The Operation Warp Speed Contract Was Violated by Pfizer – Karen Kingston

ER Editor: We’re offering our notes to this 40-minute below. The issue of where Trump stands on the ‘vaccines’ is still a topic Trump supporters feel uncomfortable about. This video should lay some of those worries to rest. Both Karen Kingston and Dr. Paul Alexander are ‘insiders’ of a very particular sort, and are well qualified to speak to the issues presented in the video.


Lawyer Robert Barnes is prosecuting counsel in the Brooke Jackson case, and some of what Kingston talks about comes from that case currently being heard.

KK: Under the Operation Warp Speed (OWS) contract, there were some noticeable features:

  1. That a safe and effective vaccine ‘WILL’ be delivered (not ‘might’ or ‘may’). Violation of this would mean that Pfizer has forfeited legal immunity.
  2. They were obligated to independently prove safety in their clinical trials conducted under FDA regulations. This is a standard requirement, so it’s normal to have to prove efficacy and safety in this way. Here, however, the difference is that Pfizer gets its intellectual property rights respected and thus can make all the profit instead of handing some over to the government. That’s how Trump administration made the contract: full efficacy and safety in return for Pfizer keeping the profits.

In the Brooke Jackson case, Pfizer lawyers are trying to make it appears that the US military ran the FDA-required clinical trials for Pfizer, which is a FALSE allegation. The contracts do not say that the military was acting in concert with Pfizer. The US military, in fact, refused to participate in the trials.

Pfizer has forfeited its immunity under EUA (emergency use authorization) as per their contract.

Pfizer, however, is claiming that it was the FDA under Trump who committed fraud. To be clear, it’s not ‘Trump’s’ FDA as some of the relevant people had been in place for many years. But this is Pfizer’s political goal.

So Barnes has tackled all this: that Pfizer won’t get paid unless the FDA approves the product; the contract uses ‘WILL’, that Pfizer WILL meet the necessary requirements for creating a ‘safe and effective’ product; there’s been no need for military involvement; Barnes is also arguing that Pfizer has no immunity under EUA law.

PA: Trump fully understood that the relevant govt agencies were pivoted with a safe and effective policy regarding vaccines, lockdowns, etc.

KK: Yes. More than half a dozen times the contract emphasizes that Pfizer ‘WILL’ deliver a S&E vaccine. It was OVERLY emphasized, in fact, with the consequence that Pfizer would be held to account and have no immunity. It’s Kingston’s opinion that Trump had input into the contract given the overemphasis on the vaccine having to be S&E. That was the deal, with full ability for Pfizer to reap the profits. So Pfizer’s remuneration was contingent on safety and efficacy.

(15:00) Kingston shows her substack article – LINK: The $3 Trillion SubStack on How to Destroy Pfizer in Court

She breaks down the relevant parts of the contract. It’s written in such a way where Pfizer is forfeiting all its immunity under EUA, basically. The buck stops with Pfizer, which acted as the sponsor, correspondent and clinical trial regulator for the FDA, and an independent review committee, too.

So Pfizer is very vulnerable to litigation, as it owns the technology. It’s not owned by the US military.

The OWS contract also made sure that the vaccine must meet GMP (good manufacturing practice) guidelines, which they don’t have to do under the EUA, as well as GLP (good lab practices). So the product must be absolutely consistent (all vials are identical), and the GMP for biologics means their own labs test the products. So Pfizer committed a crime right there by varying the labs they used to test their product.

It’s clear that Pfizer is liable. The head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense of the Russian Armed Forces, Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov knows this, too. He cited Kingston’s work in a recent broadcast. The Russians are going after Pfizer, too, for manufacturing biowarfare weapons.

Barnes argues further that Pfizer hid the real trial results from the US government showing it wasn’t safe and effective in stopping transmission, nor did they deliver an actual ‘vaccine’ to the American people. It was all fraudulent and manipulative in terms of testing; an actual bioweapon, not a vaccine, was being deployed.

Leaders need to step up and recognize the deception that’s been perpetrated. Other global powers are looking hard at all this.

PA: It was clear almost from the beginning that the injection was not stopping transmission. On the contrary, people were getting reinfected.

KK: Yes. Pfizer’s own data shows it actually CAUSES DISEASE. So Pfizer simply lied. They told the FDA to IGNORE clinical results showing people getting quite sick within 1-2 weeks of the first dose. It looks like Pfizer captured the FDA.

PA: The mRNA platform has failed in being effective; it’s harmful for all age groups.

KK: Pfizer manipulated the data to show a high rate of prevention from getting Covid when in fact there was only a very small chance of ever being infected by it WITHOUT the vaccine anyway. The data actually shows it CAUSES the infection. (She discusses how the trial data was manipulated.)

PA: So there are serious charges for Pfizer based not only on the contract but on the falsification of trial data and how the trials were conducted (the Brooke Jackson case).

KK: It’s false to say that Pfizer has immunity from prosecution. They produced a biological agent that’s intended, as a weapon, to harm people.


KK: The judge doesn’t seem to be buying the immunity argument in the Jackson case. It will be opened up to the disclosure process. People DO go to jail for this type of fraud. But this also goes to the INTERNATIONAL level. We need the pharma industry and the 3-letter agencies dismantled. mRNA technology has been a financial boon for a failing industry, and it’s causing diseases for which other treatments can be created. At this point, Kingston mentions the GOLD and GRAPHENE OXIDE components in the mRNA injections. She says they’re not a ‘treatment’ because this word denotes a benefit to the recipient. Nobody should be injected with these toxic, inorganic metals.

KK: This was all in the internal Pfizer documents, but few will ever read them. Only industry insiders would read them. People were simply deceived.

PA: Is it pure incompetence or malfeasance? Now the answer is clear based on what their medical intentions are with these products. The products must be pulled immediately.

KK: (she references Dr. Robert Malone’s 1996 document on the mRNA technology. She says the boosters are based on this.)  To Trump she would say that the OWS contract was written to protect the American people. If Pfizer screwed up, they would be prosecuted and not get paid. The bottom line is simply that the safe and effective product was not delivered.

PA: From Alexander’s own insider perspective, Trump’s task force deceived him.


Karen Kingston & Dr. Paul Alexander: Pfizer violated the Operation Warp Speed (OWS) contractual agreement with POTUS Trump; Kingston discusses the breaches as a contract expert

Trump made sure Pfizer COVID vaccine contract was written in a way to protect the United States; it had to be safe & effective; under Obama & Bush admin laws were passed that allowed

Under Obama & Bush admin, laws were passed that allowed Pfizer to get away with murder, but in the OWS contract it was written Pfizer could not get away with murder & Trump’s skill as a business man is there, 6 times stated must be ‘safe and effective’. More to come on this I think, Trump is no fool.




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