The Vaccination Debate: Big Gov, Big Pharma & Choice

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TLB: We Search the web for vaccination information daily to find the truth and signs that people are waking up to the blight by this mechanism on humanity. The following was sent to us by one of our valued contributors, Lori, and warrants your attention. This viewpoint symbolizes what TLB is seeing more and more of daily, as We The Peoples awakening surges on issues such as vaccination mandates.

Please read on as this aware individual expresses an opinion that is growing rapidly in a nation where choice and the truth are restricted more each day … in a country where these are supposedly the root of our political system and the very foundation of our society. This is every bit as much about government overreach, corporate cronyism and greed, as it is about the dangers of vaccines and vaccination mandates…



I find this topic very interesting.  I have a friend (Lori) that is an avid anti-vaccination advocate.  And, obviously, I have plenty of Christian friends who also are anti … but not all of them – so please don’t take that as a blanket statement and stop reading … because I have a very important question for those of you that are pro-vaccination.

But before I ask that question, I’ll get my viewpoint out there.  You didn’t ask for it, I understand that.  So if you don’t care to read what my position is .. scroll on.

My first point of contention is – if you look up who sets forth vaccination schedules … the CDC comes up very near the top of the search.  If you look into a little further, you will quickly read ‘recommended schedule’ for infants.  Yeah, it’s ‘recommended’ … but it gets quickly exaggerated from there.  More on that later.  The problem with the CDC (for me), is that it’s address ends in ‘.gov’.

If you’ve read anything I’ve ever posted, you know I’m not a fan of Government … let alone big, over-reaching Government, as it is today.  Personally, I don’t need to them to take care of me, I don’t need them to tell me what I can and cannot do … I’m fully aware of my States Laws, and have a very good sense of what is logically ok and what is not.  Government – does not.  Government, simply wants to control anything you can and cannot do.  But enough on the people we elect, that have no term limits, break Oaths they took when being sworn to office, and never fulfill the campaign promises they made.  (I mean, is that enough of the story right there?)

Schools take the ‘recommendation’ a step further … (at least ours does) and mandates the child is ‘on schedule’ with every ‘recommendation’ the CDC puts forth.  OR – you have to claim it’s for ‘Religious Reasons’.  Wow, quite a choice you gave me, thanks.  See how the recommendation is really no longer a recommendation?  A true recommendation would be ‘here is the list of vaccinations your child should have.’  That’s it.

The Media, of course is no back seat driver to this BS either … running stories of Vaccination ‘she didn’t / he did’ stories.  Stories of how 1 child in the class was not vaccinated and the other Parents that ‘chose to vaccinate’ are now up in arms.  If it really was a recommendation / option .. we wouldn’t need this type of story run on the evening news.  But it’s the Media’s Bully play.  Subliminal programming.  What ever you want to call it … it’s not ‘News.’

Healthcare Professionals are in on the ‘recommendation’ as well, of course.  You are presented with any number of things that they recommend while having your child checked over for a Sports physical, a routine wellness check, etc.

So the multi-faceted approach and pressure to vaccinate your kids … is pretty heavy.

And just like any medication that I try to avoid by running, eating sort of healthy, taking daily supplements, etc – I don’t trust the long term effects.  I refuse to begin blood pressure medication BY choosing to run and keeping my blood pressure below the limits that require the medication … because I don’t trust the longer term effects of the medication.  I don’t care who posted a study on it’s effects – it’s big Pharma.  Which translates to big money.  Which, if threatened by anything to lower it’s $ – will do what needs to be done to cover the truth.  (This is not a stretch my friends … ever seen a friend lie for money?  Exaggerate that ‘little lie’ by millions / billions)

Here’s one of my larger questions … if a woman can choose to abort a human life … why can’t we really choose whether or not our kids are vaccinated without all the external pressures?  Because, really what that is saying is ‘Yes, Government supports abortion, but not the choice to vaccinate your born children.’  They don’t care about the life aborted … why the fuss over the life that’s ‘here?’

Now, before you get bent out of shape, I understand vaccinating is a choice.  Not without consequences, mind you .. but it is a choice.  Kind of.

But, here’s the largest irony as I see it.  Through all of this debate, the media spin, the recommendations, the list of things kids ‘need before attending school’ … my burning question (for those that have chosen to vaccinate) is …

“If you’ve vaccinated your child(ren), and there is one in the class that has not – why are you bent out of shape about that kid not vaccinating?”

If your child has the ‘anti’ in them … then what’s the rub?  You believed in the vaccination enough to inject it into your child.  You trust this is going to keep your child free from what ever that vaccination was for, right?

So what’s the rub about the kid that has not?  If your child did, and little non-vaccinated Johnny didn’t …. little non-vaccinated Johnny should pose no threat to your child.  If you truly believe in the vaccination in the first place, and have vaccinated your child – you’re good!  Right?

Or … are you doubting the effectiveness of it all?  Or, are you pissed you ‘had to do it’ and someone else decided not to?  Or did you not understand it was really a choice?

What is it?  Makes no sense to me that if you’ve taken all the precautions you think you should have taken … that you feel threatened by the kid that didn’t vaccinate.

Look, I personally don’t care what you decided to do with your child(ren).  That’s your business, not mine.  And it’s not the purpose of what I wrote, to find out.  (SERIOUSLY, don’t comment whether you did or didn’t …. I DON’T care).

I’m more concerned about the direction the debate is heading.  With big Governments over-reaching hand … it wouldn’t take much to change ‘recommendation’ to ‘mandated.’  And at that point, again … we should swerve right back to a woman’s choice to abort a Human life.  Choice to end … no choice to vaccinate?

Because once you pin down the requirement to vaccinate … then you can add to the list what we all should have injected into our bodies.  It’s not a stretch, it’s not a conspiracy theory … it’s a possibility.

One that I don’t care to see … in my Families lifetime.  And by family .. I mean “Us” and all the further “Us” that I’ll get to meet one day when it’s time, and all the “Us” they produce in their lifetime.


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