Then There Was A Man

Then There Was A Man

by The Butcher Shop, a (TLB) Contributor 

The best defense is a good offense. Conservatism and Christianity have been under attack since Obama first took his oath of office. Liberals made it job one to disassemble everything decent, holy, and American. At first it was subtle. America was gauging the implications of its first black president. Even those who didn’t vote for him stood back and studied. The people had spoken. Perhaps we truly had put the past behind us. Maybe this really was a new day.

Then, it began. Ever so slowly truths began to erode. Little things such as taking down the Ten Commandments at some rural county courthouse. There was some protest, but in the end it was reasoned that perhaps the monument did blur the line between church and state. Forgetting The Hammurabi Code the Commandments were deemed to be solely religious.

Then the attack moved on to Christians. From late night talk show hosts to open disdain the followers of Christ were ridiculed and held with suspicion. The Millennials, having little or no religious foundation fell right into this and it became fashionable to disrespect the faithful. Indeed, some of the flock became those seeds that fell on rocky ground, yielding to public pressure, and putting their lamp under a basket.

Then Islam made its debut. The system that gave us 9/11 became a protected class with Obama leading the charge claiming that we should respect the Prophet if Islam. Cities began to be dominated by Muslim majorities and suggestions of Sharia Law be imported into local municipalities. It was proposed to raise a Mosque on the very site where the Religion of Peace murdered three thousand Americans not long before. The liberals glowed at the raising of this cult to celebrity status even as they jeered at Christians.

Then Gay rights morphed into LBGTQ and any other letters that represented any sort of perversion that could be devised. Pedophilia became Minor Attracted. Gay marriage became the law of the land. The Christian Right had become so neutralized that a Christian baker, refusing to bake a cake for what he considered to be an abomination had to fight all the way to the Supreme Court. It took a Supreme Court ruling to affirm that indeed a private business could refuse service to anyone, but the baker lost his business anyway.

When Horemheb became pharaoh he destroyed all evidence of Tutankhamun and Ay, using the stones of their monuments to construct new ones. He stabilized Egypt by erasing history. And so the left sought to do for America. Statues that had stood for a hundred years were pulled down as the liberals danced in ecstasy. Flags that had flown for decades were removed and even the writings of the founding fathers were removed from textbooks to be replaced by Drag Queen Story Time.


A simple idea that women should not hide their faces in shame became the #METOO movement. And while practically everyone agreed that it was right to lift the veil on this before long careers were being lost as women who had consensual sex suddenly reconsidered twenty years later and approached the courts and of course, social media. Before they were done no one even noticed that the Statue of Liberty, America itself, had become a #METOO as justice was raped.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a host of other platforms redefined freedom of speech. The same liberals who screamed for the removal of The Ten Commandments now held a Facebook post as gospel.

Newspapers became a thing of the past, replaced by memes with total disregard for truth. While shouting ”Collusion!” they completely ignored the fact that Facebook ran Russian memes and status postings and took their money! Facebook jail became a dark reality for anyone identified as a Christian Conservative or said anything negative about ”The Religion of Peace!”

Then, there was a man. He was the antithesis of the perverted, ungodly left. He was white, rich, Christian, and had this idea that we could Make America Great Again. Those very words, indeed, just the letters, MAGA, printed on a red baseball cap sent the left into a seizure. A boy in Texas was assaulted by a grown man for simply wearing this cap. The man from New York ran for president. His opponent was the ”final solution” for the soul of America. If she were to be elected America’s highway to prosperity would become ”Mad Max.” As late night talk show hosts made jokes, Hillary made plans for her ascension to the throne, America hunkered down. It became too dangerous to openly declare support for this man, or even wear the baseball cap, but on election day after the votes were counted, it became apparent that America had spoken. The ”Deplorables” had just retired the New World Order. What the election polls had predicted was turned upside down by the election RESULTS!

The left did not go quietly. It exposed itself for what it truly was. The exact opposite of all that was Godly, wholesome, and good. The new president could not even get agreement that perhaps it might be a good idea to shut the swinging door on our southern border and vet those trying to enter. The never-ending attack on him has persisted nonstop until today, even making light on his going to offer condolences to those having lost friends and loved ones just a week ago.

But, they are a day late an a dollar short. Millions of dollars actually because they spent those dollars trying to prove this man had eaten Russian dressing on his salad, and came up with vinegar and oil. It took longer than three days but the Conservative Christian voice has arisen, and a two-edged sword proceeds from its mouth.

And there is going to be wailing, and the gnashing of teeth in the crystal clear echos of that voice in 2020.

And America WILL be great again!


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