What Constitutes an Invasion & The Cost of Illegal Immigration

What Constitutes an Invasion & The Cost of Illegal Immigration

Authors Note: The basis for this article was originally written about a year ago, and before the string of “caravans” (some called an “invasion“) headed for our southern boarder. This updated version (as was the case with the original version) will not be accepted well by all, and it may seriously upset some people, but it is a discussion long overdue for serious answers in this country. The illegal alien problem should not be treated as taboo. It is vital economically and for our national security that this issue be addressed! But you hear very little ‘truth‘ about it … WHY? So lets open this can of worms …

Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Most articles and commentary we saw concerning the Caravan/s that were headed for our southern boarder were focused on the sovereignty issue. While this is in fact a major issue, another vital issue is the cost factor … the hidden cost of effectively open boarders needs to get the focus it deserves … and it ain’t pretty … and it ain’t talked about … not nearly enough!

So let’s start this off by defining, WHAT IS

AN INVASION is conducted generally with the objective of either conquering, liberating, or re-establishing control or authority over a territory, forcing the partition of a country, altering the established government, or gaining concessions from said government, or a combination thereof …

Sound familiar?

According to the government there may be as many as twenty million (20,000,000) illegals in this country as we speak, and I would venture to say since this is a government estimate, the actual number is much higher (some state as high as 30 million)!

In all recorded history, there has never been an invasion of such magnitude consisting of more people than exist in most small countries. I will stress that I do not believe that all illegals mean harm to this country, but it has been shown that a considerable percentage of that vast number … do. How do we distinguish?

How the heck can we, as a financially overextended (broke even with an upturning economy, with well over $20 trillion in debt) nation, continue to spend a huge portion of our national treasure (TRILLIONS) on keeping other countries halfway around the world from being invaded (most who are in no danger of this happening) or indeed ourselves invading sovereign nations (without a congressional declaration of war), but turn a blind eye to what we see happening to ours? In fact, Obama’s most related executive directions/orders, as well as his spoken word while in office, seemed to have sanctioned and even encouraged the mass influx … and illegal voting … Hmmm!

Now we are left to feed, clothe, educate, and provide for their health needs! Let’s just suppose that the (averaged) cost per individual for all (combined) of this care is a mere $20,000 (estimate because I’m quite sure it far exceeds this number) X 20 MILLION illegals (low end of the estimated 80 million expected by 2030) = 400 BILLION ($400,000,000,000)!

Who would care to wager that the amount, if all costs related to the illegal problem such as detention, welfare, food stamps, education, health, border security, drug interdiction, gang problems, other related activity costs, and the true number of illegals where considered, the tab could actually exceed $500 BILLION (half a $TRILLION) per year in direct or indirect (related or hidden) costs. If only half of what I am saying is possible … is probable (actual) … it is still a mind-bending number heaped onto the backs of the average taxpaying American.

Be assured you didn’t hear these statistics from the Obama administration when the biggest cross-boarder influx occurred, but do the math! Even with the figures intentionally low-balled (considerably), the amount stated is more than the national annual budget of the majority of countries on this planet!

And before you pounce, I am in no way anti-Hispanic, I am anti Illegal! Contrary to the uninformed belief … not all illegal’s are Hispanic, but that is another story linked below this article. My wife is Hispanic, 2nd generation, and our children, and all my grandchildren are of Hispanic decent. I am NOT gunning for Hispanics. I am concerned about our borders which are just about wide open to anyone who wishes us harm, our security (the Obama administration steadily weakened border security for his last 4+ years … why), our national debt, but most importantly our sovereignty.

If you wish to be an American, I’m all for that, but there are laws and procedures in place to accomplish this (as in every country). We have always been a charitable nation, but we can ill afford at this time to be the refugee camp for the third world.

The most critical issue here is the massive cost of caring for every need of illegals, while many Americans go homeless on the streets, or don’t qualify for what criminals (fact) are freely given … How is that even right in any fashion?

So when all is said and done, it should be quite evident that We The People can ill afford this rapidly expanding scenario that is literally being shoved down our proverbial throats.

Can you imagine if Hillary had been elected, every policy we are railing about here would have been exacerbated in what can only be described as Obama 2.0. Ron Paul stated that if he was elected president, he would have pulled our military out of many if not all of these far off countries around the world, bring them home and put a sizable chunk of them to work protecting (read sealing) our borders … damn a sane idea from a politician.

So, once again … what constitutes an invasion

President Trump: Let’s bring our money, our soldiers, and our sovereignty, back to America and build a wall to put an end to this madness.

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Roger Landry

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