The Rittenhouse trial: Corporate Media & Big Tech Are Truly Sinister

The Rittenhouse trial: Our corporate media and big tech are truly sinister

By: Patricia McCarthy

Under the radar, several of our law-enforcement and other institutions, like the IRS, were weaponized during the Obama administration. Obama used the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, the Departments of Education and Agriculture, the FEC and the rest of our alphabet bureaus to torment his administration’s opposition in various ways.

Duly weaponized, those institutions took their cues from Obama and Hillary Clinton, a veteran of vicious political opposition, and doubled down to destroy President Trump using the dirtiest tricks in their kit bags. And now that the wretched Joe Biden is their front man, the snakes who make their nests in those alphabet syndicates no longer feel any need to conduct their shady operations in secret.

Now they carry out their Stalinist machinations right out in the open. Parents who show up to speak at school board meetings? Domestic terrorists. Question the 2020 election results? Crazed conspiracy theorist. Be a known Trump supporter in DC on January 6? Lock them up and throw away the key.

How is it possible that these agencies entrusted to enforce the law and uphold the Constitution are getting away with all this thuggery? For that we can blame big tech: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc., and the mainstream media: CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, the WaPo, the Los Angeles Times and the wholly unobjective denizens of their print and electronic outlets. Big tech censors whatever they don’t like and hardly a word that comes out of the mouths of the men and women affiliated with those media corporations is true. They are first and foremost in the business of lying to the naïve people who watch or read them.

Nothing more conclusively proves the depraved nature of the American media than the Rittenhouse trial. The then-seventeen-year-old, as numerous videos of the event proved, was clearly under attack by the three men who chased him and he subsequently shot in self-defense. There is simply no doubt about that.

There was no racial aspect to what happened. The two men who died were criminals. Jacob Rosenbaum had just served fifteen years in prison for anally raping five boys, ages 9 – 11. That night he set a dumpster on fire, was swinging a heavy chain around and screaming the n-word. Huber, the man who had hit Rittenhouse with a skateboard, also had a criminal record for domestic abuse. So did Grosskreutz who admitted under oath to pointing a gun at Rittenhouse’s head before Rittenhouse pulled the trigger injuring his arm.

Jacob Blake, the thug whose shooting by police got the riot going thanks to the media, was a rapist as well. He was in the act of kidnapping a child and threatening the police with a knife when he was shot. He survived, much to the surprise of those calling for Rittenhouse’s head; the media rarely mentioned that.

All these facts were suppressed by the mainstream media. Unless people accessed the many alternative news sites that now exist, they were left with only the lies of the left: Rittenhouse came to Kenosha to kill innocent Black people and did just that. Big lie.

There are people today, even after the verdict, who think Rittenhouse shot Black men, that Rittenhouse was there, in the city his father lives in, to purposefully engage with BLM rioters, that his gun was illegal. None of that is true. He had spent the day scrubbing graffiti off walls and was ready to help provide minimal medical help if needed.

But as usual, the media swells decided on a narrative based on their own radical racial ideology. The talking points went out and they all regurgitated them word for word without a care that the venom they were spewing might not be true. In this case, none of what the media declared was true. It was the media’s fake news that got the riot up and running by fueling the racist sentiments of Antifa and BLM.

President Trump wisely supported Rittenhouse at the time; the facts on the ground were clear then, in August of 2020. Joe Biden cited him as a “white supremacist” without having an iota of evidence that was true. The left does not care about the truth.

After the verdict Friday morning, the usual suspects at CNN and MSNBC were outraged, disgusted. Apparently not one of them saw any of the videos or watched the trial. With all the facts out there for all to glean, they steadfastly stuck to their false narrative that the young man committed unprovoked murder. Their year-long lie that Rittenhouse was some kind of racist who went hunting for Black people was not swallowed by the jury or anyone who familiarized themselves with the actual facts. No one who saw the videos or heard the testimonies of eyewitnesses could possibly assert that, but the media assassins continue to stick to their phony tall tale. That is how little respect they have for the people to whom they are meant to serve up the news. They are now furious that their power over us is weakening. They’ve been outed for being the lying contemptuous hacks they are.

How to explain the leftist throngs who insist this was a racial incident, that the victims, including Jacob Blake, were fine, upstanding citizens and Rittenhouse a murderer when the facts are so completely at odds with their version? Ignorance, stupidity, the antiwhite racism that infuses BLM, the CRT indoctrination that passes for education?

Parents are certainly waking up to the nonsense that passes for education these days. For speaking out against CRT, they are called racists, even if they are Black parents, and the mainstream media concurs.

The media are the advance team of the Marxists/communists who have long thought they were gliding to permanent power. That is what all the Biden-fomented illegal immigration is all about. Self-important verbal goons like Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos, Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Joy Reid, Chris Cuomo, etc. have pretty much rendered themselves irrelevant. Their ratings are in the tank as the American people have so many terrific alternate sources of news. No one cares anymore when Facebook or Twitter bans news they don’t like because we can find the facts elsewhere. CNN usually has less than a million viewers even in prime time; Steve Bannon has over a hundred million viewers!

If the left thought that by foolishly taking Kyle Rittenhouse to trial they would advance their gun control campaign, they are sadly mistaken. Given the nation-wide successful demoralization of our police, and now firing them if they choose not to be vaccinated, citizens are more likely than ever to want to be able to defend themselves. If Rittenhouse had not been armed, he would be dead. There is no doubt about that.

Why was he even there, the media asks? They don’t question why the rioters were there, most of whom “came across state lines.” Just as Obama did more for the gun industry than anyone thought possible, the Rittenhouse trial will likely be a boost to gun sales as well. As people realize that the powers that be will nearly always defend the criminals over innocent victims, especially if the criminal is a minority, they realize they must be prepared to defend themselves.

And as for the argument that “if he was Black, he would have been convicted”? What a crock! None of the rioters that destroyed numerous cities throughout the summer of 2020 were even arrested let alone charged with the serious crimes they committed: looting, arson, vandalization, and theft. Kamala Harris mounted a fund to bail out those who were briefly detained. The shoplifters decimating many cites still today are not arrested or charged. There are very different standards for who gets arrested, for what crimes and they do not favor White or Asian people.

The importance of the Rittenhouse case may just turn out to be the welcome and necessary obliteration of any credibility for what passes for the mainstream media. No one should ever again believe a word they say. They absolutely do disseminate “fake news.” They care not a bit about informing people.

They are in the indoctrination business; their job is to usher in the socialism so broadly represented by Biden’s bankrupting BBB bill. If it passes, this will no longer be America as founded. These people, the media, the Democrats in Congress and the global elite that plan to implement their “Great Reset” are our enemies. They are enemies of free people everywhere.

They are every bit as guilty of lying about covid, its treatment, lethality, the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. They never investigated Fauci, who from the outset has lied over and over again, about masks, lockdowns, social distancing, etc. The man is a scoundrel. He hid knowledge of and banned the use of known therapeutics thereby causing the deaths of thousands. Along with Biden’s vaccine mandates, which they continue to relentlessly promote and push despite the thousands of vaccine deaths injuries, the Rittenhouse trial should be the end of them all. Please let that be true.


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