The ROTHSCHILD Central Banks Promote Fear and War to Control the World By Debt

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By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

I remember 1999 vividly. It was filled with fear that the year 2000 would bring the final destruction to humanity, and the world clock could not cope with another digit. What most now think, in retrospect, was that it was all designed to create profit from fear…from survival food, weapons, shelters, to software that would protect our computers… and when the year came and nothing happened, most just shook their heads and laughed at what fools we were…

War, and the machine American Free Press Photoshop by Ken LaRive
War, and the machine, American Free Press Photoshop by Ken LaRive

Conversely, the very next year… 9-11-2001 ushered in a new kind of fear, and never again will we laugh at what possibilities may manifest. Both are similar, however, because many also made unbelievable fortunes in the aftermath of that convoluted horror… And looking back, just like in 1999, it seems well-orchestrated… Orchestrated to make profit out of fear… from the put options three days prior on United and American airlines, to the unrelenting and constant machine-gun wars thereafter…

You see… If your world seems threatened… even if it is not based on truth or reality…if fear of the future grips your heart with what you think can not be understood, or controlled, looking at who has profited might indicate the true cause… and you will see it move full circle, as the root cause of your fear becomes evident.

As I read on-line these days, searching for insight and truth, I see the same biased fear promoted, as is found in our Nationalized Newspapers and media. Essays predict the end times, the end of humanity, and they use words like “may be… might have… or, perhaps” and I discontinue reading from that point… Speculations do not instill truth into the hearts of men, but can promote unreasoned fear… You see, war is a racket of the Central Bank, with a war machine that must be fed, and as money and control is the motivation, fear, your individual fear… is the fuel that keeps it going. Fear might be nothing more than a speculation instilled into the minds of men, who will, in times of great tribulation, look to the powerful for protection… Protection from the very same entity that created it all in the first place…

-Ken LaRive

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.

John F. Kennedy


In that year, 2000, there were only seven countries left who refused to incorporate a Central Bank into their economy: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, Iran, and North Korea.

Looking at history, every time a Central Bank has taken root… a war or great social upheaval came first… violent and repressive in nature, it was financed and maintained by a loan, a loan issued to pay not only for the war, but the process of rebuilding. With this, the country plunges into debt, just as America is now in debt from one war after another since WW2… As of today, we are 17.8 trillion in debt… So great, we have to print money out of thin air just to pay the interest. Our treasury is empty, the Gold in Fort Knox has not been audited for over 50 years, and to maintain their power over us, we have a complete destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights by the NDAA and Patriot Act… But this is not our yoke to bear alone… every country on earth has their own debt to the Rothschild’s Central Bank… and when one of us defaults, we all suffer under the shackles of the Federal Reserve, the grand master of deception, and another war is created, with carpet baggers who scramble to pick up the pieces for pennies on the dollar…

The last man of any authority who fought this, in the United States, was a Democrat by the name of John F, Kennedy. He tried to print our own money, issued by our US Treasury as prescribed by our Constitution… and he was assassinated. His predecessor, Mr. Johnson, within days of his death, rescinded that effort… and the dynasty of the Rothschild House, now 234 years old, have controlled the United States for 101 years, implemented by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

In 2003, only five countries were left without a Central Bank: Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, and Iran.

Go here, for the true history of Iran.

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Go here for the true history of Libya… and you will see a parallel…

After September 11th, we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, not only for the poppy fields that supply heroin to all of Europe… not only for oil and precious metals… but for the installation of a Central Bank.

And so, as of today, 2014, there are only three countries left who still resist a Rothschild Central Bank. They are: Cuba, North Korea, and Iran, promoted and touted to be our greatest enemies… So great, they are said to threaten the very security of the entire world, and would unhesitatingly send preemptive nuclear missiles to destroy us all, well, primarily we, and our partners in war… And yet, compared to our mighty military industrial complex, they can be nothing but a spec of dust in their all-seeing eye… so there might be something else to consider… Perhaps they are the last three crumbs on the table… or the final pieces of a puzzle that will complete a full set of slaves… slaves who were duped, just like the United States of America.

Only 3 countries left w/o ROTHSCHILD Central Bank!

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” –Albert Einstein

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