The Perfect Crime

The Perfect Crime

“By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

How does one commit murder? How can one commit murder and get away with it? How can a world “government” commit genocide in plain sight and not be detected? In fact, how can “genocide” be made to appear legitimate? When a human behavior becomes institutionalized, it becomes sacred and sacrosanct. Now that is pure and evil genius!! Enter the Chinese Communist Party in alliance with the multiplicity of Secret Cabals world-wide. The CCP is cruel, vicious, and murderous. They kill more babies than even Planned Parenthood in the U.S. The Illuminati and its Cabals are also murderous, homosexuals, pederasts, pedophiles and child sacrificers.

During the Obama administration, the U.S. CDC was conducting highly controversial experiments on potentiating the power of viruses. That is to say, how to increase the deadliness factor of viruses. “Just prior to the plandemic, Wuhan Institute of Virology was engaging in a controversial practice known as “gain-of-function” that involves intentionally manipulating viruses, including coronaviruses, to increase their infectiousness.” American taxpayer money funneled to Wuhan to build coronavirus bioweapon Think about the sheer absurdity of such “gain of function” research. Tax money being spent on how to make these diseases more deadly, not curing these diseases or mitigating their impact. Only in a Satanic, Demonic world can such “research” be considered “legit.”

Even Obama felt this was too controversial and potentially crimes against humanity and he put a moratorium on further researcher. The Napoleon wanna-be notorious Fauci, which in original Latin means “stinky breath”, was heading up this deadly research like a “good German Nazi.” I think I will change Fauci’s name to Napucci, aka, Dr. Evil.

Potentiating the power of viruses is a favorite past-time for evil dictators. “Deigin uncovered that between the years of 2007 and 2017, Shi Zhengli and colleagues created at least eight new chimeric coronaviruses with a variety of RBMs.”, supra. When Dr. Evil was informed that his research was to be terminated, he was livid. He went into a tirade and personally ordered the bombing of Libya just for the fun of it. He stormed into Obama’s office after offering the proper tribute, providing Obama with two male hookers who promptly proceeded to “blow the Prez.” Michael Obama has never liked that aspect of his husband, but he gets to be “First Lady”. Alas, nothing is free in this world anymore. This is called, “pay to play”, babe!! If you want to be Queen, you have to suck a few d_cks.

Dr. Evil demanded in no uncertain terms that his “humanitarian research” be re-instated immediately. Whereupon Obama informed Dr. Evil that “nationwide polls” which included exactly three Democrat fellow homosexuals, indicated that his research had fallen out of favor with them and thus they requested that it be terminated on CONUS.

However….., as Obama had recognized early on, there are more ways than one to peel a “banana.” Obama had heard rumors that the devious Chinese had been secretly conducting similar “research” in Wuhan, China. “WIV [Wuhan Institute of Virology] has long been suspected as being ground zero for the Chinese virus. The school had apparently been working on genetically modifying bat coronaviruses when one of them “escaped” from the lab, eventually triggering a global “pandemic.” American taxpayer money funneled to Wuhan to build coronavirus bioweapon

Their “high tech labs” at the fish market and the bat caves were ineed notorious. “Communist Chinese officials have of course denied that this is the case, as well as denied that WIV is where the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) originated. The official story is that the Chinese virus originated in bat meat at a local Wuhan wet market, located just a few miles away from WIV.”, supra. Thus after conferring with the three aforementioned Demorats, they discovered that there was an “international exemption” on the “humanitarian research”, as long as the labs were located outside of the 12 mile distance from the U.S. shore. Dr. Evil was of course ecstatic. After contacting his CCP counterparts, with everyone’s blessing, namely the three Demorats, it was decided to shift the research to Wuhan and simultaneously fund the research with U.S. tax dollars, hey what are friends for.

Thus in 2015, Obama, Maoist Biden and Dr. Evil visited their new facilities in Wuhan. Plus, in the last few days they also visited the notorious “Fish Market” and the “Wuhan Bat Caves”, which excited Dr Evil with his stinky breath. He felt right at home in the Bat Caves. In fact, the Chinese had to drag Dr. Napucci from the Bat Caves. After returning home, Dr. Evil made the prediction that should Trump win the presidency, he would be subjected to a “pandemic of pandemic proportions” from a pre-planned release of virus from the bat shit and the fish guts. Naturally, upon this vacuous international announcement, the CDC immediately ramped up their international emergency preparations. It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it. As a way of adding credibility, Dr. Tedros of the WHO-dunnit, was invited to join in on the fracas. By the way, Dr. Tedros is not really a doctor, he only has a Master’s Degree.

