The NEED to Support Reliable Media Sources: Conscious Consumer Network


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Please let me start this off by stating that I and The Liberty Beacon project are a proud part of the Conscious Consumer Network family. Our weekly TV show Eradicating Programmed Ignorance is broadcast live on CCN. If it was not for networks such as this … our message would not have the scope it does! TLB urges all who feel the absolute necessity for networks such as this, to support CCN in any way possible.

So lets get the ball rolling …

If there is no Freedom of the Press … there is no Freedom! If there is no Truth in the Press … Tyranny is not a Possibility … it is a Guarantee. Today the Mainstream Media facilitates programmed ignorance, and the true alternative media encourages knowledge and understanding, thus allowing for the Eradication of Programmed Ignorance. These are two diametrically opposing forces! One owned and controlled by the elitist caste hell bent on controlling the world and all of humanity … and the other one owned and controlled by the people bent on freeing the world and all of humanity.

On the following TLBTV show my special guest is Mel Ve, who with her husband Biggi are the founders, co-creators and facilitators of Conscious Consumer Network (CCN). Yes the network bringing you our weekly broadcast, and so many other great shows on a daily and weekly basis. So lets find out a little more about her life and the birth of CCN

So let the discussion about “The DIRE NEED for Reliable Alternative Media Sources” begin …

CCN is supporter funded with no ties to large corporations, governments or advertisers … If we do not support them … they fail. If networks like CCN become extinct … humanity loses its ability to KNOW THE TRUTH !!!

This LIVE BROADCAST NETWORK  runs full time, with an average of 25 shows and LIVE BROADCASTS a week, brought to you by some of the greatest information disseminators of our time. The High Definition LIVE stream is FREE to view, and is accessible from any computer terminal with online access, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs. All shows are archived onto You Tube, and are freely available to view, as we firmly believe that information is the common heritage of all beings, not just the exclusive intellectual property of the few who can afford to access it.

Check out the excellent lineup of talent and information on the CCN Broadcast Guide

“If we want to change the world, we must first change the media”

“The pursuit of peace, is not the far flung ideals of Utopian dreamers, indeed, it is our basic human right to live in a world where war and suffering is not perpetuated for the purposes of profit”

Mel Ve : CREATIVE DIRECTOR Conscious Consumer Network

Please help CCN to reach their target for 2016 to keep them on the air. See Campaign details here:

It is now up to you … Do you want free, independent and reliable media to help you steer a course through this minefield of tyranny we must suffer today … Or are you content to go passively into subjugation via ignorance, misdirection and LIES ???

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