The United States of America Citizens Calls for Suit Against Mexico at the United Nations

The United States of America Citizens Calls for Suit Against Mexico at the United Nations

by Zeeda Andrews

Zeeda Andrews, a natural born citizen of the great State of Tennessee and 63 million other natural born or naturalized fellow citizens of the United States of America has called for their government to sue the Enrique Peña Nieto administration of Mexico at the United Nations General Assembly September 19, 2017.

Because of the severe economic strain that Mexican nationals are burdening the citizens of America by their crossing our southern borders illegally. The Mexican national is disrupting our culture in every aspect of lives. The American citizens are suffering from job losses and cannot support their families, the overburden of taxes supporting Mexican nationals with housing, food nutrition, Medical and Dental Healthcare, education from pre-school to University opportunities, and voting in our State and Federal elections. The crimes committed by Mexican nationals in our communities against our citizens will no longer be tolerated.

I respectfully suggest that the government of The United States presents a lawsuit at the United Nations against the Mexican government and sue for damages for violation of human rights and crimes against our citizens, which is plundering our economy and taking away the citizens capacity to make a living to support their families. Mexico is responsible for their citizens as much as one owning livestock that broke free damaging property and bodily harm, and for colonizing their Mexican nationals in our country as a soft coup to overthrow the leadership and citizen of the United States of America.

If Peña Nieto’s cannot control his citizens, then We the American people are requesting our government to take action against Mexico by any means necessary for these acts of aggression against the American citizens caused by Mexican citizens breaking the law at their crossing to get here.

With regard to the payment of the border wall, We The American People feel that we have paid for the Wall many times over and strongly request that it is Mexico’s responsibility to pay for the Wall since they cannot control their citizens to love thy neighbor or do unto them as you would have your neighbor do unto to you.

The American citizens have proved themselves to be more than neighborly but now this must come to an end. We the American People have been are very patience, but that is now over. We consider the illegal border crossing an aggression from Mexican nationals an Act of War! We are complicated creatures in a complicated world. So let’s try to keep things simple and say now it’s time for you, Mexico to pay.

Zeeda Andrews
Fayetteville, NC

cc:Enrique Peña Nieto
Mexico City, Mexico



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