Maoist Biden, aka, the Big Guy, used his son’s extensive “financial experience and connections to the CCP” to transfer the millions of tax dollars from the U.S. coffers to Wuham. “One of the key “investigators” probing the true origins of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) has been exposed as someone who helped channel federal funding from the United States directly into the Wuhan Institute of Virology WIV. And in 2019, the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH)[headed by Dr. Evil] actually gave the Wuhan Institute of Virology $3.7 million as part of a grant entitled, Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.” American taxpayer money funneled to Wuhan to build coronavirus bioweapon

Whereupon the CCP decided to outfake these three shysters and proceeded to pretend to develop a virus while in fact they only used in silico, computer games, to create a chimera. “Neither the WHO nor the CDC has released the full sequence of their SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) bioweapon, thus making the PCR test irrelevant be it positive or negative,” wrote another.” American taxpayer money funneled to Wuhan to build coronavirus bioweapon Please read my chapter titled, “PCR Test and Cycling Explained?”

In reality they used an old strain of flu that was known for many years and gave it the scary name of COVID and added the 19 for extra special effects. Corona viruses have been known for years, and is the Latin name for the common cold and the yearly flu. “Over the past 15-20 years, researchers have been actively studying, dissecting, reconstructing and otherwise tampering with coronaviruses of various types. This includes the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), which one scientific researcher describes as an “obvious chimera,” meaning it is a combination of at least two pre-existing viruses.”American taxpayer money funneled to Wuhan to build coronavirus bioweapon

These Chinese are very good at their craft. Plus, this “new strain of the flu” tied into the Dark Fears that all humans have of the unknown. The Idiot MSM served its purpose by developing a world-wide Hologram An Invisible Boogey Man that can reach up and grab you from anywhere, anytime like zombies reaching out of their graves and grabbing you by your ankles. “Bioweapon or not, the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is a product of China, as well as a product of our own federal government. And both entities need to be held accountable for the roles they played in scourging the planet with this invisible beast.”, supra. Oh, the Horror!!!

Oooops, sorry, I got off track, back to the Genocide. The internet is a very useful tool to spread rumors and misinformation faster than a fart in a hurricane. Overnight, the world-wide “governments” locked step with the CCP and starting scaring the shit out of the Sheeple about this new, violent and deadly virus, that could kill you just by looking at you. The rumor was immediately started that if you stared at the Covid virus too long, your head would simply explode. However, if you put on a surgical with its deadly chemicals, you would have a slim chance of surviving. “Darling, don’t worry your pretty little self about increased cancer rates, mask mouth, stinky breath, mask-ne, decreased oxygen intake, or increased CO two concentrations, just obey and STFU.”

For added effect, New York’s Guv’nor Coma, ordered billions of respirators and killed 96% of the suckers put on the respirators. To add to the scare factor, Guv’nor Coma demanded that all the sick elderly be returned to their prison cells in the “nursing homes” to infect the weakest of the population. This had the added benefit of skewing the bell curve and creating the illusion of a new strain of the common cold that kills mainly the elderly who are already suffering from dehydration, malnutrition, overload of multiple deadly drugs, sexual abuse by staff, abandonment by family members and lastly, end of life co-morbidities that any one alone could easily kill the elderly. Hell, that was a mouthful. Getting old along with those vicious co-morbidities sucks for everyone, but is as much a part of living as breathing. It is what is is. I violate all the rules of writing commercially. It is required by editors that sentences be short and sweet for the stupid and the simple. I write long sentences with multiple and complex ideas that require more than two brain cells to read and understand.

Additionally, Guv’nor Coma provided “green screen” scenes on the Tele-vidiot Black box, of semi-trailors loaded with coffins. However, little known to the world, these coffins, like during Vietnam, were loaded with cocaine. Suddenly, surgical masks and respirators could not be found anywhere on Planet Earth, and if you did find one or two, it would cost you a bazillion dollars. All of a sudden, the Tele-vidiot Black Hole was full of images of idiot zombies dressed in full haz-mat suits carting off stiff bodies to the morgue, oh the Horror!!!

