to the entire interview because I explain how anyone can be a part of SPOTTING THE TRUTH simply by picking up a camera and recording their family experience with vaccine injury. I am also seeking interviews with families that embrace natural immunity as well as exposure for myself to the childhood illnesses.

The reason for this is that if we are going to end the vaccine lie we have to go beyond not vaccinating. We have to expose the horrors of vaccine injury and we have to work to restore the balance of natural immunity that was thrown off by tampering with nature.

We The People NOT They The Elite (CW)

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