For added visual effects, the Tele-vidiot Black Hole showed fake hospitals halls packed with dead bodies. I remember at the peak, a male nurse was caught “french kissing” a manequin [also a male] while pretending to perform CPR. You can only imagine what his hand was stroking. Oh, the Horror!!!

During this shortage of masks, our state and national governments came up with a brilliant solution. Put on a bandana to stop the transmission of the flu. Pure Genius. Best fucking job I ever had. Sometimes I wonder how our government can attract such geniuses.

However, every crises creates an opportunity for the well prepared. A new industry has been born in the United States. “Crisis Actors” jobs have provided thousands of jobs for out of work auto workers and coal workers. Of course, new industries also attract mal-contents and psychpaths that love to be on camera, “Look Ma, I got an acting job.” One crisis actress was caught pretending to be a nurse. Oh the Horror!!!

Dr. Evil was ecstatic that his humanitarian research was to be continued and would be his legacy to the world. At first, he was so ecstatic that he told the American Sheeple, “Oh, don’t worry, you should not be wearing a mask in public, they do no prevent the spread of the flu.” However, after being contacted by the manufacturers of surgical masks, testing kits and associated goodies, and offered an international contract to be the commissioned, world-wide salesperson for these manufacturers of surgical goodies, he changed his mind. Masks for everyone, including your dogs, Fifi and Fufu. Today is February 7th, 2021, and Dr. Evil is now recommending more than one mask. I imagine at some point we will all have to don haz-mat suits when leaving our front door. It is rumored that a new sub-specialty has spawned in China, Ass-Wipe PCR Tests. Oh, the Horror!!

Ok, back to the Genocide. You take a chimerical virus, created on computer modeling, make sure no one has seen its genome, and tell the sheeple that it is a new strain of unknown origin, and in order to not die, you must lock down in your home, don’t hug your wife or kids, order everything from Amazon, have your groceries delivered to your front door and above all, don’t talk to strangers. Just STFU and obey. However, you are encouraged to “keep yourself informed” by watching hours of CNN, aka, Chinese News Network. “Neither the WHO nor the CDC has released the full sequence of their SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) bioweapon, thus making the PCR test irrelevant be it positive or negative,” wrote another.” American taxpayer money funneled to Wuhan to build coronavirus bioweapon Please read my chapter titled, “PCR Test and Cycling Explained?

The Secret Cabals have a saying, “Well begun is halfway won.” It is all in the preparations. For instance, prior to declaring this fake pandemic, Gill Bates and company conducted a pandemic scenario known as Event 201. Additionally, prior to the Corman-Drosten fake researcher paper touting the benefits of the RT-PCR test, the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullins had to be eliminated, lest he challenge its use to diagnose the covid. He mysteriously died before Event 201 and the declared pandemic. Mullins had openly challenged Dr. Evil to a debate on the use of his PCR test. Dr. Evil never responded, but rather had him eliminated. “It’s not personal, its just business” is what the Mafia killers tell their victims.

In the meantime, Pig Pharma is fast-tracking several new vaccines with experimental technology that has never been used on humans, and has killed every animal subject ever used in the trials, but no matter, in times of emergency, all safety concerns can be safely thrown out the window along with the bathwater and baby. To add credibility, Herr Trump, initiated his “Warp-Speed Project” to have millions of doses of these experimental vaccines delivered and injected into the unsuspecting sheeple. I am going to share a little secret with you. Herr Trump is the commissioned salesperson for these vaccines. He gets a commission paid to him for every vaccine manufactured world-wide. Obama had his “Obama-Care.” Every prez gets to develop his own personal pet project wherein he can make billions. Otherwise, why would a sane person try so hard to get a job that pays $400,000.00 per year.

Here is what I do not understand about Herr Trump, after witnessing the massive voter fraud thru the Dominion Voting Machines live time on the Kraken and his white hat hackers, the 305th Cyber Battalion, he left with his tail between his legs and bowed to CCP Maoist Biden. Maybe his billions to be made thru his Warp-Speed Project are a little more important. Basic Self-Survival!!

Back to the genocide. We have the yearly mutating flu, and no effective vaccine has ever been developed for the flu precisely because it mutates every single year, sometimes multiple times during the flu season. Every year, Mother Nature uses the flu to cull out the weak, the obese, and the sick. You, must understand, Mother Nature does not give a f_ck about you or me personally. Mother Nature is indifferent to Human Egos. Now if only Mother Nature would cull out the stupid. Boy, what a relief that would be. Am I being a little too cruel here??? Oooh shit, maybe not, I might personally be on Mother Nature’s “no fly” list. You never know. Just because I pretend to be so smart does not make me smart. Like in a movie about the Rapture, thousands of “religious preachers” were left behind, much to their dismay and shock. I might be the first to be culled on the Stupid List.

Millions of stupid sheeple have been lining up for these experimental vaccinations much like cattle lined up to be slaughtered. This creates the most brilliant deniability for Pig Pharma in terms of being charged with murder or crimes against humanity. “You volunteered stupid.” This is the perfectly created “iatrogenic genocide” with no responsibility whatsoever. Who will be held responsible for the millions of deaths world-wide??? Not Pig Pharma, right!! They have full legal immunity. Every man and woman currently administering these Covid Vaccines is being a “good German” just following orders. This world-wide iatrogenic genocide will make Dachau and the several Nazi Concentration Camps look like Sunday Schools. You watch!!

Indeed, a brilliant strategy. Plausible Deniability. Pardon my French, “What a mind fuck.” It is always best to blame the victim, especially if the victim is dead. I had one stupid zombie tell me he was really pissed off because he could not get his Covid vaccine for 3 months. He felt he was being discriminated against because he was elderly. I did not have the heart to tell him the vaccine is going to kill him. I would venture to say that in the very near future, Maoist Biden will sign an Executive Order demanding that all deaths in the United States during his tenure be blamed on Covid 19.

Sadly, the enemies of rationality and freedom are all around us, including our neighbours, family, and friends. I firmly believe future historians will look back on this time with the same sense of horror we feel today about medical and social engineering atrocities of the past — such as eugenics, forced lobotomies and medical experimentation on “undesirables.”” Nurse in Canadian Hospital who preferred to remain anonymous to keep her job.

Here is the brilliance to this world-wide genocide, it will cut across all cultures, races and nations. As the sheeple start dropping like flies from the Vaccine, Pig Pharm will deny any connection to, or causality by, the Covid vaccine. Kind of like killing someone with a poison that breaks down into its metabolites and disappears within 24 hours. The Covid vaccines are the reincarnation of the “Borgia Effect.” All world-wide deaths will be blamed on the Corona, thus creating a closed loop cycle of “cause and effect.” As more and more millions die from the vaccine, more and more pressure will be brought onto the public to make the vaccine mandatory.

Dr. Tenpenny and other scientists have forecast that millions may die, and it will be blamed on a new strain of COVID. This in turn will provide the “justification” for even more deadly (and profitable) vaccines. The groundwork is already being laid for this deception with Bill Gates’ recent “prediction” that the planet will be hit by a new virus “ten times worse” than Covid 19.” Steve Cook, TLB. Gill Bates is a Demonic, Satanic piece of shit. He is the devil incarnate.

See: “The Coming Genocide of Adverse COVID Vax Reactions, and Who to Blame for It”

Thus the final culling of humanity for the completion of the Georgia Guidestones Mandates. The Number One mandate is to reduce the world-wide population by 90%. That is how the CCP will succeed in comitting genocide in Plain Sight and with very few people even suspecting that it is the Covid vaccine doing the killing. A bit of a coincidence, CCP stands for Chinese Communist Party and for Covid Culling of Population. Planet Earth is the Milky Way Mental Institution. Insanity reigns on Planet Earth. Does that answer my question? “How can a world “government” commit genocide in plain sight and not be detected?” May Heaven help us.

My Voice is the Cry from the Wilderness.


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  2. I am surprised that the Liberty Beacon lowered their standards to invite the likes of Rico S. Giro as a columnist. This drama entertainer makes up some pop culture fantasies without a shred of proof. To refer to President Trump as Herr Trump and make the assertion that the President made millions off the vaccine roll out is dangerous slander, treasonous and nonsensical. Seems he is another has been writer that spews inflammatory rhetoric for the sole pleasure of smugness in the bubble of a world of Rico delusions.
    Rico is not writing for the National Enquirer here or any of the unwholesome,trashy celebrity rags. Shame on you, Liberty Beacon.

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